A convergence of technologies poised to create and serve major new markets in education, empowerment, edutainment, and corporate training. EDUTEC™, Inc. is a California based company created to help individuals, organizations, businesses and communities discover and manifest more of their ultimate destiny. EDUTEC provides synergistic resources for fostering enlightenment and transformation using state-of-the-art methods and technology including edutainment, education, empowerment, and accelerated learning. Primary featured resources include: Ultimate Destiny University™, HeartMath®,  Super Lab, the Imagination Center, Inc.  Other resources include: Quantum LearningInspired Learning and The Love Center.     

  Ultimate Destiny is a visionary marketing and distribution company established by Wisdom, Wealth, Wellness, Inc. to help develop a global infrastructure of facilities and facilitators to help individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses and communities discover and manifest more of their ultimate destiny. The company is launching a Direct Public Offering in the near future.
  Heart Math The Institute of Hearth Math and HeartMath LLC are internationally renowned research and training organizations specializing in human performance, health, learning, stress/ emotional physiology. HeartMath has a client list that includes international Fortune 100 companies, hospitals, schools and government agencies.
  SuperLabs integrate innovative training and funding opportunities for investors, start-up and emerging growth companies. They create an environment that enables accelerated learning and development of new products, and services and provide accelerated assessment of appropriate sources of funding.
  Quantum Learning is internationally renowned as developers of Supercamp® for 24 years “making great kids greater”. The company also provides training for teachers and schools. Wisdom, Wealth, Wellness, Inc. (WWWI) is leasing space in the new Quantum Learning Center that the company is developing in Oceanside, CA. WWWI is also a distributor for Quantum Learning's educational products and programs that it helps market through its Resource Centers.
  Imagination Center, Inc. ICI is an edutainment company based in Sedona, Arizona that is combining Empowerment Resource Centers with an Imagine That! Marionette Theater.
The co-founders, Genii Townsend and her daughter Starr-Light Taylor, have over 50 years of combined award winning experience as master marionette artists. They operated Geniiland near Hollywood for 18 years and are now partnering with Ultimate Destiny to create prototype Imagine That! Theaters in Sedona and San Diego, CA that combine Empowerment Resource Centers with marionette theaters for kids of all ages.
  The Love Center, co-founded by Scott & Shannon Peck, is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to creating and holding the space for all humanity to live in healing Love. Scott and Shannon are Love teachers, workshop facilitators, popular speakers, and co-authors of The Love You Deserve, Liberating Your Magnificence, and the 6-tape audio course, All the Love You Could Ever Want!.  Shannon is the author of Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love.

The Foundation for Inspired Learning is a 501(c)3 non profit to bring the Inspired Learning Model™ to the world of learning and this learning to the world. The Model advocates acknowledgement (without any form of criticism, or comparing) of the learner for every step gained in the continuing mastery of the subject matter’s pre-articulated competencies. The Model has been used and proven over the past 10 years to be transformational for all subject matters, ages and learning environments.