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Five Secrets of Manifesting Your Ultimate Destiny

  "Manifest your ultimate destiny" is another way of saying, "Become what you were meant to be," or "Fulfill your purpose in this life." Do you believe you were created for a specific purpose in this life, or that you chose to come to this life with something particular to accomplish? That's your ultimate destiny. 

Even if you don't yet know what your ultimate destiny is, life is an adventure of discovery! It is an adventure of emotion and accomplishment.  Here are a few of the steps involved in coming to enjoy this fantastic process in life. Whether this is all new to you, or you are well along the path toward your ultimate destiny already, check yourself against this list.

 1. Get to know yourself and get started finding your ultimate destiny. 

In my work as a counselor, I have been fascinated to see how some people know themselves very well and others do not. It does take time to get to know yourself.  If you are still a young adult, you have many wonderful discoveries ahead of you. Whatever your age, you, like us all, have something unique and special to contribute.

 You are here for a positive reason! If you have attributes, physical features, etc. you don't like, they don't have to dominate your life - they can become unimportant background. You can even turn some of them into assets!

It is important to have a good understanding of both your personality and your skills.  Skills are, of course, what make you employable or entrepreneurial. They are the way you will probably make a living as you seek your ultimate destiny. And the way you will put those skills to use is largely dependent on factors we call "personality." Here, that word is meant as the broad scope of your mental and emotional make-up, not just how you come across socially.

There are many, many inventories available to help you with insights into how you "tick." I recommend taking a number of them, all the way from the unscientific ones in magazines to those that are well-validated scientifically, which may be available only through college classes or a trained professional.    

Perhaps the most important thing to discover about yourself is what your key passion in life is, because nothing is more powerful in helping you find and manifest your ultimate destiny.   

2. Discover the passion that will manifest your ultimate destiny.

You may be passionate about a lot of things, but this aspect of passion relates to the potential things you could do in life. There may be activities, causes or issues you love and feel compelled to pursue. These are a good indicator of your ultimate destiny!

Your sense of your own passion will probably get more specific as you mature, but many people are aware of it, or can discover it, in their youth. If it is broad, like sports or one of the arts, keep exploring until you find what it is about that area that you most enjoy. Eventually you may get a sense of a need you can fill, that few if any other people can. Then assess the skills you have or can obtain to meet that need. Put to use the skills you have and go about building the ones you would like to have, and you will have found the tools you need for your ultimate destiny. 

3. Understand the spiritual essence that leads you to your ultimate destiny.

There is incredible power in realizing and deeply grasping that your true essence is as a spiritual being. That is something that can't and won't be changed regardless of the trials of life and how you respond to them. However, you can choose to live increasingly from that spiritual aspect of yourself, or not. You can awaken it more and more by giving attention to it, cultivating it. This is as true for someone with a strongly "this-world" orientation, a practical or scientifically oriented person, for example, as it is for a monk. The monk would probably be the first to tell you this.

Currently we are in a period of increasing spiritual consciousness, and that not largely via traditional religion. So resources abound that can guide you-find and use some! 

4. Dream of your ultimate destiny -- and start to act on it now. 

Dreaming, of the daytime variety, works in a variety of ways.  One of them is that whatever dreams you have long had may well be tied to your passion for a cause or life work. Thus they may help you identify your passion. Another way dreaming works is after you have identified your passion.

Based on that, you consciously construct your dreams to be the most powerful expression and fulfillment of your passion that you can imagine - a true picture of your ultimate destiny. The best-selling personal development author of all time, Paul J. Meyer, has said, "Whatever you can vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass."   

Of the four elements in that quote, we've dealt with "desire" (passion), and "imagine" (dreaming).  The third, "believe," is often a hard one.  But if you find it hard to believe in your dream, jump to number four, "act," anyway. Act as if you've achieved your ultimate destiny already.

Taking some action, and having even a small success, or positive responses from others, will greatly boost your faith in yourself and your mission -- "nothing succeeds like success." Of course, along the way will be different levels of planning, which is a critical part of the process as well. 

