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Still Photo from the 18 Minute Video of Light Moving from the Image of
Jesus the Christ to the Ultimate Destiny Success System Library January 2010

Here is a photo of part of my "Visioning Wall" that I also refer to as my "Altar-Wall"

Here is the video of Light moving from the image of
Jesus the Christ to the Ultimate Destiny Success System Library


 Click on the play button to open the 15 minute video. Please note that the sound doesn't begin for a few seconds and know that I had been very sick for about 3 weeks when this event occurred. Because I had not talked in several days, my voice breaks up several times, especially near the end of the recording.  It is and was a very meaningful experience for me personally.

Here are the words from the affirmation statement in the picture:

I am so happy and grateful that by the Grace of God and the Creative Power of the Christ, my partners and I are prosperous and successful in the Service of the Lord as authors, publishers, producers and distributors of best-selling books and programs that help millions of people A.R.K. –Awaken to our true spiritual identity as Divinity; Realize more of their potential to express Godhood: and know how to fulfill their ultimate destiny. In the name of Jesus the Christ, I decide, decree, declare and give thanks this or something even more ultimate is now so. And so it is!

Here are links to some of the resources I mention in the recording.

Community Unity event with Norman Vincent Peale and Les Brown



Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord

The Ultimate Destiny Success System Library

(Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment)

TULIPS, the Ultimate Life Inpowerment Planning System

Click Here for how I described myself as a "Community Development Specialist for Heaven on Earth" during remarks I made at the graduation celebration for the Community Economic Development Master's program at Southern New Hampshire University in 1992.

Click Here for how I answered the following question on the web site for the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Work Place: How to design a spiritual business?  If you were designing a business from the outset, so that it would embody spirituality within it (NOT religion, but spirituality), what would you do differently from simply launching a new business in the 'normal' fashion? 

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