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Genii Townsend, author of The City of Light Sedona and SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing! and Dr. Rick Cohen, author of The Fire-walking Foot Doctor share the ascension experiences they have been having and offer helpful advice for anyone who is experiencing unusual physical, mental and emotional feelings, symptoms, or circumstances.


"Forever Jedi" Genii Townsend Dr. Rick Cohen

 In her books on Universal Cities of Light and in this short video, Genii shares many of the vision trips she has been taking for several years to visit the City of Light including the Embassy of Peace Headquarters!




I first heard the expression NOT FOR SISSIES used when a neighbor of mine was referring to getting older and all the health challenges that he was currently facing. He got real serious and said to me, GETTING OLDER IS NOT FOR SISSIES!! As many of us have been experiencing first hand the emotional, mental and physical ROLLER COASTER of the ASCENSION PROCESS this phrase once again came into mind and I thought WOW!!  ASCENSION IS NOT FOR SISSIES EITHER!!!

This process we have been going through changes from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute and even second to second. Think about some of the mood swings you have experienced recently. How about new aches and pains that come and go sometimes NOT quickly enough. How about some of the interesting thoughts, ideas and feelings we have been experiencing lately. Some of these are painful and bring up anger, fear, sadness, feelings of being lost and the next breath we feel totally in oneness. What exactly is going on here? The new vibrational onslaught on our 4 lower bodies (the physical, mental, emotional, and etheric) is literally forcing up and hopefully out a lot of our past and present negative human experiences.  

Can these be traumatic? Painful? Un-nerving? Forcing us into feelings of not being worthy and out of balance? ABSOLUTELY !!!  Thus we have to stand up, be strong and resilient as we are being swept clean of our past and present 3rd dimensional choices and experiences. Is this an easy process? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! After all nobody said this was going to be easy. At least we know once we have completed this Ascension Process it will never have to be experienced again. Just remember as your ROLLER COASTER ride continues to throw you all around, up and down, that ASCENSION IS NOT FOR SISSIES !!!!!!  After all you are a lot TOUGHER than you think you are, or you would not have signed up for this in this lifetime. All you have to do is HANG ON!!  For it appears this ride is almost over and then we have to get busy doing GOD' S WORK. My hat's off to all the Courageous LIGHTWORKERS who are going through this.

Dr. Rick Cohen



I have been asked to talk more about Ascension, and what it means for a lot of us going through this physical process. I had written the small article above for the The Light Center newsletter about how "Ascension is not for Sissies." Since I wrote that article, I have really been going through it myself  ... major detoxing, cleansing, sinuses, and you name it.  It's interesting, you know. Each one of us carries our emotional baggage in different parts of our body. Some in the sinuses, some in the stomach, some in the throat, some in the lower back. Some in the joints with arthritis. Whatever it is right now, because of the magnificent energy that we are being flooded with right now ... all of our "stuff " is coming up right now, and it is Toxic. IT really is.

So, what I am going to suggest; what my teachers have suggested to me is, when you are going through this process, like a lot of us are right now, drink a lot of water. I mean a LOT of water, because it will help to flush these toxins out of our system, and help the process speed along more readily.

And the other thing ... a lot of us are having a lot of pain right now ... Disorientation ... you name it. If you need to rest ... Rest. When you are tired, rest. When you are hungry, eat. And just try to allow this process to continue because if you fight the process, you are just making it harder on yourself.

And we all have blockages in our physical form, and in our energy fields and things like that, so just try to allow this to happen, and when things come up for you, you don't even need to know what it is, but if it is upsetting to you, just ask for help from your teachers. Just release it and let it go. And those of you that live near an ocean, what an advantage, because salt water has a way of neutralizing those negative energies. So, if you live by an ocean, by all means go jump in every day if you can. If you can't, go to your supermarket, get a large container of Morton Salt, and add it to your bath water. Take a hot bath. Make sure the water goes up above your throat and just lie in there for 30 minutes. That will help a lot. That's what I do.

Another thing that I do is every morning when I wake up, I start my day with a glass of warm water with some fresh lemon in it. That will also help the detox process start. And again, if you have people that you know that you can go to for some energy work like acupuncture, chiropractor manipulation, massage therapy ... anything that you can access right now that can help unblock some of the things in your body, because imagine this energy is coming through us tremendously, and the lease amount of blockages you have, it can come through much faster, and flush the system out much faster.

Genii and I talk a lot, and she will tell me some symptom she has, and I will say I just had that, and we go back and forth with it. One purpose of this message is to let you know you are not alone. We are all going through something right now. So just continue to keep going, and drink lots of water, and know that we are getting ready to cross that finish line.

