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Equity and Revenue Participation Agreement Opportunities

Universal StewardHeirShip, Inc., a publishing, training and Internet marketing company based in Sedona and San Diego (Click Here for an overview is seeking funding to complete 4 projects:

(1) print 14 titles in the Ultimate Destiny Success System Library

(2) produce audio/video components for each title that will increase the retail value 

(3) conduct and video-tape workshops with Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients to produce additional audio/video content primarily for training-of-trainers

(4) film and edit pilot TV program for PBS and support of a Pepsi Refresh Everything grant featuring Empowerment Marionettes™ of world-class trainers such as Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Deepak Chopra, etc. to help children learn Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century

After years of preparation,  Ultimate Destiny Network and Ultimate Destiny University, its affiliated non-profit organization are about to launch the 14-part, 1,200+ page Ultimate Destiny Success System Library as part of the "strategic marketing matrix" developed to help ensure the Company’s ultimate success.

While Accredited Investors are invited to review the Investment Marketing Memorandum for Universal StewardHeirShip, Inc., the Company also offers Revenue Participation Agreement opportunities. Most of the Use of Proceeds for the next $100,000 to $500,000 include printing, publishing and or production of inventory of intellectual property that would have a retail value far greater than the cost to produce them.

With $100,000, the Company will produce about $1,000,000 of inventory (at retail value), including: printing and distributing 200 review and marketing copies of its 225 page book, Solving Your Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle; printing 200 and distributing review and marketing copies of each of 13 smaller publications; produce and distribute 200 CDs of each of 15 initial programs; produce 1,000 sample sets of the $497 Home Study Program; and print 100 review copies of the workbooks for each of 14 stand alone workshops. The Company will also deliver the first 50 Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Awards to the authors and trainers who will be interviewed to include their content in future publications from the Company.

Participants in the Revenue Participation Agreement (RPA) would receive an agreed upon percentage of every dollar earned from the sale of that inventory until they have received 100% of their investment back. Then they would continue to receive a lesser % of every dollar in sales until they have received whatever level of return on investment we agree to in the RPA.

With $500,000, Universal StewardHeirShip will complete the following tasks:

Complete refinements and upgrades to 101+ strategically connected web sites.

Launch the wordpress blog membership sites for each of the 14 areas.

Begin the ongoing process of submitting the articles that have already been written to drive traffic to the Company’s web sites. (One example of using articles and leveraging the live events is the web site at http://normanvincentpeale.wordpress.com.)

Continue to build Opt In email address lists and publish ezines on Constant Contact.

Begin translating the initial series of 14 products into other languages, initially Spanish and Japanese.

Produce webinars & teleseminars that have already been developed on 14 main topics.

Present the first 50 Hall of Fame Awards, get letters of intent for the literary agency to share with potential publishers and begin producing multi-media interviews with the award recipients.

Expand the Hall of Fame Award program for non-profit organizations (NPOs)

Produce 14 data and audio CDs of the Ultimate Destiny Success System.

Send CDs of the complete Ultimate Destiny Success System (UDSS) to major NPO's inviting them to participate in the Company’s Ultimate Fundraising Program.

Send CDs of the UDSS to prospective joint venture marketing partners.

Produce the introductory DVD that completes the $497 Home Study Program.

Produce initial marketing workshops introducing the opportunities for coaches, speakers, trainers and New Thought Centers to facilitate the delivery of the14 initial workshops in mutually beneficial ways.

Produce initial "training-of-training" workshops in Sedona and San Diego.

Obtain trademarks, copyrights and a possible business design process patent for the Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle software.

Refine and begin marketing the $10,000 Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems (ETMS).

Begin marketing the $25,000 to $250,000 Empowerment Resource Centers (ERCs).

Begin developing and submitting grant applications for the ETMS and ERC's.

Develop and launch licensing (and possibly franchise) operations beginning with the inquiries already received from individuals and companies in eight countries..
The Company is open to loans, tax-deductible donations (through an affiliated non-profit organization), equity investments, revenue participation agreements or any reasonable combination of approaches, ideally with individuals and organizations that are in alignment with the description of The Ideal Strategic Alliance Partner below. The Company would be able to offer collateral including inventory, intellectual properties and shares in Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc.

Ideal Strategic Alliance Partners for Ultimate Destiny Network Would:

Share the cofounders’ commitment to building the company on the 4Ps Model of Purpose, People, Planet and Profitability.

Share the cofounders’ dedication to the 4Ss of Spirit, Service, Stewardship and Sustainability. (Please Click Here to review the Company’s response to the question “How do you design a business with a spiritual foundation?”  on Spirit in Business)

Share the vision, mission and commitment to “Expanding the Circle of Success”.

Have a global infrastructure that Ultimate Destiny products can be distributed through

Have the audio video production and order fulfillment capacities needed.

Be familiar (and ideally experienced) with social enterprise and joint ventures between companies and nonprofit organizations.

Have the web design, development and Internet marketing capabilities needed to help ensure the ultimate success of Ultimate Destiny.

Own, operate or have access to training facilities where Ultimate Destiny can deliver and videotape its workshops and seminars and training-of-trainers for facilitators.   

Have an interest in cooperative stewardship of physical facilities such as training class rooms, retreat centers and or intentional communities.

Have access to expansion capital as needed.

Have access to government and private foundation funding for grants and contracts.

For More Information: Please contact Charles Betterton by phone at 760-212-9931 or by email to ceo@universalstewardheirship.com.  Accredited Investors are invited to review the Investment Marketing Memorandum for Ultimate Destiny Network. Thank You!

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