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Success Stories

This page will provide examples of the successful application of Community Economic Development principles and practices. The first four models are: the award-winning Success Center Partnership developed by CENTER SPACE for the Muncie, Indiana Public Housing Authority; Kankakee County CAN DO! and the Community Resource Center in Kankakee, Illinois; and Oneida County CAN DO! developed with the United Way and Labor Center in Utica, NY. In the interim, links are provided to existing web pages reporting on these four prototypes and a presentation on How to Create a Success Center Partnership.

Success Center Partnership

Click Here for a PDF of a Presentation on How To Create a Success Center Partnership for Your Public Housing Authority, Community Development Corporation or Other Non-Profit Organization

Community Resource Center

Kankakee County, IL CAN DO!

Oneida County, NY CAN DO!

Community Unity Celebration

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