Dr. Rick


Genii Townsend Shares Updates On Ascension and the City of Light Sedona
Transcript of YouTube video with Genii Townsend 11-18-2016

I don't know about you but this lady has been going through an ascension thing. I didn't even know what that was until I talked to my Dr. Rick Cohen and he's been explaining it all to me. The only thing I knew was that my teachers say, "You're going into illumination." Well, what does that mean? Am I going to light up? I won't have to pay the electric bill? No, not quite. But boys and girls, I have found out. And if you're a girl and you've been going through strange things, you are probably like everybody else and in what's called ascension. I couldn't even spell it till Renee showed me how to do that.

You know what? We are elevating. I guess we've done enough on this planet to be able to be elevated without an elevator, of course. And I thought, "Well, if we're being elevated, if we're going up in consciousness, what the heck? And it's supposed to be real good. How come I feel so crappy?" One day it's really great and the next day you're down in the dumps.

So if any of you ladies in the audience who are watching this and you have been feeling really rocky, as Doc Rick says, "Ascension is not for sissies." There are a few times I've been sissies.

I'll give you some "ifs." If you're crying and you don't know why you're crying, whether it's good or bad or whatever, you're ascending. My teachers tell me, "Genii," when I tried to explain this, "it's like you're in an elevator going to the top floor and you have no time to get off and shop." Boy, that's the truth.

So if you have a day that's not, you girls, are not feeling so hot and you just feel strange ... you don't know if you're in this world or another world ... you're not going crazy. You're in the elevator going up, as my teachers would say. And that's what I've been doing since the last time I talked to you.

Am I still sitting on chairs? Oh yes. But I also know and have been with the City of Light. And if this is what we're doing all this ascension for, it's worth every miserable moment if you had those because the misery is going to move and you're going to feel really good.

Now I'm not a doctor. I can only tell you what I'm going through. But this whole thing, we're not sissies at all. Us women, we're Jedi's. To be a Jedi, which I'm now called, means love. Jedi just means love. And if you've got someone to love, you're doing good. If you've got animals like my little light puppy, that's pure love. Pure love.

Girls, it's like putting on a new dress. We're trying to get it to fit. So don't give up. Stay with your dreams because say you've got a dream you've given up. "Oh, it's too much for me." Something good might not happen if you give up your dreams. Stay with them. Rub the magic lamp. Get your wishes granted. It's not as hard as you think.

I offer a class called 'How to Grant Your Own Wish.' We grant our own wishes. So, that session I do periodically to get us all going. I can't say I know for sure what the guys are doing since I'm not one. But don't give up. I think that's my message. No matter what is happening, which is I think I've done it all the last few months. But I had, oh, it's so good. You'll be so glad you stayed with this whole program and I look forward to meeting you one day. And we maybe have our feet off the ground but that's okay. You're all loved, you're all beautiful and handsome. And it's my delight and pleasure to have been able to talk about the City.

If you don't know what's happening get in my 'Four Keys to Light' and I'll tell you. And if that doesn't do it, we must be from another planet. And who knows, maybe we get to go to another planet. And maybe they'll have a city over there. Well, I don't know about on another planet but I do know that there's going to be 13 total around this planet.

We get here in Sedona, we get the first one. And when that's all tested out Australia comes in next and gets the second one.  Mike Quinsey gets the third one in the United Kingdom. And if you haven't talked to Mike lately he is a doll. He's just the best. And so is Stephen Cook over in Australia.

And different countries around the planet will have exactly what this first one carries. And you're going to get healed ready or not. And that's about the best thing any of us can hear. No matter what is the matter with you, what is not working right, you'll be able to get it fixed in the City of Light and Love.

A lot of people all over the world, especially ME, are asking “What's happening with the City now on the property?  When is this City going to appear?  Well,  first it's now on ground. It's not floating up in the sky. And in my visions of the City, I felt the outside of the buildings in three dimension was coated with crystals, shards. Little crystal shards. That's what makes it a crystal city because it sparkles and we who are tuned in know how good that is. And it looks like a crystal city. And it is because it's healing.

So, this is a great time in our life. Don't give up your dreams. Don't give up your wishes. And you can grant your own wishes, you know. I'm getting one granted now because I can talk to you. And I look forward to meeting you some place, somewhere. Just rub the magic lamp. And don't be surprised if a Genii appears granting your wish because that's what she does best in showing you how to do your own. So hang in there with it.

Just know you are loved. You are so loved. And the energy coming from God is here to show us just exactly what it is to have a great life because you're going to do it real good. And that is my wish for you. Those that who need healing in any area ... mental, emotional, physical ... will be healed. And I'm going to show you just how it's done. So join me again and we'll set a course and we'll be off and running to whatever's next.

