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References to Structured Water in the Cities of Light

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City Of Light and Structured Water Connection 9-30-2013

Genii question: "As the previous messages of the City of Light and the water to be used there are about to be published, what can be updated to share with the public?"

 A: "The past messages hold the truth as presented. All the water to be used within the City is what is referred to as 'Structured Water’ that you are well aware of in your world. In the City of Light this precious water is structured to serve in the many healing ways throughout the City proper. The technologists there are aware of what the human population needs both inside the City and outside the City grounds as well.

“As the City brings forth its appearance, the Light shafts will spread out and this same water now being used outside of the City will be further enhanced. Those who have structured water devices will find that these City Light frequencies will shift also to the outside from the City and will enhance what is already being used to assist the overall population.

“Just know that as the City appears it will make an inside City and outside City water connection as the whole of the planet is to be healed. The components in this water must be pure by God’s demand that this City is not only in truth but is perfection on every level. So healed you all be!"

G: "Thank you for this information. It is a big help to know what is taking place even one step at a time. And so it is!”

Making it Gods Business! Structured Water and the City of Light Questions. April 25, 2013

Genii: “I have been informed previously that structured water would be used in the City partly because of how food grown within the energetic field of structured water is more healthy and nutritious. There are many examples of amazing results of structured water in agriculture here on earth. Please share more with me about the connection between structured water and food production in the City and these questions:.

1.    I have been told that structured water is liquid love and liquid light and that it will be used in the City. Could you please tell me more about what is special about structured water and its City of Light connection?

2.      Is there any connection between the Cities of Light and Clayton Note's mission to heal the waters of this planet?”

A: “The Genii's interest in this product stems from her City visits where light attends to all and their physical, mental and emotional healings. This study of bringing thru structured water that has been incorporated into what you call natural waters stems from and is due to, the unnatural frequencies you must all endure as you live day by day with water. There needed to be some way to purify what you have as a normal water system in which many different frequencies float. The closest you can get is the 'Condensed Light known as snow', which quickly changes as it hits the earth. 

“It is thru this man of Clayton that like you, he gets an inner knowing message (as you are doing at this moment.) A message of clearing was given and he held fast to that idea and was guided to bring forth what you now admire as structured water ( liquid light) as it was structured into purification which you now enjoy as such.

“As for the City... it is and since all ingredients must be in perfection, this was incorporated into the City structure from space technologists and even now flows thru the Cities installed systems at even a higher point of rate as you have seen with the City light pools which heal skin conditions. All is of the same elements only a higher frequency. People leaving the City after receiving healing will continue to perpetuate that healing with this water of love and light. This is the chosen energy to support that. Report this to the Charles and invite more questions as needed. 

P... positive

U... universal

R... related

E... elements >   are contained in this water It helps the healings...liquid love and as you would  say, Oh My God! So pure it be! and is...”  

April 30, 2013  

Genii: “I have been told in previous messages that structured water is liquid light and liquid gold and that it will be used in the Cities of Light.  Do the wide-spread reports of healing due to bathing in and drinking structured water relate at all to Light Healing Technologies in The City? What more may be shared?”

“I have also been informed that the food grown in The City of Light will be grown with structured water which reportedly increases the nutritional value of food grown in it. I have seen images of produce with energy fields surrounding it like a vibrating aura. Please share anything else that might be useful about structured water and food.

“And finally, I understand that animals of all kinds including pets on this planet benefit from drinking structured water. Will there be pets and animals in The City and will some of them be raised for human consumption as here on earth? Why is it that structured water has such beneficial effects on livestock, poultry, etc.?” 

A: "SOMETHING'S JUST SEEM RIGHT! is a favorite affirmation of the Genii and this is happily to say is one of them. The wide spread reports that the Charles receives is pretty much what people are saying about the City of Light. They make a good combination of technology and progress, right on your doorstep.” 

“The structured water as has already been reported is pure in every sense of that word. It will maintain so as the City arrives in view and people can test and see for themselves while in the City what we are speaking of here. It is the chosen water in the City and must be in this holy healing place. Doctors and scientists will enter a building of healing wisdom and learn of the healing light practices of the City to take back to their communities and serve there, including this water of light now being spoken of. 

“Before hand as of now time, it has and is being tested on your home front planet as to its purity and thus this healthy City prophesy of healing, is now being used and healthy information is getting out to the public. It is like getting people starting to be healthy before the City appears, beginning the process as in step # 1. 

“As for the plants in the City the Genii has seen many unusual kinds as some are from beginnings elsewhere in the universe and being fed this water they bloom, in healthy soil as the ground has been saturated in it before the City rested on the earth. So you will all see many new plants plus your natural foliage as well and vegetables and fruits of wonder far beyond what is currently being used to help in the healing. thus people get a healing start as well as the planet.  This is the function of this water of light and love. 

