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Healing Modules in the Cities of Light

1.13.13 – Light Modules

Hi! Happy day,

As my latest City of Light book, Something's Coming is now being printed, I am guided to invite you to join me in preview of things to come in a Light Module visit which is a healing center unto itself. Advanced light technology is the healing way of our future and a great way to throw away the knives and needles, which here are reported as barbaric ways of cutting the human energy lines, as we are electric beings.

I will be your guide, so here we go … entering into one Light Pod (module)…

1. The person would pass through a ( E.P.S.) Electronical Portal Scanner. The same idea as we do at the airports, except think of it as a refreshing shower of light, or like a mirror in Alice in Wonderland, or a Star Trek portal DNA opening. It is really interesting and kind of fun.

To walk through this DNA Information Light Screen, there is no need to recall what you or your family illnesses were before, as this process would record not only the current problem, but also anything that had been coded previously. So there is a clear precise imprint of the person’s problem including (and this is important) the mental condition that designed the physical appearance needing healing in the first place.

This information gives these Master City Light Technicians what to be aware of, so correct lights may be applied for the correct healing. As said, this treatment will not cut the electrical system in the body. This process is easy to assimilate as there is no cutting and no bleeding so no outward physical healing required. The lights to be applied helps heal the body temple as well as the mental, emotional, and spiritual causation of the issue. The person’s lifetime up to this moment is known .

O.K … Now that all the records have been recorded pleasantly, what’s next?

2. Picture being in a room that is totally filled with love. Walking into a room where the only thoughts present are the ones brought in and are love-treated. This room takes the emotional un-balance and balances it out in several ways…

The Pod compartment of the module is specifically designed for each person’s healing visit. The patient is entering a holodeck like it is seen in Star Trek. The sounds and feeling shift for each one to make them totally comfortable and, no drugs of any kind are needed to put the person at ease.

Within these advanced scientific techniques, there are soft musical tones of the patient’s choosing, along with perfect room temperature and delicate fragrances of their choosing, plus frequencies that relax the person’s nerve system with no fear of what is to take place, or that it will not work. Thus there is a total healing assured. Wow … sounds good to me.

3. Upon completion of the DNA Scanner, the person is lead by a Light Attendant to a Floatation bed where upon laying down, they are totally comfortable as the light technicians are well equipped to understand any concerns the person may have which quickly get eliminated I might add.

This bed actually floats, as frequencies in the room permit light to penetrate with the electromagnetic fields, thus supporting the person’s bed and lights to be used, as well as the light field itself. Upon being settled on the flotation bed, the room sensing puts them in a state of euphoria and a feeling of all is well … and it is.

4. Everything is tuned to the person’s vibrations like being in a cocoon of healing light, beautiful beyond words. Colors, and sound tones and even the music is beyond what the person has ever heard before. Our current music would seem abrasive There just is nothing like it. I call it angel tones of love.

Now that the information is known and the person is on the floatation bed, the lights are prepared to go to work. Having inner watched this process for many years I am quite familiar with seeing the lights given. We really do not have colors very bright in intensity here in our world that we see daily in walks or whatever. We are missing quite a bit of really good stuff. I
have been privileged to see in the unseen world in my opinion.

5. These heavenly technical lights carry the frequencies of healing as they are in-tuned to what has been presented. They could consist of colors from sets of flood lights, spot lights, pin point lights in various colors of blue, pink. yellow etc.( and some I have not seen before) or even a combination of all of it.

Some under the bed and some topside and from head to toe connecting with the electromagnetic fields under the table. I have seen for a respiratory appearance, the congestion actually being lifted out upward into an overhead set of lights. Amazing!

Each set of lights has a time period attached. The final set of lights usually comes in the beautiful Amber color that sets the others into place as the relaxing part comes with this color. It feels wonderful.

Living in Sedona, what is called the red rock country, I don’t believe the rocks are red but healing Amber, and that is why the City of Healing Light was chosen to be set here, partly for this reason.

So this all being said, may you be excited with what is coming about, a Healing City of Light and thus a healed planet of Light.

Thank you for your time and love and seeing the Light Magic in action should you need a City ‘Light Fix’. For what may seem like just-over-a-rainbow thoughts, it is really knocking at our door. Whoopeee!

In love and God’s Light and forever friendship,

         Genii Townsend


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