And if you're over 88, hey, you're going back to eight. It's okay. There's no age in this. There is no age. At least I don't feel any age. Who cares? And I look forward to our next meeting be it on TV, be it in person. And no matter where you live on this planet, there'll be a City of Light just waiting for you to enter and become part of a brand new planet. I love you all. Before I cry again ... I cry all the time for happy things because there isn't anything unhappy around here. And you're beautiful, each one of you and I take you to heart. My heart is attached to yours. And let's talk again soon.  If you have questions, send them to me. We'll see what we can do with them.   Bye. Ciao, baby.

SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing!


Transcript of YouTube video with Dr. Rick Cohen 11-16-2016

I've been asked to share again some of my experiences since were still on our Ascension path, our journeys. I was up in Sedona for a visit last November and I was in Genii's kitchen. I had one of those meltdowns and it's been a long time since I had one. All of a sudden this sense of sadness overcame me and I started to emotionally release and cry. This was the worst, most intense experience I've had in a very long time. Charles and Genii both, they were so calm and so loving. They made me a cup of tea. They just let me sit there and talk and get through it. Sure enough, all things will pass and that this feeling did pass. I'll tell you what. When you're going through it, it feels like you're dying. It just feels so traumatic.

I'm sharing this with you because if you're experiencing some of these things, it'll pass too. You know what? The truth is, part of us does die when we go through that but it's not the good part of us. It's not the God part of us. It's the human ego nonsense that had to be released. For me, it was some emotional scabs that I still had in my heart that I needed to be released and it was released. Afterwards it was tremendous. Those of you, the emotional rollercoaster ride that we're on because this wave of energy hit me so fast, I didn't have time to put my seat belt on so I'm on this rollercoaster and I'm rocking back and forth holding on with all my might. I have to tell you. When this experience was over, I was physically drained of energy. I couldn't even do a video.

My word to everybody today is don't give up. You are not alone and if you're going through some of these up and down emotional changes, that's part of what's going on with us right now. If you have someone around you that can support you, it makes it easier. Just think about this for a minute. They're restraining our DNA. They're widening our spinal column. They're working on our nervous system. No pain in any of those, huh? Absolutely. Again, drink a lot of water. Drink a ton of water. It'll help detox the body as you're going through these things.

I want to share a short visualization with you because when you go through these emotional things, you feel totally loveless. You feel totally empty. It's just a terrible feeling but it doesn't last long. If you don't have someone in your life right now or someone with you that can help that you through this or hug you through this, this is a short visualization that you can try and see if it doesn't help you.

What you can do is you can close your eyes and you can take a few short breaths and just fill your heart up with light. Then you can visualization the ascending master of your choice, whoever you feel strongly connected to. Just close your eyes and visualize them standing right in front of you. Just visualize a beam of pink light coming from the heart of that ascended master going right into your heart. As you feel that amazing pink loving light coming from this master teacher to your heart, feel your heart expanding like a balloon filling with air and just feel it going wider and getting bigger and bigger. Just keep inhaling. Keep inhaling this magnificent, magnificent, loving energy. All you have to do is smile when you're doing this and just accept this energy.

As your heart becomes full to overflowing, just visualize that pink loving light going up through the throat, up to the top of your head, bathing every brain cell in your head. Then also watch that pink light going down through your heart, down through your stomach, through your legs, so basically your whole body is bathed in this magnificent pink loving light from your ascended master teacher. Just bathe in that light and enjoy it. Just keep absorbing that energy. If you know somebody in your life that's going through a hard time, this is a great way to share this blessing with them. All you do is, as that light is coming into your heart, you can deflect it to whoever you know that may need some help. They will absolutely receive this heart love blessing from you. They don't even have to consciously know it but they will actually receive it.

That's a trick you can try if you need some help. Just know that we are close. We are so close. I haven't been up in here since June. That's about five months ago. Well, Genii, Diane, and myself, we went to the property a couple days ago. I am here to tell you the intensity, the energy, and the property is at least 10 times stronger than it was when I was here in June. You can feel it. I mean I felt like my head was going to implode that energy was so intense. We're close. The finish line is in sight. Do not give up and know that you're not alone. We're all going through this.

 If you have access to any type of healing modalities, acupuncture, energy healing, chiropractor, massage therapy, any type of therapy right now, whatever you need to get through this, just do it. You know what the secret to all of this is? Be kind to yourself because when you're going through these emotional things, we have a tendency to want to beat ourselves up. Don't do it. We are all magnificent beings and God's in this body. That's who we are. If the ego is having a little tantrum, that's okay. Let it out. You don't have to hold on to it.  I just wanted to share that message with you today and know that we are so close. I hope this encourages you and gives you something positive to think about. I want to end on a very serious note. This is from my heart to all of you. I send you all pure love and light that we all get to the finish line as rapidly as possible, as peacefully as possible, that we all may go forward and bring these Cities of Light through and complete our mission on planet Earth to raise and help everybody.

