Egyptian Sun Gods and Goddesses

Cast Bios

ThunderBeat—Music Director, Drums & Percussion:

Musician, Composer, Author and Visual Artist. ThunderBeat, conceived, produced, directs, and performs in her latest production “Egyptian Sun”.
A graduate of the Eastman School of Music, internationally acclaimed recording artist and performance star. 2010 MRZ nominee “Egyptian Sun” for Best Groove CD of the Year!  2005 Native American music award nominee for “Best New Age” and “Best World” recordings  and  the prestigious “Beacon of Light” award for her inspiration, creativity, wisdom, compassion and service to the world. Composing for film scores, recording world, traditional Native American, and myriad compilation CDs world wide.

 An avatar of healing and meditation projects and author of the instructional hand-drum book, “Rhythms from Around the World”.  From her world sacred travels she receives her Ancient knowledge and music that blends melodies with tribal elements into multi-dimensional soundscapes; her harmonies soothe the spirit, her rhythms awaken the soul.  She is internationally renowned pioneer for her gifts to awaken through the power of sound.


Raven Moore - Flutes:


New England performance artist Raven Moore hails from a classical and symphonic background, found her performance niche in improvisational, jazz, and Northern Indian raga genres. 

Raven studies with Louis Moyse, Paul Horn, Amit Chatterjee, LaMonte Young, and Pandit Pranh Nath expanded her world repertoire.  A featured soloist, passion and precision unite in a coloratura of delight. 



Linh Renken -Violin:


A multi-instrumental and vocal artist, Linh brings her virtuoso gypsy violin to new heights as a solo performance, ensemble and recording artist. Presently based in Flagstaff, AZ, she co-founded “Deepa” with keyboardist Ceta Singley, performing to an ardent following. 

As a child musical prodigy studying with Clara Murphy in her native Oregon, Linh’s passion for music was apparent and developed into a transcendental finesse and artistry, weaving intricate melodies with her own signature. She spellbinds audiences the world over.



Dana Simmons, Middle Eastern and Ceremonial Dancer: 

Since childhood, Dana performs with a passion and grace, devoted to embodying the Goddess and brings an experience of deep transformation through her vision of beauty and love. 

Dana studied with Carrie Konyha, Suhail Kaspar, Jasmina, Serri Wheatly, Anya Tribal and Gypsy Caravan,  her training encompasses many traditions and modalities which  translate into a personalized styling and choreography of peace, harmony and beauty.

 Her expressiveness through the dance is pure elegance personified and a celebration of life though dance. She has been in numerous films, television, commercial, and theatrical shows.


Habib, Middle Eastern Dancer and Clothes Designer: 

An award-winning Middle Eastern dancer, choreographer, musician and costume designer, Habib’s travels and performances in Asia, Europe, the Near East and North Africa make her one of the most dynamic and versatile performers of the Belly Dance.  A vast repertoire including Egyptian Cabaret and Folk Dance, Tunisian, Shikaat, Ghawazee, Persian, Turkish Rom, Bollywood and Bhangra features prop work skills with Swords, Double-Swords, Tahtib, Candles, Fire Fans, Isis Wings, Veil Fans, Water Jugs, Snake Dancing and Shammadan.  Her dance instructors include Suhaila and Jamilla Salimpour, Delilah, Zoe Jakes, to name but a few.

Habib owns the Belly Dance costume company ‘Ganesha Bazaar’; had currently produced the international touring Middle Eastern Dance show “Circus Hypnotica”; and is collaborating with musician Mike Jung on their performance rock theatre show, “Optimistic Chaos”. She presently resides in Sedona, AZ where she performs and teaches workshops, locally and internationally.


Mike Jung, Guitar & Keys: 

Originally from New York, Mike Jung is a veteran in the music and the performing arts. His signature bending, bowing and new creative guitar sounds both as a studio musician and live performance artist has earned him a devoted fan base. Recent projects include ThunderBeat, Monkey God, Yin Yang and Zen Some.

Jung pilots an arsenal of  audio and video gear, feet on bass pedals, arms dancing on guitar and keyboards. He also collaborates with BellyDancer extraordinaire, Habib, in OptimistiChaos, a culmination of sound, video and performance which delivers a truly eclectic audio/visual experience.








Ayande-Andre, Drums & Percussion:


A mystic drummer, percussionist and healing drum ceremonial artist, Ayande-Andre was formerly of the San Francisco Bay area where he co-founded “The Beatnigs” with Michael Franti, touring Europe, Canada and the U.S. 

An extraordinary fabric artist, painter and sculptor, he has a decade of collaborations with ThunderBeat, and presently resides in Sedona, AZ.





Denny Colt – Guitar / Keyboards / Vocalist / Songwriter:

UK & has toured  Europe / Scandinavia sharing the stage w/ Dokken, W.A.S.P., Gary Moore, Twisted Sister, Helloween & Boy Sets Fire . Guitarist in Dee Snider's "Van Helsing's Curse" Guitarist/vocalist in the house band on the national TV show "De Tu a Tu" in Madrid, Spain opening for INXS, Bon Jovi, Brian May & sang back up for Placido Domingo Guitarist/vocalist for all female Canadian band "The Mob" featuring Chrissy Steele & Roxy Petrucci (Vixen) Guitarist/vocalist in "She-Wolff" in the movies "Speed Zone: Cannonball Fever" Orion Films/BMG Records & "Class of Nuke 'em High" Troma Pictures.

Appeared in the cult film "Toxic Avenger" and TV shows "Charmed" & "All My Children" Denny is endorsed by Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Diamond Amplification & LaBella





The Egyptian Sun Dancers


Carrie Konyha,  & The White Lotus Bellydance Troop  

A nationally celebrated professional Middle Eastern dance artist and instructor, Carrie is best known for her culturally authentic style and versatile dance artistry. Her family heritage included musicians, artists, dancers and circus performers, engaging a childhood love of dance which led to training in ballet, jazz and modern genres. She fell in love with the feminine sensuality and timeless mystique of Middle Eastern dance, and since 1994 has focused exclusively on the BellyDance, studying with Eva Cernic, Aisha Ali, Suhaila Salimpour, Helene Vlahos, Dahlena, Artemis and many others; with extensive training in Egyptian Raqs, Sharqi, Baladi, Turkish Cabaret, Folkloric Middle Eastern, Tribal improvisation, a variety of gypsy dance dialects and Barat Natyam. Performances and videos with acclaimed musicians and is now working with ThunderBeat with her dance troop “White Lotus Belly Dancers”. ( Sarah Mandell & Kelly Zarcone in photo)Carrie is the proprietor of White Lotus School of Belly Dance in Sedona, AZ; she has taught and performed nationwide.

LionFire, Shamanic Dancer

World renowned as a White Shaman featured in the documentary film “The Indigo Revolution” by Kent Romney and James Twyman; LionFire is an internationally televised and filmed performance artist most renowned for his works with festivals and special events in the USA, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and England. 

A seasoned professional, multi-faceted artist and performer in a variety of Medias. LionFire has been privileged to work with Jose Arguelles, and ThunderBeat, both on stage and in recording studios.  LionFire’s Fine Art work is in private and public collections around the world, including the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He was made an Honorary Member of the World Natural Health Organization in recognition of his attainments and distinguished service in support of traditional Mayan and indigenous shamans at the ‘First International Gathering of Indigenous Cultures’ in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico in September, 2000. In performance as in person, a lovingly wild and graceful being, LionFire’s devotion to art, healing and ceremony translates as pure magical mysticism.

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