Prayer Requests for StewardHeirship Of Soda Springs Ranch!

We invite any interested individuals and organizations to participate in a cocreative visioning process to discern how to manifest stewardheirship of this extraordinary property that consists of 134 acres with several bodies of water near Sedona, Arizona including a lodge (with 10 bedrooms, dining room, commercial kitchen, lounge), 4 houses, pastures, barn, stables, shooting range, trout pond, etc.

Prayer Requests and Spiritual Mind Treatment
for StewardHeirShip
of Soda Springs Ranch

 Charles Betterton

Good GOD morning! Thank you for your loving supportive services. I would appreciate Treatment for the Divine Design to be revealed and realized for "StewardHeirShip" of the 134 acre sacred sanctuary described at One of the potential uses we are envisioning is to establish a New Thought University intentional community there. Thank you for your prayer support and blessings upon the Ministry.

 World Ministry of Prayer

Charles, thank you for reaching out. The following is written in the first person so that you can take it and embody it as your own.

There is only One Power, One Presence, One Life, and One Love. This One is the Divine. In the beginning was God and only God. There was nothing else, so It created the entire Universe and the fullness thereof from the only substance there is, Itself. It created everything in Its perfect image and likeness.

The entire Universe is the Body and Embodiment of the Eternal, Infinite Presence operating in Divine Right Order, Balance, and Harmony. Recognizing that God is all their is, I know that I am that I AM. I am the embodiment of the One Life that is all. I speak my Word now with complete knowing that God is the Substance and Source of the All Good that is the true nature and activity of my life. The activities and projects that I am involved with are the Divine Activity of the One, therefore they unfold in Divine Right Order, under Grace and in Perfect Ways.

I know that the vision for Soda Springs Ranch, possibly as a New Thought University intentional community is already complete in the Mind of God. It is already done. I release any thoughts of fear, doubt, lack, or limitation knowing that they cannot and do not exist in God. I open to the Divine Possibility and Potentiality of what is being called forth as this endeavor.

I see its benefit in raising the conscious awareness of humanity's oneness with the Divine, awakening it to Its spiritual magnificence. I give thanks for the Love and the Peace that is present here and now. I give thanks for the Infinite Abundance that is ever-available and expressing Itself in this project. I am grateful to be a vessel through which God expresses and makes Itself known in greater and greater ways.

I release this Word into the Law that only knows "Yes" and I let it be so. And so it is.



Dearest Charles, 

All the years I've known you, I've known you to hold sacred space in your heart for a retreat center where people can gather to learn, grow, develop, and gain greater spirituality and peace. I know that God doesn't plant a seed without a plan for fruition. Setting aside beliefs of limitation, competition, and insufficiencies along with emotions of fear, angst, and feelings of helplessness, we enter the divine Realm which planted this seed within you. And in this Realm, we see it's all worked out through divine ways and means. The divine Realm always trumps the human and has power to manifest in the human, regardless of circumstances or hardships. 

Whether it's this property or a better one, we now invite, welcome, and urge the appearance of God's wonderful Plan for you and for those for whom you hold this Plan. And we pray that this Plan bring forth everything that's needed with it, including the money, contract, circumstances, the perfect place, ... all sheltered under divine wisdom and guidance and power.  

Our prayer includes immediacy since Spirit knows no time or boundary. We know that this blessing is taking place within this present NOW period and we urge its appearance, groundedness, establishment, and eternal fruitfulness in our present 3D experience. May all who are appointed to be a part of this plan be given the immediate gift to understand, value, and catch the vision, taking appropriate action according to God.  May this divine Idea bless you and all who serve it. May this divine Idea present itself now. May we all glory in the manifestation, and for the glory of You Know Who! :) 

Sending love and thanks for all you do with such wholeheartedness, 


Shannon Peck
Spiritual Healer & Life Transformer, Author, & Speaker 

For lots of healing, visit my blog

 Author of "Love Heals, How to Heal Everything with Love," and "Love Heals Study Guide."  Co-author of bestselling "The Love You Deserve" with my wonderful husband, Dr. Scott Peck, along with "Love Skills for  Personal and Global Transformation."


Prayer Request Submitted to Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church Re Soda Springs Ranch

First may I express our deep appreciation for Pastor Osteen making time to meet with Genii Townsend when he was in Scottsdale, AZ recently and let her present the marionette she made for his family

We ask your prayers for the Divine Design to be revealed and realized for "StewardHeirShip" of a beautiful 134 acre sacred sanctuary south of Sedona, AZ. We seek to dedicate the beautiful one-of-a-kind property described at to God's Business!

May God continue to pour out Rich Blessings of Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Prosperity, Divine Order and Perfect Harmony upon, through and as Lakewood Church. Amen.

We invite you to participate in our initial project survey at

Click Here for a 3 page PDF with main features including 5,000 sq ft lodge with 10 bedrooms

For several years, a collaborative partnership of cause-oriented companies and affiliated non-profit organizations has been seeking property near Sedona, Arizona that could serve many uses such as a retreat center, intentional community, an experiential demonstration  center for conscious sustainable living, perhaps even a Community Land Trust, etc.

