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of "Betterment for 100% of Humanity"

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Multi-Media Programs

Charles Betterton, Creator and Coauthor of the Ultimate Destiny Success System, with a mock-up of the Small Group Discussion Program with DVD, CDs and workbooks, and facilitator guidebooks.
Also available as a Home Study Program. Both editions are available for $497.

The complete Ultimate Destiny Success System on a CD  $97.

Individual Ultimate Destiny Success System Titles on CDs
(Each title will be available as an audio and data CD and Mp3 in the Spring of 2012)


Manifesting Your
Ultimate Destiny

Solving Your Ultimate
Destiny Success Puzzle

Realizing Your
Ultimate Potential


Fulfilling Your Life
Purpose and Mission

Enjoying Loving, Positive Supportive Relationships

Achieving Ultimate Success in
Your Business or Career

Enjoying Peace
and Balance

Enjoying Ultimate
Health and Fitness

Spiritual Enlightenment

Fostering Personal and
Planetary Sustainability

Making A Difference
and Leaving A Legacy


Enjoying Financial
Freedom and Prosperity

 Raising Your
Consciousness Level

Harnessing Your
Creative Power


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