There is a Creative Power for Good in the Universe and You Can Use It!






Dr. Ernest Holmes

Change Your Thinking,
Change Your Life

“It has taken humanity thousands of
years to learn that it has the power
to control its own destiny.”
Ernest Holmes

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The Five Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment


In this step we turn our attention entirely away from the "problem" by turning within to the recognition of the inner presence of the infinite God. Re-cognition is "to know again": an awareness of an inner reality and
Truth that we’ve always known, but perhaps have not been conscious of. "God is…"



The recognition of an infinite God is the basis of our awareness of "oneness" with God. This infinite
universal God must be individualized within me, as me. "If you have seen me, you have seen God, for I
and the Father are one".  "I am…"


From the consciousness established in these first two steps arises the realization of Truth, the embodiment
of the presence of God, an inner truth and a spiritual reality. This realization is the perception or conception
of the individual as a spiritual being through whom the works of God are made manifest.
"I know…" "I see…" "I feel…"



Thanksgiving occurs in the moment that we realize that we have received a great blessing. It is the acceptance of our Realization as the mental equivalent of a sure and certain demonstration and manifestation. In this step we acknowledge the infinite God as the inner source of all good.
"I gratefully accept and give thanks for…"


In this step we release ourselves from any sense of responsibility for the results of this creative process
even as we release the seed unto the soil. At this point, our work in the creative process is complete.
We have conceived of our good, and now release this concept as a seed of thought. We achieve this sense
of completion by knowing that our work is done, and God’s work has begun. It is necessary that we shift
our attention at this point, getting on with our Life and living. This is the point at which we "move our feet".
"So it is, and so I let it be".