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City of Light Embassy Visit January 27, 2015


Genii: I have been told that this planet is to be known as Planet Peace. I think I shall go into the Embassy and ask about it as not much peace is seen this day, and also what updates there might be for the City of Light appearance.

VISION: As I walk up to the usual gate there awaits me quite a surprise, as a blinking welcome sign is flashing in the hands of the angel on top the gate. Wow! I immediately go into gratitude of thanks to be once again welcomed into this spectacular City of Love.

Inside the gate stands my City Guide, La-Luke, smiling, and I even get an electrical hug. What is going on, I wonder, as the driverless trolley appears to take us to our destination. Off we go down the main street heading to the Embassy. There are with many people on each side just like we are in a Disneyland parade. This must be how it will feel when the City really does open its gates to us. The feeling everywhere is just pure love as all negative thoughts are banished in the unheard sound of the city lights. The feeling everywhere is LOVE – not just ordinary everyday kind of love, but real LOVE with power attached.

I have never in all my visits seen so many excited people. It feels so good - - thanks God! I no sooner have that thought, than the funny trolley stops at the entrance door to the Embassy. We step out as La-Luke pulls aside the drapes and bids me enter. I see Ooo-lon standing center stage, smiling, and as he reaches for me, his energy field surrounds me in total love. There is no way to express this except . . . Ahhhhh. What an unusual loving beginning to my visit and I can hardly take this all down fast enough since I write these visits first in long hand. The audience of hundreds of Universal Beings are flashing all kinds of colored lights from themselves. I guess we are all just as electrical, and they really know how to show it. While making this girl feel very welcome, Ooo-lon takes me to the usual gold seat of honor.

G: “Hi. Wow, what is going on!”

O: “Oh, this is time for celebration!”

He made a sound that is picked up by the audience and repeated.

G: “Celebrating what, my curious mind wants to know.”

O: “It is a pleasure to tell you that the City is on its way to completion and the massive technology that it brings through the city lights is its healing power. It is no small task to check out all the electrical composites that make this city actually appear in your third dimension. You see lights all over? Well, this is part of that.

The city lights function on unheard sounds that carry a love pulsation to support the people of humanness that enter, so they experience what God’s love really feels like. In the fifth dimension we call it space language of light sound . . .


G: “Well, whatever, it feels so-o-o good and I gather this is a major part of us being healed.”

O: “Yes, as people enter, probably not feeling so well, their symptoms will diminish a bit, at least enough to have them feel they are on the right track. As they soothe the mental, where all problems begin, and because the subconscious can hold a lot of debris such as pain, mental hurts, etc., all that needs to be dumped. Dr. Bill explained that quite clearly in his book on mental health now being reproduced through your Light Center newsletter.

So if you could hear the light sounds you would be aware of the calming affect that is transferred through the electrical system of your mind-body connection. This calmness and peacefulness has many advantages and helps to make the chemical changes in the body-mind that you experience daily.”

G: “Then what you are saying is that the light calming effect is transferred here through the actual God connection, and that this process is in-process to bring the whole planet into a peaceful loving existence through this power of city love?”

O: “Indeed, your outside world is in more unseen change than you may know about. Right now, you know of an historical snow blizzard covering part of your country. What is snow but liquid light that is cleansing through weather changes taking place all over your planet. It is the city process of preparation of the birth. We bring forth a new planet of peace and what that means, as said many times, your current year of 2015 will be seen as quite an attraction, even to us in other galaxies. It is long past due - - too long.

As the City becomes the important attraction for human’s thoughts, this planet will begin to shine due to the healthy loving thoughts of peace instead of war, even personal wars within each person. As you say, it is a Divine Done Deal - - Now!”

G: “Then am I to learn of space technology?”

O: “Partly that and areas connected - - you will know. Actually you are a connecting piece between those you have linked in your 4 Keys to Light sessions and, thus, are connected to the City itself.”

G: “May I come back with more questions that I may be asked?”

O: “Of course, you have seen the welcome sign flashing. All is well and is in process for the City’s true appearance.”

G: “Good, I get so many questions like when will the City appear, oh my!”

O: “Permit them their questions. Actually you do not know it yet, but they are saying one of two things: 1. they may not believe any of this, and 2. they may be wanting to be relieved of pain of some sort. Either way, do not take it personally. We expected this all to take place last December, but the City did not appear. That will all be forgotten when it does, as living in the ‘now’ is what is important.

The City of Light will indeed appear. We have not done all this work not to have it do what you have said it will do, such nonsense! Patience people! Not only will the City appear and heal, but it will be named the Planet of Peace. So have patience, as I tell my people to have as well, for we too look to celebrate your Planet of Peace. Is this building not named the Embassy of Peace?

Go now and spread the news that all is well and be open to welcome in this City of Light and you, Dear Lady, can indeed be able to say, ‘I told you so!

With this, we stood, embraced, and as I readied to leave, the scene ended. “Oops! What, no funny trolley to ride back to the gate? Oh well, ALL IS WELL!”

Hugs from Genii

Genii Townsend (trans-audio visionary)

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