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Global Development, Empowerment and Enlightenment

This page will feature resources for addressing global “success puzzles” including the current economic and environmental challenges we face. Some of the organizations that will be profiled include: Arcos Cielos Research Center; International Institute for Global Leadership; World Business Academy; Social Venture Network; IONS, the Institute for Noetic Sciences; Heart Math; Humanity Unites Brilliance; Leadership Institute for Global Healing and Transformation, Ultimate Destiny University, World Shift 2012 by Dr. Ervin Laszlo..

An example of a featured resource is the book, Transforming the Global Biosphere -- Twelve Futuristic Strategies by Elliott Maynard, co-founder of Arcos Cielos Research Center.

Transforming the Global Biosphere: Twelve Futuristic Strategies is a ground-breaking book that presents the reader with a fresh, enlightened Overview of the Major Problems which presently face Humans and the Global Environment. Drawing from a wealth of educational and scientific experience, Dr. Elliott Maynard has created a Set of Transformational Tools for thinking and living in harmony with other citizens of our Planet, and for protecting and restoring our precious Global Ecosystems.

This exceptional new book contains a constellation of unique Examples, Concepts, and Strategies for guiding the Human Consciousness through a transition into an entirely new Third Millennium Mindset for Success and Survival in the World of the Future.

Dr. Maynard has provided a Power Point presentation on the 12 Futuristic Strategies for Global Transformation from his book, Transforming the Global Biosphere at http://www.slideboom.com/presentations/29549/12-Future-Strategies-for-Transforming-the-Global-Biosphere.

Transforming the Global Biosphere is based on the author’s presentations to the World Future Society, and was written at the suggestion of Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and former UN Assistant Secretary General, Dr. Robert Muller. The author feels strongly that, in order to reverse the presently destructive impacts of Human Technology on the Global Biosphere, a Transformative Revolution in Human Consciousness must first take place.

Such a “Magnificent Revolution” would take the form of Twelve Futuristic MetaStrategies…each of which would represent a Key SocioEcological Paradigm in itself. Each chapter of the book is developed around a MetaStrategy, providing examples of the Major Problems, as well as Innovative Solutions for reversing these Destructive Trends…through selected applications of Unique Alternative Technologies and Strategies.

Dr. Maynard’s Twelve MetaStrategies for Planetary Management are essentially a set of enlightened, yet effective, tools for Creative Thinking and Action. They are designed to promote environmentally sustainable future scenarios for the maximum benefit for Humans, their Planetary Homeworld, and for the Generations Yet to Come.

In spite of the mounting evidence of environmental damage and disturbance to our Natural Planetary Systems, Dr. Maynard contends that solutions to these problems are available through insightful applications of Alternative Technologies, which can provide Clean Renewable Energy, Efficient Non-Polluting Transportation, Hi-Energy Nutrition, and Ecologically Appropriate Lifestyles for everyone on Earth. To achieve such a meaningful and lasting transformation, the author feels we must move rapidly and efficiently beyond the entanglements of 20th Century Thinking, and blaze adventurous new pathways into the Future. Together we must find the courage to explore the promising applications of alternative leading-edge Technologies, which often exist outside the boundaries of the Mainstream Scientific Thought.

In the author’s words, “If these Twelve MetaStrategies can be successfully integrated into the Biological and Social Fabric of Planet Earth, Humans can successfully complete their co-evolutionary journey into the Third Millennium and beyond…instilled with a renewed spirit of Enthusiasm, Enlightened Accomplishment, and Joyful Satisfaction for their new symbiotic relationship with Planet Earth and their Fellow Humans.”

Another primary resource provider is Dr. Emmett Miller, founder of the LIGHT Institute, the Leadership Institute for Global Healing and Transformation. Two of Dr. Miller’s latest programs are featured including Awakening the Leader Within (CD and DVD) and Healing Our Planet (CD and DVD)

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