Ultimate Destiny Network Fundraising Programs™


 Initial List of Non-profit Organizations We Want To Support

Please note. We are beginning to set up all of these non-profit organizations in our Ultimate Destiny shopping cart at 50% to 100% levels. While we have selected the NPOs listed, we have not yet asked them for permission to be listed. Anyone who purchases programs from Ultimate Destiny will be able to indicate which of these NPOs they would like Ultimate Destiny to support by donating a percentage of the amount they pay.

Any NPO that wants to actively participate can receive 50% to 110% of any revenue they help generate from sales of our programs and services to their members and subscribers.

Ultimate Destiny University for Conscious Sustainable Living

CENTER SPACE (Center for for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment)

Expanding the Circle of Success Campaign

The Love Center

The I AM Foundation

The Napoleon Hill Foundation

The Circle of Compassion

The Institute of HeartMath

IONS (Institute Of Noetic Sciences)

Social Venture Network

Guideposts Foundation

Bucky Fuller Institute

Community Economic Development Masters Program at Southern New Hampshire University

International Institute for Global Leadership

Arcos Cielos Research Center

If you would like to recommend another non-profit organization,
please send the details to ultimatedestinynetwork@gmail.com