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City of Light Embassy Visit March 2, 2015


As I prepare in meditation to reenter the City of Light and the magnificent Embassy of Peace I wonder, like most everyone else, when this City of healing light will appear to us probably un-announced. The winter weather has been on a snowy rampage, while here in Sedona, Arizona we see spring popping out with 4 yellow daffodils popping up as drops of rain bring them to wonderful life.  Why?

My inner teachers say it is a cleansing process getting rid of negative and dark thinking that hampers the screen for all to perpetuate more of the same.  Getting ready for the Holy City to heal is what is needed to set this planet on a new course as the Holy City births. Something is coming! As a lady said to me after seeing my book, Something's Coming, at a book signing, “Did I really believe that stuff?” My response was, "No, I know it is so."


So this morning as I slip into a higher level of understanding beyond my daily life, I am greeted by my city guide, La-Luke, a gentle loving Light Being in an off-white robe. Wow! Now his white beard is long enough to step on -- such fun! I would follow that beard anywhere.


With this new look of a long beard flying over his shoulder, we set off through the Relaxation Park to one of the waiting trolleys (with no driver or wheels) heading for the now famous Embassy of Peace where hundreds of Universal Beings are usually seated. My translator (with the long beard) reports on what Ooo-lon and I are speaking of, as we speak in words and they speak in tone of elongated sounds.   Somehow it all works.


Stopping at the back entrance (which is closer) to the stage where our conversations take place, I step inside and get a quick hug from the master, Ooo-lon . "Welcome Lady of human light. How are you?"


G: "I am fine, Sir. What is time to you?”                                           


O: "It is non-existent until I meet up with you and we speak of such things, which is usually is about time."


G: “Wow! This 3rd dimensional time we are in is used daily for all kinds of reasons. Tell me please, when this City is seen in the physical, it will be seen and felt in the 3rd dimension, right?"


O: "Of course, it has to be to be of any use and to be able to heal the 3D thinking which brings on all illness. People have to be comfortable with it.  However, many people are comfortable in their sickness since it draws attention to them and one may need attention.  In that type of thinking, no cure would be of use, where others relish being out of pain and are grateful to be so.  As said it is mind over matter!


It will be quite good to see your doctors, etc. come here and see what can be done without instruments of any kind. As you can tell at this moment here, it is only NOW."


G: “Then it will be 'in time', as opposed to the mental vision and feeling I feel now."


O:  "Yes, it is about time, as you humans keep waiting for this City to manifest. You have heard this?" 


G: "Oh My God, many times! I cannot count them all and when and where follows that."


O: “And now you know where, just not when, is that correct?"


G: “Yes. Is this why all the weather changes in our 3D are so heavy?"


O: “Of course. Has it not been said Cleansing-ness is next to Godli-ness? Is it not the God of All bringing this healing city to your doorstep erasing darkness and negativity in your world? Has not this heavy weather been called a record breaker?  The major, and I say, massive changes this City will bring forth, is to shine this planet in the heavens and make it ever-green with God’s love of nature and the animals as well.


Coming up, are you not scheduled to be a major part of explaining what has taken place and how in heaven could this be? Has not the good Charles performed a major role putting the City of Light book titled Something's Coming out on the market place to prepare people for what will be seen? Even in the astonishment of what has been deposited on the land of the power vortexes and energy fields with universal technology, this is quite so.


Does not the City Light Modules, even now through the informed Light Links, so named from your 4 Keys Sacred magic sessions, in everyday living do a massive change over? Have you not recently been entered into a medical hospital for checking you out? Why?


You needed to see an experience of what will be removed from your world and replaced with light from the light technology of the universe. The Light Modules here will take care of all that.  Dear One, impress on the people that this is the healing of the future for your entire planet."


G: "Thanks a lot. I will take the Light Modules any day to what is being used here today."


O: "We recognize that you have been uncomfortable, but it was also to clear your mind  that the old ways of thinking brought it on, as the new ways of thinking came into being. The 4 Keys Light Links can now be taught to use the Light Module technology outside this City, as this is the future way of healing, by light only, called in your time, the future.


Dear One, it is about time and perfection. The Dr. Bill’s book, The Body Bible, will explain the causes of physical illness as coming through the mental subconscious. It is all an inside job!"


G: "And what is my guidance from this point forward?"


O: "Continue your service to others with your 4 Keys to Light sacred magic and know that when something is mental and released, it empties a space for light elevation. It is all about time. Once again, ‘out with the old and in with the new’.


Teach the Light Module’s technology to those who are Light Linked and ready to serve this sacred magic from our point of view. We welcome you back any time before or after this Holy City appears. Blessings!"


And with this we stood and hugged goodbye, while a humming kind of sound came forth from this vast audience like I have never heard before, and my eyes filled with tears of love in return.


La-Luke stepped forward as we exited waving to the audience of my universal friends, and I am transferred back home with a little white furry puppy named Light waiting for a cookie. Must be time for a hand-out.


THANKS GOD. Must be time to rest after this trip.


Genii Townsend (Trans-audio visionary)

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