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a picture is worth a thousand words

Ultimate Destiny is a creative solutions provider with a unique combination of innovative products and services for facilitating personal, spiritual and community empowerment. Like the image of the iceberg above, the Ultimate Destiny Network is much more than appears at surface level. Our enormous strength and potential lies in the unlimited energy and abundance that is in our body of members and strategic alliances of individuals, institutions and businesses.

We are a dynamic group of like-minded souls ...committed to sharing our individual expertise, talents and resources to contribute towards providing practical life solutions and creations based on an alignment with heart-centered principles and congruence with Source Energy. We are united by a desire to serve each other in our unique capacities and fulfill our individual and collective ultimate destiny. In so doing, we effect a positive and healing force in the world.

What do we do?

We help people, businesses, nonprofit organizations and communities discover their inherent potential and achieve their ultimate destiny. We develop, market and distribute products and services through strategic alliances, membership services, affiliate programs, direct sales, web sites, subscription services, on-line training programs, seminars and workshops, and community-based resource centers.

Our Vision:

The nature of all life is to grow... to increase. And so it is with the energy we call money, the medium by which we create things in the material world. We are committed to alignment with the abundance of Source Energy that flows through everyone and everything, and are committed to trusting the superior organizational structure of Higher Intelligence to let this abundance fill our lives so that we can be a blessing to everyone in our spheres of influence. Through this surrender, both individually and collectively, we become united and thus a more effectual catalyst for positive change in the world.

A Free Gift for You:

Our first gift to you is a FREE copy of Wallace Wattles’ classic book:


"In the spring of 1998 a man I'd never met sent me a book I'd never heard of, written long ago by a man who's been dead nearly 90 years. That little book changed everything ..."

This book is absolutely FREE for the asking...
No purchase or obligation is required.

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How may we serve you? How would you like to participate?

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“Ultimate Destiny provides an innovative, comprehensive and integrated system for bringing the best resources to millions of people, organizations and communities world-wide!” –Barry Spilchuk, Co-author Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

• What is your greatest desire?

• What is your ultimate purpose in life?

• What is the most magnificent dream you have?

Ultimate Destiny helps you discover, create and access every resource you need to cause your dream to become a reality. We guide you through the process to:

• Discover the possibilities and clarify your dream

• Create the connections and alliances you need

• Provide the resources to manifest your dream

We are the DREAM TEAM that helps you manifest your dream!