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 How Would Participation in The Light Center Benefit You?

Help Share Our and Review our Publications

We are happy to provide the PDF of Something’s Coming
to anyone who buys a copy of the print edition and who also subscribes to our free newsletter. We offer quantity discounts, wholesale pricing, and affiliate referral commissions. We especially need book reviews for and testimonials.


Enjoy the Empowering Transformational Benefits
as a Charter Member of The Light Center!

Membership benefits include discounts on programs and publications, free newsletter, webinars, and membership
services. Tuition is on a voluntary donation basis.
Donations are welcome anytime.

Participate in and or Sponsor The 4 Keys to Light

Genii has been sharing the Sacred information in The
4 Keys to Light for over 20 years. Students learn how to
harness the creative power of the Word, the practice of
Atonement, they are introduced to their personal
Gatekeeper and Guides, and are Light Linked.

Participate In and or Sponsor Genii’s Playshops

Genii has been helping students, especially women grow,
evolve and become empowered for decades through self-discovery Playshops such as: The Cinderella Connection; Inner Child Healing Doll Classes; The Power Women;
and The Thirteen Goddesses of Inner Light.

Help Create “Empowerment Marionettes” for Children
and Help Genii Meet the Obama’s and Joel Osteen
Genii is applying her experience operating Geniiland
for 18 years and the 5,000+ marionettes she has made
to create marionettes of authors and trainers to help
children  harness their creative imagination and learn “successful living skills” through Edutainment.

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