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Answers to Question About Benefits of The 4 Keys to Light

Someone who is interested in attending The 4 Keys to Light Class asked the question
and we invited those who have attended the classes to share their answers.

I was linked 4-4-1984 doing my tones daily, and yes, tools are GREAT but like ANY muscle need to be used daily! I have my ups and downs. The question for me is, where would I be at this point, if I didn't have these tools? I am so blessed, we all are! Thank you for stating what needs to be said MANY times! I have found, several people get linked, not realizing how sacred the process is. It is like a vow we take with God. AND if the tools are not used the corridor is closed, forever. This is serious to me. I'm not judging anyone, I think sometimes people are just not ready, even when they think they are. Their quest trying to find their way, they will try allot of different teachings. I KNOW, I've tried at least 50 of them. Linking, is what helped me learn that God/the Universal life energies, come from WITHIN each of us, nothing outside of ourselves. "To thy own self be true"! -- Starr~Light 


My feeling is that the 4 Keys are not a magic potion that suddenly makes a Light Link all things that she/he wants to be; nor does one suddenly become fluent in communicating with their guides or proficient in stilling the mind.  The 4 Keys are more like a powerful tool that will get you there eventually as you do the work.  I believe the 4 Keys, once received, connect our energy directly with The City of Light.  Genii introduces us to some of our very special guides connected with The City who we first have to spend time with to get to know.  We have to go within and talk to them and open ourselves to hearing what they have to say.  That is probably not an instantaneous process for most of us.  However much time it takes is on an individual basis as one does the inner work.  The inner work must be done. 

The tones that Genii teaches us are tools that create and attune us to a powerful energy that works with The City, and everything we wish to create in our lives.  It is by working with these tools that our gifts become stronger, that The City becomes more manifest in our dimension, that our work becomes successful.  The 4 Keys join us as Light Links.  As Light Links we are one with The City, with each other and with the mission to spread Universal Light, Love and Healing on this planet.  It is not a piece of cake.  We work at it, we tone the AHHHs and other tones that create the energy and we meditate.  These things we do together and individually.  We do it again and again and again and will continue to do them until The City shows itself physically to all beings and opens its gates for all to enter. -- Love, Katrina


I would like to add that when I first experienced being linked and because I was invited to sit in on several more sessions, the more I toned the more connected to the City and my guides I became, and yes, I feel that the 4 Keys classes as well as a daily toning session has helped me become more and more linked, or tuned in, tapped in and turned on brighter!   I have experienced going within for answers for over 30 years starting with TM (transcendental meditation) with a mantra, in the mid 80's, so it was easy to resonate with toning, yet I haven't gotten to the point where Genii is, with distinguishing each and every guide or nonphysical friend, and I believe it's simply because I'm not asking to be.  I do truly believe that the linkage has been a wonderful experience all in all and I feel so blessed to be a brighter LIGHT on this earth! Blessings of Joy! -- Nina 


Will The $ Keys to Light activate or clear all of your chakras? I have no idea. To me, it FEELS like it creates a clear channel between the crown chakra and the 8th chakra. Once that happens, I would imagine it becomes easier for all chakras to "align with", but not necessarily "link to" the 8th chakra. I have always had a running dialogue with God. Before the 4 Keys, the communication was sometimes easy and clear, and other times it was sort of vague and fuzzy. But I always thought I was communicating with my Higher Self because that was what I intended to do. After the 4 Keys, I learned to differentiate that sometimes the communication was really from one of my guides, and not my HS per se. I got better at recognizing the personalities of each. At first, I needed Genii to identify the guide by name and function. Now, I have grown in my ability to identify the guide and get the name myself.

Does it bring stillness to the mind? When I meditate, I still my mind before I go into meditation. Stilling the mind brings us into our center. I always want to be calm and centered before I seek communication. If I am not in center, then I am off Center. If I try to meditate when I am off center, then I get vague and confusing answers to my questions. So, I would say, don't expect the 4 keys to bring you to center.

I do it in this sequence: First go into my heart chamber and quiet my emotions. Then I go into my mind, and quiet the brain chatter. Then I begin the AH tones and the sacred name to  fill me with light. Then I visualize that the channel is open between my crown chakra and the 8th chakra. Then I visualize myself ascending up that light-filled tube. Then I visualize myself sitting in the 8th chakra and feeling "Above it all" on Earth. I can think more in terms of my God-self there, or my Galactic Self. When I ask questions, I want a Galactic answer, and I can get it here. I always ask for Truth, Accuracy and Wisdom. Those are qualities of of God, whereas anything else can be from the Ego of the incarnate self.

I would recommend the 4 Keys class to anyone. It is focused. It is useful even if you have studied everything from A-Z already. It is unique. It takes everything up another notch or 10. -- Renee Trenda

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