Ultimate Destiny Network and Ultimate Destiny University

When Oprah and Eckhart Tolle set about teaching a class based on Eckhart’s book A New Earth, they set in motion a wave of interest in personal and spiritual development. Over 750,000 people attended the first internet-based class, and by the end of the series millions of people were attending the weekly class.

With the seminal event, it has become obvious that a customer base of at least several million people are willing and interested in using the internet for personal and spiritual development. The technological capacity is there, the educational framework is there, the customers are there, the delivery system is there, but what is missing is the content that could/would provide the follow-up meal to Oprah’s appetizer. That content is found in the Ultimate Destiny Network, a strategic marketing platform that offers material, online teaching, coaching/counseling, and a variety of new consciousness in millions of people.

Nothing could be more needed at this time.  Dramatic changes in every area of life are calling for new ideas and resilience in our people, families, and communities. New forms of relationship with one another, new definitions of success, new forms of energy and sustainable living are needed, a new understanding of peace is needed, new levels of consciousness, new forms of creativity are required in order to tap new potentials in each of us, and an entirely new re-working of our personal, community, and global worldview is called for.

We have an amazing opportunity to help deliver the new world that is struggling to be born all around us. If we look only at what is coming apart, we will fail to see what is coming together. If we stand frozen in fear, we will risk being forever out of step when we do start to move forward. If we do not dream big and take bold forward action to build the foundations of a new world, we will be sucked backwards into the wake of a sinking ship and lose the opportunity to see what could have been.

Ultimate Destiny Network  is a unique educational delivery system combined with a marketing platform that takes a subject – offers a basic course, pulls together an entire array of complementary books, videos, audio CDs, speakers, coaches, and support teams, and offers them to the public in dynamic, online presentations facilitated by Empower Mentors.

Ultimate Destiny is an educational, economic, and transformational system all rolled into one.  Five years in the making, it is a network of over 200 websites, 400 domain names, 14 books comprising over 1,000 pages of intellectual properties, audio CDs, and strategic alliances with dozens of partners from around/across the spectrum of publishing and media. Some of those include HeartMath; Nightingale-Conant; Your Success Store; Hay House; Anthony Robbins; Les Brown; Brian Tracy; Rutherford Publishing; Wisdom of the World; Conscious Media, Inc.

Ultimate Destiny has both for-profit and non-profit arms including Ultimate Destiny University. We founded the Hall of Fame Award to recognize those who have contributed their life energy to make the world a better place including well-known authors and community leaders. Some of these include: Paul. J. Meyer; Les Brown; Deepak Chopra; Brian Tracy; Bob Proctor; Mark Victor Hansen; Bonnie St. John; Maria Nemeth; Dr. Emmett Miller, etc.

Ultimate Destiny is establishing a national network of community empowerment resource centers in key regions.  These centers will create programs designed to raise consciousness, build healthy relationships in communities, help create new jobs and businesses, and support local living economies that are based in sustainability, organics, and renewable technologies.

Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc. is seeking additional strategic alliances, affiliates, joint venture marketing partners, and resource providers. In addition to possible equity investment, the Company has Revenue Participation Agreement opportunities available.

We invite interested accredited investors to review our Investment Marketing Memorandum, and to set-up a private conversation to find out more.  Ultimate Destiny is an excellent investment for forward-thinking individuals looking for the systems of the future with a significant return on investment.