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Articles and Visits to The City of Light

Click Here for OH MY GOD! City of Light Embassy Visit May 27, 2014

Click Here for Orientation Centers and Preparedness August 14 and 15, 2013
Click Here for Visiting A Miracle! City of Light Embassy Visit September 22, 2013

Click Here for Healing Modules in the Cities of Light January 13, 2013
Click Here for references to Disclosure in SOMETHING'S COMING!
Click Here for Information on Structured Water and the Cities of Light

Genii will soon be publishing all of her visits to The City of Light on our blog site and
we are preparing to launch a program featuring Genii on BlogTalk radio.

Thank you for joining us in this amazing journey!

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This offer includes Something's Coming! paper back with free shipping, the  PDF, and 12 months of Membership Benefits in The Light Center including discounts of 11% to 22% on programs and publications and advance review copies of pending publications from Genii Townsend such as Discover How to Grant Your Own Wishes from a Real Genii, and Conversations Between A Jedi Genii and Who-No on Fulfilling Your Ultimate Destiny.


Examples of the Charter Membership Benefits!

Membership Benefits include Discounts on Playshops and The 4 Keys to Light Classes. Free review copies of forthcoming publications, webinars and teleseminars with Genii

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