 5. Find companions to support your path towards your ultimate destiny.

 In one way, it is mere common sense and a natural impulse to find people who will support you. But you do want to be careful.  Carefully choose who you will first share your dreams and ambitions with, especially the grand, largest aspect of your vision. Not everyone, even those who truly love you, will necessarily understand and fully get behind your ideas. At this stage you don't need discouragement or doubters.   

So you may have to go to the periphery of your circle of friends or associates to find the right ones. One good way to do this is to seek out others with ambitions, especially challenging ones, and propose that a few of you form a mastermind group. You can meet at regular times for the specific purpose of supporting each other in the realization of each of your ultimate destinies. You can start with just one other person if that is all you can quickly find.   

Are you ready to find your ultimate destiny? 

Follow these five processes of knowing yourself; finding your passion; realizing your spiritual essence; dreaming and acting; and finding key supporters, and you will be well down the road of manifesting your ultimate destiny.  And the journey is one to be enjoyed, so enjoy it!        


Howard Pepper is a former mental health and relationship counselor and co-author of "Solving Your Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle" and several other digital books about self-discovery included in the Ultimate Destiny Success System. The secrets to manifesting your ultimate destiny in business and love relationships, as well as achieving perfect health and protecting the planet, are available from the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living.

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Solving the Ultimate Success Puzzle of Your Life  

     Perceiving the Puzzle

           Does your life ever look like a Rubik’s cube to you — hopelessly scrambled? Does bringing all your life’s “pieces” into alignment seem like an impossible and frustrating task?

The real craze of the Rubik’s cube is many years in the past, but you must remember the rows of small, colorful squares that could be rotated in any direction. When you could make each side of the cube a solid color, the puzzle was solved.

The puzzle of life doesn’t really have a solution in which all its aspects are perfectly and permanently aligned. Life is a process to be engaged and enjoyed.  But it often feels like a puzzle, especially when you’re struggling to find meaning in some or all of its aspects.

To find how all life’s pieces begin to fit together, you have to do a few things: First, you have to see what the pieces are. Let’s say for now that a few of them might be called “Relationships,” “Health and Fitness,” and “Financial Freedom.”

Prioritizing Your Ultimate Success Puzzle

Next, you have to decide which row to turn first in solving your  “Rubik’s cube” by placing priority on one element or another.   It works better to give one thing special attention first. 

As you start applying new principles to one area of your life, it makes sense to occasionally play (a better word than “work”) with another area.  Just be careful that you keep your main focus on building on gains in one area at a time. When you feel sure — inwardly settled — you’ve made changes that will stick in one part of your life, then move to a second area.

Sometimes, as you make advances in one area of focus, improvement in other areas comes alone automatically …. Nice! For example, as you work on improving your marriage, you might become happier and more productive at work. That makes your financial picture brighter, and can even make you feel healthier. In such a case, as you make an effort to twist life’s cube in one direction, you end up with better alignment in several areas at once. 

Seeing Beneath the Surface

As you work your life’s puzzle, you must realize there is more going on than the surface reveals.  Just as a Rubik’s cube has an unseen underlying mechanism that allows the rows to be turned, life also has underlying processes that you might not always be aware of. And in life, sometimes a square that seems to be one color might be another color underneath.

You might have a complaint about your partner’s messiness, but really be feeling that he or she doesn’t care about your needs.  So if you concentrate on who should put away the dishes, you may miss the real issue: your desire for a greater sense that your partner cares about you.  No matter what area of life you choose to focus upon first, try to dig a little below the surface and discover the deeper issue.

Powering Up with the Puzzle’s Solution

Empowerment can come on many levels and in different ways.  As you start aligning the pieces of your personal life puzzle, you might feel a sense of increased effectiveness and influence right away. Just identifying your area of deepest passion and finding a specific mission within it unleashes an incredible amount of power — inwardly for you, and outwardly for the world. Just making the first move can give you a tremendous sense of relief, knowing you are on your way at last.

As you advance, you will be multiplying your efforts with valuable affiliations, the support of key people, and much more. Then you’ll experience the joy of empowering others as well.

Life can seem like Rubik’s cube – but putting the pieces in line will lead your life to wonderful places.

 Excerpted from the Ultimate Destiny Success System

 Copyright 2010-2012 by Ultimate Destiny. All rights reserved.


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