I recently read a current channeling of Jesus, and he said if you are feeling exhausted and empty, then that is PERFECT! That is because it means we are all now ready to be filled up with all The New Energies and Information needed to move forward To our ASCENSION ( I have paraphrased this) Reading that certainly made me feel better, even though I am Still exhausted and feeling empty some days.

The other thing I have realized going through this interesting Evolutionary Experience is, when we RELEASE all Human ILLUSION you know what happens?  We then become DIS-ILLUSIONED !!!!!! And how many of us have been feeling that way lately. To all who may read this, please do not lose your Sense of Humor during this process, I certainly won't as some-times that Is the only thing that gets me through. I am certain the Finish Line is close, so strap on your shoes and stay in the race, (and don't forget to drink a lot of water as this will help your body with the releasing process).

Sending Love, Light and a Good Sense of Humor.
Dr. Rick Cohen


Message from Dr. Rick Cohen December 14, 2017

Hello, Dr. Rick Cohen here. I am back up in Sedona today for a visit, and wanted to share what I have been feeling as my own ascension  process continues. As someone who recently did a Firewalk, I can tell you we are all walking through the fire purification of our own ascension. Firewalking for me, is always about faith, just as the ascension process is. We must continue to strengthen our faith no matter what 3rd dimensional obstacles and challenges are thrown in our way.

I have shared with The Light Center subscribers before that "Ascension is not for sissies?"  Well guess what! It's Not! Time continues to speed by in an unprecedented manner, and many of us including myself, feel at times overwhelmed and totally exhausted. It is times like these that we have to focus, look within, and ask for guidance, help, inner peace and energy to keep moving forward. 

Being of service to others less fortunate, is a very powerful way for me to re-energize and once again feel blessed for knowing and feeling these "Ascension Energies." Sometimes we forget how blessed we are as lightworkers to be in a position to anchor these new powerful energies, not to mention the future "Cities of Light." 

We are here because we volunteered our services and our souls to help bring in the higher vibrations and healing. Be kind to yourselves. Be kind to others and know that you have the full support of the Company of Heaven, and our Universal Supreme Father/Mother God. It doesn't get any better than that.

Peace, Love and Happy Holidays,
Dr. Rick


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Michael Quinsey's Higher Self Messages

October 28, 2016 reference to City of Light Sedona

"Somewhere within each soul is the appreciation of beauty, but many have allowed themselves to drop down in vibrations and focused on that which is undesirable. You will see the higher expressions when the first City of Light manifests very soon in Sedona, USA. It is there out of sight except to those who are of the higher vibrations and simply awaits the right time to fully manifest on Earth. It is a golden City of Healing Centres and will be open to those who need help and healing. Some of you will already be aware of their existence and have read Genii Townsend's books about them. The Cities are just one of the wonderful sights that you will see once the New Age can fully come into being."  To read Michael's complete message that references Cities of Light and also subscribe to receive them through The Tree of the Golden Light Click Here

Examples of Michael's Messages on Ascension

December 1, 2017

July 28, 2017

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September 1, 2017

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I am very proud and excited to announce the recent publishing of my book on Amazon, "The Fire Walking Foot Doctor, One Man's Spiritual Journey".  It is an autobiography of the last 30 years of my life and covers how I got on my own spiritual journey, and all the unique experiences and lessons I had along the way. My hope is that it may help and inspire others who are on their own Spiritual Journey or who may be ready to start one. We here, are all so BLESSED to know about the coming Cities of Light, and in my book I share this knowledge in hopes it will help enlighten many. 

I want to take a moment to once again ENCOURAGE everyone to keep moving forward on your own Ascension Process. It has been a long and winding road for all of us, and I believe the finish line is now in sight. Continue to help and support each other, and make sure to take good care of your physical forms. Drink a lot of fluids in order to help the body, as it is going through all these Ascension Challenges. Many of us have known about the future Cities of Light for many years now, and the delay in finally seeing these can be frustrating at times. I am speaking from experience on this one!!  We have to remain positive and not lose sight of the fact that we Light Links, will be called upon to help ease the fear and confusion  of the masses, when these GOD BLESSINGS finally do come through. You are all needed and necessary, and most of all LOVED. So don't forget, you signed up for this mission before you came into this embodiment, and no matter what Please DO NOT GIVE UP !!! 
Sending much Love and Light and Encouragement in your direction, Dr. Rick


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