Some of the non-profit organizations in Sedona Collaborative Enterprises  include: CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal, And Community Enlightenment), Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living and New Thought University. Some of the lead cause-oriented companies and Benefit Corporations involved include: Universal Stewardheirship, Inc.; Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc., and the Community Economic Development Resource Center, Inc.






Click Here to download a complete 36 page PDF

We realize that there are several other individuals and non-profit organizations that also have a vision for and interest in this specific property. While we would love to acquire it for our purposes, our overarching interest is to help facilitate the maximum utilization of the property to the benefit of the largest number of individuals, organizations and the extended community. For that purpose, we are inviting anyone who is interested in helping discover the "ultimate destiny" of the property to join us for a cocreative visioning and strategic planning process.

Our team members have cofounded many successful projects (including the Fellowship for Intentional Community, Community Development Corporations, Community Action Agencies, Community Development Resource Centers, etc) and have generated over 100 million dollars in grants, contracts and donations for affiliated non-profit organizations (NPOs). We have also raised several million dollars in equity capital for cause-oriented companies involved in personal, organizational and community development and empowerment.

We have decades of experience developing award-winning Community Economic Development (CED) programs, projects and organizations including multi-million dollar property redevelopment projects. We have expertise in publishing and marketing and in producing and promoting major development training programs (featuring many of the world's leading experts and best-selling authors) for up to 1,800 participants. We have experience and expertise helping facilitate cocreative visioning and strategic planning for NPOs, Chambers of Commerce, United Ways, cities and counties, etc. (Some examples are available at and

And we have access to substantial resources for: (1) helping determine the highest and best use of the property; (2) helping create the most appropriate organizational infrastructure for acquiring, operating and maintaining it; and (3) attracting additional strategic alliance partners and the required financial resources.

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking (consciousness) with which we created them” -- Albert Einstein

What we have posted so far on this web site at is just a first draft that we have shared with a few others interested in the property, a few board members, and prayer/spiritual mind treatment partners (including Shannon Peck). What we envision adding next is content about how we believe this is an opportunity for us to practice and demonstrate a higher level of consciousness and discernment and stewardship. Then we envision issuing an invitation to Universal Creative Power to reveal the ways and provide the means for Stewardheirship of the property NOW, through Divine Right Action, Divine Order and Perfect Harmony.

Rather than many individuals and organizations perpetuating the old paradigm of competition by seeking to acquire the property for their own individual use, this is an opportunity to collaborate and seek how we might help manifest the highest and best use of the property. For example, have invited Shara and Dale to help add content describing how their vision and mission of Awaken Earth Network and Ascension Earth Network relate to the vision of cocreative collaboration in discerning what the "ultimate destiny" of Soda Springs Ranch truly is.

“For the first time in history it is now possible to take care of everybody at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. All humanity now has the option to become enduringly successful.” -- R. Buckminster Fuller

Yes, my heart sings when I envision being blessed to live and serve in the sacred sanctuary setting and my soul feels richly nourished as I see how many ways the property can help humankind A.R.K. -- Awaken to our true identity as immortal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, Realize more of our inherent potential to express "Godhood" and Know how to fulfill our individual and collective purpose and Ultimate Destiny.  For me, that is all encompassed in the word Stewardheirship which includes Spirit, Service, Stewardship and Sustainable living. We share Bucky Fuller's vision of "betterment for 100% of humanity" and his concept of stewardship of spaceship Earth.  

To us, this situation with so many light workers/seekers wanting to buy the property for their own use, (especially all those planning to do so with expected windfalls from the global currency revaluation that is believed by many to be part of the shift to the new paradigm), may be the first "test" of the extent to which our consciousness is evolved (or evolving) as we say we seek Awakening, Enlightenment and Ascension.


Our earlier answer to the question "How to design a spiritual business?"

How to design a spiritual business?  If you were designing a business from the outset, so that it would embody spirituality within it (NOT religion, but spirituality), what would you do differently from simply launching a new business in the 'normal' fashion? (asked by by Graham Wilson on the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace blog site)

A few years ago at a Social Venture Network annual membership meeting, one of the codirectors invited me to help facilitate a group conversation focused on how to most effectively discuss the initial inclusion of Spirit as one of the core foundational principles of SVN. I don’t remember now exactly how I shared an acronym for S.P.I.R.I.T. I said it included components such as: Stewardship; Purpose; Integrity; Responsibility; Inspiration and True identity (remembering we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience temporarily in a human form.) There was a wonderful response.

Of course we had already covered the difference between spiritual and religion in the conversation and I am sure most of us were familiar with Patricia Aburdene’s great work in Mega Trends 2010, Seven Trends That Will Change the Way We Live, Work and Invest.  She reported in her book that 3 of the 7 trends were spiritual and the most significant trend was spiritual, especially in the world of business.

