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Helping Manifest StewardHeirShip Of Soda Springs Ranch!

The Third Natural Wonder in Northern Arizona!
(We believe the Grand Canyon is #1 of course and Sedona is #2)

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We invite you to participate in a cocreative visioning process to discern how to manifest StewardHeirShip of this extraordinary property that consists of 134 acres with several bodies of water near Sedona, Arizona including a 5,000 square foot lodge (with 10 bedrooms, dining room, commercial kitchen, lounge), 4 houses, pastures, barn, stables, shooting range, trout pond, etc.

There are many individuals, non-profit organizations and companies interested in this one-of-a-kind property.
We have identified 8 possible ways that could be used to acquire, operate and help fulfill the highest and best use of Soda Springs Ranch.
They include:
through a Limited Liability Company (which is how present ownership is structured); by one or more Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) by one or more C Corporations; by a Benefit Corporation; as a Community Land Trust; as a Cooperative (http://socialeconomyaz.org/whats-a-cooperative/); as an Intentional Community (which could include any combination of the other options); and as an experiential demonstration Center for Conscious Sustainable Living (which could also include any combination of the other options).

Click Here for a new team member with Community Land Trust experience.

 Click Here for a table with more details about these 8 possible organizational vehicles that
could be used to acquire, operate and help fulfill the highest and best use of Soda Springs Ranch

This web page is being created as a result of an initial meeting of interested individuals who represent StewardHeirShip, LLC, the Community Economic Development Resource Center, Inc., Universal StewardHeirShip, Inc. and CENTER SPACE, Inc. (the non-profit Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment)

What is being envisioned is a possible "joint venture" among several of the interested parties that would incorporate most if not all of the 8 possible ways listed above. In addition, the proposed project would incorporate the principles and practices of Community Economic Development, coproduction of periodic fundraising events in surrounding cities (such as Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff and Phoenix); publication of a paperback book inviting cocreative participation in the process of discerning and fulfilling the highest and best use of the property, launching a Crowd Funding campaign on 1 of the major Reward Platforms, and getting positioned to launch a separate Equity Crowd Funding campaign later as soon as those provisions of the JOBS Act are approved by the SEC.

Following are some of the proposed initial Action Steps:

Share this page and concepts with potential collaborators to determine to what extent there is alignment.

Develop a S.O.P.A.D.A Proposal (Subject, Objective, Proposal, Advantages; Disadvantages and Action Steps)

Drafting the outline for the publication inviting cocreative collaboration that would include chapters on: Overview of Social Entrepreneurship (including the “Quadruple Bottom Line) of Purpose, People, Planet and Profitability); Introduction to StewardHeirShip (which incorporates Service, Stewardship, Sustainability and Spiritual principles, practices and values); Community Economic Development Principles and Practices (which include  Self-Help, Empowerment and Capacity-Building); Community Land Trusts; Intentional Communities; Conscious Sustainable Living; Benefit Corporations and B Corps; The JOBS Act and Equity Crowd Funding; Introduction to Soda Springs Ranch as an Exercise; Invitation to Participate in Cocreative Visioning and Strategic Planning; Interest and Participation Survey and Featured Resources.

Develop a Power Point Presentation on the proposed project (as well as videos)

Draft a Executive Summary of a Business Plan for the proposed project

Revise an existing Investment Marketing Memorandum for Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc. that will allow the project to generate up to $5M in equity investments

Develop a Master Fundraising Plan that would explore possible funding via grants, donations, contracts and Program Related Investments from Private Foundations. (We already have agreement from Cornucopia Community Advocates, our 501 (c)(3) Fiscal Sponsor for CENTER SPACE to serve as the lead non-profit).

Create a Tentative Project Workplan that would demonstrate how a series of monthly, quarterly and annual events (mostly offsite) could generate 100+% of the operating expenses of the proerty (and even debt service if a mortgage was taken out. For example, we could coproduce seminars, workshops and conferences in surrounding communities with some of the 50 recipients of the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award. We already have strategic relationships with all of them and we have produced highly successful events with many of them.

The main events would be held offsite where larger numbers of people could participate and thereby generate greater revenue to support our project. The featured presenter(s) would stay in the Lodge as our guests. In some instances, a small number of participants at the larger event would be invited to spend a day or two onsite with the presenter. That smaller higher priced event would generate additional revenue. It is entirely possible that we could generate as much as $100,000 to $250,000 net profit from larger events. (For some examples of past major successes, please view http://www.candoresourcecenter.com and http://www.communityresourcecenters.org)

         Observations by Charles Betterton, MSCED.

“Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.
For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie.
If it seems slow, wait for it;
it will surely come; it will not delay. -- Habakkuk 2-2


While I dearly love the Property and would like to live there, help manage it for the benefit of the larger community, I am more interested in some other P words.

For example, my Personal Priorities include consideration of:
the People who will be involved;
the Purpose that ideally encompasses a shared vision of the cofounders that includes a focus on service and stewardship;
the Process of discerning collaboratively how to help fulfill the lands highest and best use;
the Planet and how the operations and activities on the property can foster personal and planetary sustainability; and of course,
the Profitability that will be required for ongoing stewardheirship.


Cocreative Visioning and Strategic Planning

I propose that those of us who resonate with this vision of collaborating explore various resources and techniques for Cocreative Visioning and Strategic Planning. Some of us regularly practice Spiritual Visioning exercises taught in New Thought Centers. For example, we might contemplate and share insights we receive as we turn within for answers to questions such as:

What is Spirit’s Vision for our enterprise?

What do we have to be or become to allow Spirit’s vision to manifest?

What do we need to let go of to allow Spirit’s vision to manifest?

What is the Gift of Spirit that I personally bring?

Is there anything else I could know or receive from Infinite Wisdom?

Then as each individual shares the insights, images and ideas they received in response to the questions, we collectively consider the final question:

“Given all this wisdom and inner guidance, what are the next steps we need to take to facilitate Spirit’s vision coming forth in, through and as us?”


One exercise we now invite you to help us complete is to adapt this vision process to help us discern what the property itself desires for its utilization. Please let us know if and how you might like to contribute your love, light, wisdom and expertise in helping discern the "ultimate destiny" of this extraordinary property.

We also invite you to participate in our initial project survey at http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e8qc89oqhpsqmltn/start

Please click below for examples of visioning and strategic planning forms and processes we may utilize in this project.

Click Here for the blank Cocreative and Visioning Exercise      Click Here for completed sample Visioning forms

Click Here for the blank Mindstorming Exercise                            Click Here for a completed sample Mindstorming form

Click Here for the Three Round Method of Brainstorming

Click Here for examples of the Strategic Marketing Matrix

For more information on the proposals and suggestions provided on this web page to help discern the highest and best use of this extraordinary property and the ultimate path to manifesting "cocreative collaborative stewardheirship" of it, please contact
Charles Betterton, MSCED, at 928-554-4715 or ceo@universalstewardheirship.com 


Charles Betterton, MSCED


TED Profile


My personal and corporate interests in helping manifest stewardheirship over Soda Springs Ranch are much broader than this particular property.

Our priorities are (1) to help facilitate the establishment of an international network of Centers for Conscious Sustainable Living (including Community Land Trusts, intentional communities and retreat centers); and

(2) to expand the Community Economic Development Resource Center to provide technical assistance and access to funding to help individuals and organizations acquire and operate these facilities for what Bucky Fuller referred to as "betterment for 100% of humanity". 

The individuals and organizations we are working with have been sharing that vision for over 10 years with fellow members in Social Venture Network, World Business Academy, IONS, Heartmath, Association for Global New Thought, Spirit in Business, International New Thought Alliance, the Centers for Spiritual Living, etc.

I have lived in spiritually-oriented intentional communities for over 25 years, (including Stelle, IL), cofounded several non-profit organizations including the Fellowship for Intentional Community, Community Development Corporations, a Community Action Agency, a Community Foundation, the Illinois Chapter of the National Congress for Community Economic Development (CED) and more recently incorporated a network of CED Benefit Corporations.

One "frame of reference" for our new cause-oriented StewardHeirShip LLC is based on the international network of Centers affiliated with the Emissaries of Divine Light (EDL). At one time a few years ago, they had to sell  Green Pastures, their beautiful property in New Hampshire. Because there was no resource available to help ensure continued operation of the property as an intentional community, it was sold for commercial development.

And I know of many other properties like Soda Springs Ranch that could had fulfilled a much higher purpose if there was a resource available to help provide technical assistance and funding to acquire and preserve special "sacred sanctuary spaces" like the ranch is to me.  That is why I am offering my services to help explore this process of cocreative collaboration to discern the "ultimate destiny" of the property.


Click Here for a PDF of this web page.

For more details on the property itself, please visit the main web site at www.stewardheirship.info

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