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Consulting Services Through the Universal Stewardheirship Strategic Marketing Matrix

Consulting Services

Management, Event Production and Promotion, Fundraising, Grant Writing Services

The management team has generated over one hundred million dollars in grants and contacts for our clients. We have helped chambers of commerce, United Way agencies, churches, cities, counties and nonprofit organizations receive funding from federal, state and local government sources, from private foundations and individual donors. In addition, we have developed several award-winning community mobilization programs such as CAN DO!, YOUTH CAN DO!, Success Center Partnerships, and Community Resource Centers for Successful Living.

Our speakers bureau service helps co-produce major events featuring world-class speakers and trainers who work with us to help expand the circle of success and provide opportunities that ordinarily would not be available. We have discovered that most large-scale motivational events are produced in cities of a million or more population, usually by an out-of-town for profit promoter who "puts on the show" and "takes home the dough."
Our CAN DO! community empowerment model enables communities of only a few thousand residents to pool their resources, co-produce major events and keep most of the proceeds in their community, church or chamber of commerce to help fund ongoing programs for personal organizational and community empowerment.

We have helped many individuals, projects and businesses set up a nonprofit organization (sometimes through SEE, the Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs Foundation), and we provide comprehensive visioning and strategic planning services for businesses, churches, nonprofit organizations and government entities. We help new and established organizations improve their performance with seminars and workshops on a variety of topics including goal setting, successful management, personal motivation, time management, strategic planning, public relations, team building, leadership, community outreach and fundraising.
We also provide financial management and wealth generation strategies. Sometimes this includes innovative approaches such as helping a church or nonprofit organization achieve their financial goals by taking advantage of exceptional investment opportunities that could conceivably generate substantial returns on an investment. We are presently helping several churches and nonprofit organizations implement fundraising strategies through companies that provide members with resources that help them succeed in every area of life.

Before you book anyone for your corporate or nonprofit events, please give us an opportunity to demonstrate why and how working with Universal Stewardheirship, Inc. will produce greater rewards for you and your organization while helping fund the nonprofit mission of Expanding the Circle of Success. Please contact us at Universal Stewardheirship, PO Box 20072, Sedona, AZ, 928-284-2671 or by email to ceo@universalstewardheirship.com. Thank you!

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