As a result of the influences of fellow members back then in SVN, Spirit in Business, World Business Academy, Association for Spirit at Work, IONS, the Association for Global New Thought, etc, the cofounders of Universal StewardHeirShip, Inc. set our intentions on designing a cause-oriented company based on the 4Ps of Purpose, People, Planet and Profitability. We hired Pat Sullivan ( to help us learn how to apply her powerfully effective innovative model for developing a spiritually-based business plan. We highly recommend Pat’s services!

Over the past few years, we have discovered that if we tune into Spirit, Inner Guidance, the Creative Force or Source Energy, whatever one calls the Infinite Power, the “Divine Design” inherent in anything, including a business, will reveal itself rather than our having to DO anything other than BE STILL, LISTEN, LET GO AND LET SPIRIT and take only appropriate ACT/I/ON.  

Now I certainly don’t claim that we haven’t made mistakes or that we haven’t often gotten in the way of that Divine Design unfolding. In fact we have cocreated some fascinating new tools such as Discernment Grids for discerning the difference between what we referred to as a “Divine Appointment” or a “Devilish Distraction” as we attracted and sought alignment and coherence with potential strategic alliance partners.

We became familiar with techniques from HeartMath® that helped us individually and as a team enjoy the state of “heart-mind coherence”. Before our board meetings we frequently would begin with an exercise we learned from HeartMath known as a “heart-lock in” which always magically seemed to produce greater clarity, synergy, alignment and deeper access to Universal Wisdom available from within.

In the past few years, we have steadily made progress in actualizing our shared vision of cocreating a global marketing and distribution infrastructure that would facilitate our mission of helping millions of people A.R.K. – Awaken to our true identity as spiritual beings (having a spiritual experience temporarily in a physical body); Realize more of their inherent potential; and Know how to cocreate their ultimate destiny (whatever that means to each individual).

We regularly practice Spiritual Visioning exercises taught in New Thought Centers. For example, we might contemplate and share insights we receive as we turn within for answers to questions such as:

What is Spirit’s Vision for our enterprise?

What do we have to be or become to allow Spirit’s vision to manifest?

What do we need to let go of to allow Spirit’s vision to manifest?

What is the Gift of Spirit that I personally bring?

Is there anything else I could know or receive from Infinite Wisdom?

Then as each individual shares the insights, images and ideas they received in response to the questions, we collectively consider the final question:

“Given all this wisdom and inner guidance, what are the next steps we need to take to facilitate Spirit’s vision coming forth in, through and as us?”


One exercise we now invite you to help us complete is to adapt this vision process to help us discern what the property itself desires for its utilization. Please let us know if and how you might like to contribute your love, light, wisdom and expertise in helping discern the "ultimate destiny" of this extraordinary property.

We also invite you to participate in our initial project survey at

Please click below for other examples of visioning and strategic planning forms and processes we may utilize in this project.

Click Here for the blank Cocreative and Visioning Exercise      Click Here for completed sample Visioning forms

Click Here for the blank Mindstorming Exercise                            Click Here for a completed sample Mindstorming form

Click Here for the Three Round Method of Brainstorming

Click Here for examples of the Strategic Marketing Matrix

For more information on the possible uses of the property we presently envision and our invitation to help discern the highest and best use of this extraordinary property and the ultimate path to manifesting "stewardheirship" over it, please contact Charles Betterton, MSCED, at 928-554-4715 or 


Charles Betterton, MSCED


TED Profile


My personal and corporate interests in helping manifest stewardheirship over Soda Springs Ranch are much broader than this particular property.

Our priorities are (1) to help facilitate the establishment of an international network of Centers for Conscious Sustainable Living (including Community Land Trusts, intentional communities and retreat centers); and

(2) to expand the Community Economic Development Resource Center to provide technical assistance and access to funding to help individuals and organizations acquire and operate these facilities for what Bucky Fuller referred to as "betterment for 100% of humanity". 

The individuals and organizations we are working with have been sharing that vision for over 10 years with fellow members in Social Venture Network, World Business Academy, IONS, Heartmath, Association for Global New Thought, Spirit in Business, International New Thought Alliance, the Centers for Spiritual Living, etc.

I have lived in spiritually-oriented intentional communities for over 25 years, (including Stelle, IL), cofounded several non-profit organizations including the Fellowship for Intentional Community, Community Development Corporations, a Community Action Agency, a Community Foundation, the Illinois Chapter of the National Congress for Community Economic Development (CED) and more recently incorporated a network of CED Benefit Corporations.

One "frame of reference" for our new cause-oriented StewardHeirShip LLC is based on the international network of Centers affiliated with the Emissaries of Divine Light (EDL). At one time a few years ago, they had to sell  Green Pastures, their beautiful property in New Hampshire. Because there was no resource available to help ensure continued operation of the property as an intentional community, it was sold for commercial development.

And I know of many other properties like Soda Springs Ranch that could had fulfilled a much higher purpose if there was a resource available to help provide technical assistance and funding to acquire and preserve special "sacred sanctuary spaces" like the ranch is to me.  That is why I am offering my services to help explore this process of cocreative collaboration to discern the "ultimate destiny" of the property.

Examples of forthcoming publications from sponsoring organizations:

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