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Thanks to my Spiritual Practitioner, (the late Ruth Kellogg who had been a secretary to Rev. Dr. William Townsend at the Center for Spiritual Living in Apple Valley, California), I have been blessed and privileged to meet Genii Townsend and help bring forth her books on The City of Light Sedona and SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing!

In late November of 2012, Genii and I took one of our periodic trips to Disneyland where Genii loves to watch the Jedi Training Academy and where she sits on a green bench on Main Street and chats with Walt Disney. One of my Lead Guides who Genii had introduced me to a few years ago when I attended The 4 Keys to Light class, suggested a question that I should ask Genii to inquire of her Guides.

We had been talking about increasing interest on the Planet in the Disclosure of E.T.s. There have been so many articles written about how the disclosure will be made by this country or that world leader. I wondered why the Universal Intelligences (or IT's as I refer to them) would need to wait for any human being to introduce their existence . . . It seemed to me that the best possible way for disclosure to occur would be for the IT's themselves to orchestrate such a "revelation".

During my morning meditation and prayer session, it occurred to me that perhaps the manifestation of the City of Light Sedona could possibly be the disclosure.  Genii did visit The Embassy of Peace Headquarters in The City of Light on December 1, 2012 to ask that question and the answer was and is "THE CITY OF LIGHT SEDONA IS THE DISCLOSURE AND THE REVELATION!"

We have included that visit and the answers she received to that question as one of the last pages in the newly published 444 page book, SOMETHING'S COMING!  Now that the manuscript is FINALLY complete, I am using the search function within the PDF version to compile excerpts related to various topics beginning with all the references to "disclosure".  

CLICK HERE for the PDF of References to Disclosures in SOMETHING'S COMING.

Charles Betterton

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