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Ultimate Destinyland University for Successful Living 
Consciousness Energy Exchange * Pay What It's Worth to You! April 27 2010
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Pay What It's Worth To You!
Ultimate Destiny University Charter Membership
Help Produce Youth Empowerment Marionettes
What's Your
Ultimate Destiny?
Which Pieces of Solving Your Ultimate Success Puzzle Are Most Important to You?
Whatever ultimate destiny means to you, we have created programs and services that will help you discover your dreams, realize more of your inherent potential and know how to co-create your ultimate destiny!
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Ultimate Fundraising Programs for NPOs
UDSS Ultimate Fundraising
Please help us identify non-profit organizations that would like to help their members and receive donations of 50% to 100% for introducing the Ultimate Destiny Success System. Click Here for more information on our Fundraising Programs
Ultimate Destiny
Hall of Fame Awards
Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award
We are now inviting the first 50 authors given the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award to let us interview them on Ultimate Destinyland BlogTalkRadio. We will include their content, comments and feature their resources in future editions of the electronic Ultimate Destiny Success System, print editions, our web sites and live events. Cast your vote and nominate other candidates!
Please Vote and Help Discover the Next Top Spiritual Author
Book cover of Crowned with Ultimate Success
We have entered this book in the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest being conducted by James Twyman and Robert Evans. Please vote by May 3 for us to be among the 250 authors who advance to Round 2. Click Here for a recent PRWeb News release.
Earn While You Learn

Earn While You Learn

When you join as a Charter Annual Member Affiliate Marketing Partner, you  receive the annual Charter Membership benefits, the complete 14 part, 1,200+ page Ultimate Destiny Success System and your direct link to Ultimate Destiny University that will enable you to earn 10% to 50% on thousands of programs and products.

This "Earn While You Learn" Charter Member Affiliate Marketing Partnership with Ultimate Destiny enables you to benefit as you help people discover the wealth of resources Ultimate Destiny.

The investment for the Charter Annual Member Affiliate Marketing Partnership is only $347 for the first 50 individuals who want to "Earn While You Learn". Until May 11, you can also enjoy the valuable bonuses described in the  Special Offer Coupon below.
Interest Survey

Please complete our survey to help us refine our programs and best meet your interests by answering questions:

What does ultimate destiny mean to you?

Which pieces of solving your success puzzle are most important to you?

Who would you nominate for the Hall of Fame?
How May We Help You Co-create Your Ultimate Destiny?
We are seeking additional resource providers whose programs, products and services we can feature, members, affiliates, strategic alliance partners, joint venture marketing partners and individuals who would like to become licensed facilitators of our seminars and workshops.
Please Contact Us if you are interested.
Ultimate Destinyland
Internet Radio

Our first Internet radio program, Excuse Me Your Ultimate Destiny Is Waiting! will air in May on BlogTalkRadio. Click Here for details.

We are happy to announce that we have decided to offer all of our digital programs on a Pay What It's Worth to You donation basis AND we will donate 50% to 100% of whatever amount you pay to help support a participating non-profit organization.

Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living
UDU) was created to help anyone realize more of your potential, fulfill your life purpose and manifest your ultimate destiny, whatever that means to each individual.  

UDU and our partner Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc. publish, produce and distribute programs, products and services on empowerment, enlightenment, community economic development, transformation and sustainable living. We feature some of the world's leading authorities as faculty members and resource providers in 12 major facets of fulfilling your Ultimate Destiny.

To help introduce our programs to as many people as possible, we are offering the 14 e-books in the Ultimate Destiny Success System on a "Pay What It's Worth To You" basis.  You can choose any of our programs you would like to try out. Then you donate whatever amount you feel it was worth to you. Plus, if you are supporting one of the non-profit organizations that we endorse, we'll even donate 50% to 100% of what you donate to that NPO, Imagine That!

Ultimate Destiny Success System Library
The Ultimate Destiny Success System includes 14 stand-alone programs with over 1,200 pages of self-assessment quizzes, application exercises and featured resources in each area of co-creating your ultimate destiny. The special pre-launch tuition for the digital Ultimate Destiny Success System is normally $77 (or $97 plus $7.95 shipping and handling for the optional CD).

Through our "Pay It Forward, Pay What It's Worth To You" program, you decide what each program is worth to you personally after you try it out and apply it in your life.

These are not just e-books. The Ultimate Destiny Success System is a comprehensive strategic marketing matrix of interactive programs that offer advanced training in some of the most essential successful living skills for the 21st Century. You can click on any of the images below for more detailed information on each of the digital programs.

