Helping Manifest Bucky Fuller's Vision
of "Betterment for 100% of Humanity"

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Videos that Introduce the Universal Stewardheirship Strategic Marketing Matrix

We will be producing videos of all 14 of the titles in the Ultimate Destiny Success System and dozens of other presentations on our programs, products and services. Following are a few earlier YouTube Videos: 

How Nightingale-Conant Helped
Launch Ultimate Destiny Univ.
Ultimate Destiny University
Ultimate Destinyland's
"Pay What It's Worth to You"
Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord
Entry in the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest

Betterton Presents Ultimate Destiny
Hall of Fame Award
to James Twyman

The Light of the Christ: A Reminder of Who I Am, Why I Am Here and What I Came to Manifest Stewardship Over

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