There is a Creative Power for Good in the Universe and You Can Use It!






Dr. Ernest Holmes

Change Your Thinking,
Change Your Life

“It has taken humanity thousands of
years to learn that it has the power
to control its own destiny.”
Ernest Holmes

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Examples of Spiritual Mind Treatments


As I recognize the Divine Power and presence in the Universe as One. The Oneness of the Universe expresses through and as every fiber of every being as Love, Light, Joy, Peace and Oneness.  All beings are God knowing God in this moment and every moment.  As I know the Oneness of the Universe expressing through and as every being, I know this Oneness through and as me and through and as each of us.  The abundance of the universe is expressing itself here and now through all of us as infinite prosperity in all things. All is Spirit expressing here and now through and as each of us as Peace, love and joy.  All is Spirit now. I know as we experience peace in every area of our lives, that peace is expressing through and as every being and Mother Earth now.  All is God and all is Peace for and as each of us.  I know it is so. In gratitude and thanksgiving, I lovingly release these words to the law knowing it is so and done Now. And so it is.

Awakening To Possibilities

Today as we awake to the possibilities which open before us, we realize that Spirit has been on the move all the time we slept. The Creative Intelligence has been making all things new as the night unfolded. Our bodies recreated in its image and likeness, our hearts beating to its rhythm, our minds renewed with its knowing. Not for one milisecond has Spirit stopped being the Source and activity that is all Life.

And so we claim our divine inheritance this day. We say YES to the renewing power that is moving in, as and by means of us right now. We say YES to greater love and deeper peace and higher knowing and fiercer spirituality and full vitality. We allow ourselves to be what Spirit has in mind and to express that boundless possibility every minute that we are on the move today.

We take it to the streets in gratitude, with open minds, loving hearts, fat wallets, beautiful bodies and joyful expression.  In great gratitude we accept our ultimate destiny now. Life is GOOD, and so it reveals itself today.

Awareness of the Allness of God

As I greet this day, I allow my awareness of the Allness of God to awaken every cell of my body.  Each one tingles in response to my knowing that God … the One Mind, The Life … is equally present everywhere.  I am one with and inseparable from all the Love, all the Divine Energy, all the Power, all the Joy, all the Compassion, all the Abundance, all the Wisdom, all the Intelligence … all the myriad other attributes of God.  I immerse myself in the awareness that I am alive AS Spirit.  I know it.  I feel it.  I know that it is true of me and true of each and everyone of my beloved colleagues.  I now speak my word from that place of absolute union … I speak on behalf of all of usss. WisdomWealthWellness and our Ultimate Destiny.

I now open to recognizing God’s Highest Divine Idea unfolding as my day today.  I know that every thought, every word, every action aligns me more completely with that Ideal.  My thoughts are clear, energized, energizing and orderly.  My words impart my thoughts clearly, honestly, effectively and compassionately.  My actions are simple, efficient and effective.  I relax in the knowing that all that is to be done by me today is assured of completion. My accomplishments are achieved with ease and grace. I am joy-filled!

I am so indescribably grateful for this knowing that I live and move effortlessly again remembering I am alive as Spirit.

I release these words knowing that they have come to me from that One Source to which I now release them. 
 I know the Truth that I have spoken is already the Truth of my being that of each and everyone of my beloved colleagues.  And so it is!

This Grand Day

There is, in this infinite and wondrous moment in time, a Divine Idea of Light that enfolds me completely.  I breathe into that lightness ... into that life-ness ... into that joy unfolding, and stand fulfilled, right where I am.  I am one with all that is, as I look around and see only the good and very good.  I look within and behold the beloved that I am, in all glory and purpose.  I contemplate my day in this serene and expectant attitude.  In the know that every aspect of the grand and glorious life are seeking to support and fulfill into manifestation every aspect of clear intention of my life now.  It is with complete confidence that I move throughout my day, experiencing great joy, fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction. Every interaction and relationship adds to the deeper understanding
of life and how I can be more available in my support of myself and others in every way.  My interchanges are clear, direct and loving.  My day is filled with shared laughter.  I climb to new heights as I follow my heart's desires.  I am eternally grateful for the experiences I have and the people I meet.  I delight in the celebrations I am part of, and help create.  I release these words into Law, accepting the abundant possibilities of this day to be a day of wonder, joy and fulfillment in all ways.  And so it is

Treatments provided by Rev. Dr. Les Turner