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Helping Demonstrate Spiritual Principles and Practices in Business

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An Invitation to Help Address Social, Economic and Environmental Challenges
and Opportunities by Combining Benefit Corporations, Crowd Funding and
New Thought Spirit in Business Principles.

I love New Thought Teachings and begin every day reading the Daily Word from Unity and Science of Mind and Creative Thought magazines from the Centers for Spiritual Living. To me the article on The Realization of Perfection from the May 2014 issue is a wonderful elaboration of What We Believe by Ernest Holmes.  The beautifully illustrated article is also a perfect example of the dazzling enhancements being made to their publications and web sites.

Click Here or on the image above for a PDF of this article from the May
2014 issue of
Science of Mind® Magazine from Centers for Spiritual Living

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Our ultimate vision is to demonstrate the advantages of incorporating spiritual principles and practices in business. As a result of the resources and services we will provide, we will help generate expanded individual and collective capacity to help solve social, economic and environmental challenges. By combining New Thought with the Benefit Corporation model and Crowd Funding provisions of the JOBS Act, we will foster spiritually based businesses, foster greater awareness of and financial support for New Thought Centers and help manifest “Heaven on Earth.”

The New Thought Spirit in Business Benefit Corporations will publish, produce, market and distribute resources that help individuals, organizations and communities benefit from applying spiritual principles especially in business. We will provide training, templates for business and marketing plans, and access to equity investment capital. 

New Thought Organizations Being Invited to Participate:

Courtesy Association for Global New Thought

Click Here for an article on Conscious Evolution- Creating a Word That Works
by Dr. Kenn Gordon from the January 2014 issue of
Science of Mind Magazine

How would you like to help envision, design and cocreate a New Thought University,
retreat center or intentional community near Sedona, Arizona?

Invitation to Help Us Manifest StewardHeirShip™ of
a 134 acre property south of Sedona, AZ as a Center for Conscious Sustainable Living, a retreat center, community land trust and or intentional community.

We also have a Pinterest Board at

Initial Cosponsoring Organizations of New Thought Spirit in Business

Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment
Ultimate Destiny
University for
Successful Living
Stewardheirship, Inc
Community Economic
Resource Center


B Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Learn about B Corps at Learn about Benefit Corporations at

Click Here for a letter sent to the cofounders of B Lab seeking possible collaboration and permission to reprint some of their content on our web sites, webinars and publications.

For more information, please contact any of the cofounders:

 Rev. Dr. Les Turner and
Rev. Dr. Audrey Turner
Charles Betterton, MSCED

New Thought Spirit in Business
PO Box 20072
Sedona, AZ 86341
Phone 928-387-5683