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Future Market Place: Consumer Heaven?

                             Future Market Place: Consumer Heaven?
In Insider's Guide to the Future, strategic thinkers Edith Weiner and Arnold Brown foresee a new economy and a new pattern of relationships within society that they dub "the Emotile Era. " The coined term "emotile" emphasizes the authors' belief that emotion (a heightened concern for personal well-being) and motility ( fast movement and rapid change) will be future society's dominant characteristics
. Opportunities in the Emotile Era include the four major categories of: Personal services, Financial security; Personal security and safety and Religion and spirituality. Religion and spirituality includes: Scriptures (including interpretation and enactments), spiritual fiction, faith and emotional healing, guidance in ethics, schools of philosophy, search for self, human rights activities, stewardship activities, marriages of Eastern and Western thought, survival, leisure and travel, 12 step programs and support groups. Other growth areas outlined by Weiner and Brown range from interactive entertainment and dating services to 'lifelong training and education in a totally revolutionized "schooling" business. -- Excerpted from The Futurist, November-December 1997

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