Manifesting Your Ultimate Destiny E-bookEnjoying Ultimate Health and FitnessRealizing Your Ultimate Potential E-book
Fulfilling Your Life Purpose and Mission E-bookEnjoying Loving Supportive Relationships E-bookEnjoying Financial Freedom and Prosperity E-book
Achieving Ultimate Business and Career Success E-bookEnjoying Ultimate Health and Fitness E-bookHarnessing Your Creative Mind Power E-book

Raising Your Level of Consciousness E-bookEnjoying Peace and Balance E-bookAttaining Spiritual Enlightenment E-book
Making A Difference and Leaving A Legacy E-bookFostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability E-bookSolving Our Personal, Community and Global Success Puzzles

You Choose How You Would Like to Receive the  E-books in the Ultimate Destiny Success System:

(1) Pay It Forward! Buy them outright for $14.97 each and we'll donate another one to a non-profit organization.

(2) Help us experiment with Consciousness Energy Exchange and 
Pay What They're Worth To You after you try them out!
CDROM of 14 E-books in the Ultimate Destiny Success System

(3) Save money and buy the complete Ultimate Destiny Success System with over 1,200 pages for only $77 or

(4) Enjoy our brand new CD-ROM
with all 14 interactive programs included for only $97 plus $7.95 shipping and handling!

All of our programs come with a 90 day, 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction.


Charter Membership in the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living
Ultimate Destiny You Wheel The Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living is an innovative non-profit membership program featuring online learning communities with breakthrough techniques, methods, and systems. Membership benefits include access to the "Treasure Chest of Resources", webinars, and teleseminars, an e-zine, discounts of up to 50% on hundreds of programs and products and coaching services.

If you're a serious student of successful living, we invite you to join Ultimate Destiny University.  An Introductory Charter Membership is only $20 a month or $197 for a year. Prepay for an entire year and receive the Ultimate Destiny Success System FREE! 
Please Help Children Harness Their Creative Power with Empowerment Marionettes and Edutainment!
Ultimate Destiny and Genii Townsend, a master marionette artist, are producing Empowerment Marionettes TM of world-class authors and trainers such as Oprah, Les Brown, Deepak Chopra and Mark Victor Hansen. Genii owned Geniiland near Hollywood for 18 years and she has created over 5,000 marionettes. We are presently raising funds to produce a television pilot featuring Imaginella using content from Just Say Yes to Success with Les!

The program we developed with Les Brown for the Muncie, IN Public Housing Authority through Federal Drug Elimination Grant helped introduce successful living skills to children as young as 7 and won state and national awards. We are seeking donations to use as matching funds for grants that we are applying for. Please make a donation in any amount if you would like to help tap the power of edutainment and enable and empower youth to harness their creative power and realize more of their potential! Thank you!

We've only shared the tip of the iceberg with you in this e-zine. Our ultimate vision is to bless millions of people, manifest stewardship over billions of dollars in the service of others and leave a legacy of programs, products and organizations that ultimately generate a trillion dollars worth of positive benefits.

We have over 101 new programs and thousands of pages of original content covering every facet of
Solving Our Personal, Community and Global Success Puzzles including  plans to establish a network of Community Empowerment Resource Centers based on about 40 years of successful prototypes.
We appreciate your taking a few minutes to let us share our vision and resources with you. Please do consider how we might be able to help you realize more of your potential and fulfill more of your Ultimate Destiny, whatever that means to you personally.

If you know anyone who has written a book, developed a program, product or service related to any of these successful living skills that could be featured in our publications, please forward this email to them too. We thank you and so will they!
Charles Betterton with a mock up of the Ultimate Destiny Success System
Charles Betterton, Co-founder of Ultimate Destiny University
with a mock-up of the Ultimate Destiny Home Study Program

PS. Follow us on twitter.com/ultimatedestiny and on FaceBook at  Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living

PPS. Accredited Investors interested in helping us realize the ultimate success of Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc. are invited to review our Investment Marketing Memorandum. We also have a couple of Revenue Participation Agreement opportunities available.
Special Offers for the First
11 Charter Affiliates

Expires May 11 at Midnight PST
To celebrate the launch of Ultimate Destiny University and my birthday on April 27, we are offering several bonuses to the first 11 Charter Affiliate Members who sign up by May 11. That is the 20th anniversary of the first major Community Unity Celebration we produced with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Les Brown.

The Special Charter Affiliate Membership offer includes: The CD ROM of the complete Ultimate Destiny Success System Valued at $97 plus we pay the $.7.95 S & H; Charter Membership in Ultimate Destiny University  valued at $199; Increased Affiliate commissions of 25% to 50% instead of the standard 10% (priceless opportunity!); Advance notice of new products, programs and income opportunities; Additional monthly bonuses worth over at least $1,000 a year; Plus our guarantee that any difference between the tuition of $347 and your earnings in the first year will be refunded 100%. The tuition can be paid in 3 installments of $125 by PapPal or any credit or debit card.


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