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City of Light Message January 9, 2015


G: “What more can be reported regarding THE CITY OF LIGHT and the Extraterrestrials reported here.”

A: "Permit us to start with the City and its counterpart of unusual light beings in your Arizona location. You have been with the City plans for multitudes of time and all during that time, from the announcement that the City of Light was entering its place on your planet, you have held this heart blessing.

“It is somewhat like your creating puppets with strings attached, that may look like someone famous, for instance, the Oprah of video film or the one just given to the Pastor Joel Osteen, as a likeness of himself, made with love attached. They both have given you spiritual gifts, as have many others that have brought you to where you are today.

“This is an example of how God works with this project in your terminology. When you have a thought to bring forth a puppet, you go from that mental thought to a vision and then to completion.  You don’t perform with the figure you have created until all the strings have been checked out, as tangled strings mean a less than perfect performance. Isn’t this true?

“God is the puppeteer. The puppet is the City of Light and the construction is the Universal Light Beings helping it come to pass. The strings are electrical charged light technology, now being checked out for any entanglements. When all is completed, everyone on planet earth will have the City to enjoy and heal from, an experience never before seen on the earth stage.

Happy New Year and it will be. Promise!

“Genii, think back. Remember when one time in the City you saw a completed building being lowered into the interior from a space vehicle that surprised you? Universal support teams were needed to put that building into place and many City buildings were lowered into place the same way.

“Many, many beings of Light (call them what you will) have been for eons of time putting the parts together for the action of light healing with this 1st prototype City of Light coming your way. 

“Would putting this City in place happen, if people saw strange looking entities, doing strange looking work, on something strange?  We think not, as your world has been pretty well defined in that, ’they are coming to get us mentality!’ It’s such nonsense from demented minds in action.

“So we stay unseen to get the job done, and looking good it does, too. The Sedona location and the powerful spinning vortexes are such a wonderful support and we have to check out every tiny detail as it is to be seen in your third dimension.

“Are there universal beings in your area? Of course, but being seen would stop God’s production as people would not understand. Bless those in the unseen who work to bring forth this blessed gift from the great Creator. God is pulling the electrical strings and you all will share in the greatest production ever witnessed -- ever!

“We, the unseen, look to enlighten your world and feel the awesome strings of love attached. It could be nothing less. We, who serve the God of Gods, are blessed to serve in this way. 

Have a happy day, this City is on the way -- really!

"For those who can see the invisible, accomplish the impossible …

this the Genii knows and puts to God use!”

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