“Animals have different frequency structures and can adapt easily with what is being said here. Of course animals are in the City as all are a part of this whole project. Rest in all this and make way for tomorrow as some things seem right...and is SO LIGHT IT BE!”  

The City of Light and Structured Water May 9, 2013

Genii: "What can be recorded regarding Cities of Light and any structured water connection?”

Harra: (Chief Chemist Technologist in the City of Light) "Take one massive first-time-on-your-planet City of Light, whose only purpose is the healing of the unhealed of your human population, which includes the planet as well, and add this special healing water which is based on true science and enhanced with love. Wellness is the only answer when delivered in pure love. To be humanly healthy takes much mental, physical and spiritual endeavor.”

“May I introduce myself? I am Harra, City of Light Chief Chemist and original creator of the technology used in the areas of liquid light (water) so called in your language. Such is recorded here.”

“With a connecting human by the name of Clayton Nolte, this water has been named as Structured Water in your world. That means it has been purified beyond what is currently used mostly on your planet. This human was given the technology spoken of here, and thus began the Earth taking notice that such a technology for the advancement of water consumption is possible. Be it for each person, plant or even the animals, water is of the first importance. Since some animals are created to be used as human food so the water is meant to purify all.” 

“It would not be of value to have the City water use anything else but the purest of this liquid light. The Primal Source, God, Spirit or Universe … call it what you will ... supports life especially since your human ascendancy is on the rise and now in full force.”

“The exquisite plants here in the City have from the beginning been fed the structured water that is now being used outside the City boundaries. The City plants as the Genii has seen, are amazingly beautiful and some types are considered quite tasty and beneficial to your body structures. All the cells and even the bone structures as seen are strengthened through this pure Liquid Light source.”

“The animals are easy to water, as here there is no other water to choose from.  It just is liquid love along with a balanced purified diet. Every drop is beneficial. It will be known that this special water is a liquid healer, and will successfully heal even the mental, which is the causal point of human illness.”

“As these Cities of purification come into view, getting settled in to serve as is intended, people will find the plants are of the highest quality, for nothing else would be useful in all the Cities of Light, coming fourth with intent of healing.

“The Genii has been into the heart of this Sedona City of light and knows this well, having experienced the connected elevation. On your planet, water is known to be the most important factor in bringing and sustaining new life. The Earth has used it to survive. Now is the time of ascension, so all the Cities of Light come forth to lift, heal and bring people out of ignorant dark thinking.

It is safe to say from our point of view, that the so called Structured Water is the chosen healing water in all of the Cities of Light ... chosen because this light liquid substance includes Love as a main ingredient.

“RETAIN THIS FOR YOUR RECORDS AS IT IS PROVEN TO BE CORRECT. I am Harra, Chief Consultant on Liquid Light water matters at your service. So love it be!"

Genii Townsend (trans-audio visionist)

June 25, 2013

G: "Share with me please how Structured Water and the City of Light connected? Many business sell purified water. What is the difference?"

A: "What has been reported as a connection seems to need to be repeated. This purified water, the Charles is promoting indeed is the only water used in the City of light. The formula if you will came thru the earth inventor as he was open to find only the best of the purest and a perfect answer.

“After many requests he was given the formula that originally came in from space laboratories, as it was long known that the earth could use it needing a system that was pure enough to sustain humans and well known as the City was in process and healing was the reason, so it was connected to serve mankind from this important elevated frequency of the City. Note: It is purified light in liquid form!” 

G: "Thank you. I am open for any addition information on this topic." 

A:" We bid you the light of the day in peace and in love. Transmission completed"

Structured Water is "liquid light" and "liquid love!" review January 24, 2013 by Genii Townsend, author of SOMETHING’S COMING! Cities of Light, Love and Healing!
"Clayton Nolte and his Natural Action structured water devices are a gift to humankind! His vision and mission is to "heal the waters of the planet". The book Introduction to Structured Water with Clayton Nolte published by Charles Betterton and Ultimate Destiny Network shares the history of how Mr. Nolte made the discoveries that led to his inventing several different devices for everyone anywhere to be able to enjoy the health benefits and environmental advantages of structured water.

"The book also provides details of how his devices naturally structure and balance water without any chemicals, moving parts, electricity or filters to replace and how structured water compares with all the other technologies such as reverse osmosis, distillation, electrodyalysis, deionization, ION exchangers, etc, In my inner visits to the City of Light Sedona, my Guides there have shared with me how essential structured water is to our bodies, plants, pets and environment. They have referred to structured water as "liquid light" and "liquid love", Imagine That!"

100% of any profits from the sale of structured water books and structured water units to Members and subscribers to The Light Center are donated to The Light Center. For more information on structured water (including a free PDF edition of the Introduction to Structured Water with Clayton Nolte) , please visit, call Charles Betterton at 928-554-4732 or send him an email at


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