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Guidance March 10, 2015


Genii: "Guidance please, on any topic, plus what is taking place now with the City of Light appearance. I will need to make an update soon. Thank you." 

Atherian: "Progress continues in your third dimension and we are well aware of your people’s constant need for answers to report. The way of higher dimensions or levels (as sometimes referred to) in your 3D world takes some major adjustments, as you can well imagine; at least, in part mentally, as it is quite complicated to explain. 

“Even your highest scientists would have a problem in its explanation, however, just be aware that the land indicated is processing something to appear out of the unseen. God indeed has to be the only magician or magic genie to make this happen. In this case IT IS GOD and no explanation is available to the level of human understanding.

“It is not like you are taking earth and making a sand castle. As said before, there is only an indication that can be given as of a 'timed date of arrival' and we do the best we can in this area of your thinking. 

“Enough to know that you have the first City of Light now on your ground level and just know all is well for the third dimensional appearance. Remember this is the very first of its kind ever...ever and, that in itself is quite a feat, as you may interpret. The exact plan is for the 13 others coming forth as well. There is much, much action going on in the unseen in preparation. 

“This is a divinely, complex, ‘done deal’ as you say. See it come forth knowing of the healings to take place, and permit us to finish our part in its appearance. God has decreed this and so it is. A bit more of your time is needed in your world, BUT IS WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!! 

“On the cosmic side, your Arizona area connected to the Sedona energy vortexes are spinning the new light City to come forth, and so it is quite busy (behind the scenes), so to speak, making sure all is in perfect order for delivery again. It is worth the wait!

“Invite people to walk through your Something's Coming City of Light book, and instead of it being the Genii story, put themselves in your place and enjoy being inside God’s mind. This also gives more human energy to bring it forth, indeed! Your high desert grounds are filled with activity unseen (so as to not disturb your daily doings) and we can complete what we came from eons of space to complete. 

“The 1500 ft. city high towers also are winging in the unseen UPPCs (Uniphase Power Capsules) to light up the City and support states around it. This is no toy we play with, quite the contrary!

“Be at peace in the knowing that in no way will this City 'not be seen and used'. Pay attention here! 


“The City promise has been made through the Genii as a perfect conduit for our keeping you all posted on what is taking place. Peace, all is well!" 

Genii Townsend (Trans-audio visionary)

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