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Introducing The Light Center Cofounders


             Genii Townsend


Genii dropped out of high school and later found herself a divorced mother of a son and daughter trying to figure out how to support them with no office experience and totally no business sense.  The answer came in the form of entertaining through the medium of puppets (which was not an area remembered as a child). All she knew was that being Positive and using her Imagination that anything she wanted she could have which could be interesting ... and profitable.

She changed her name from Jean to Genii as it seemed to have magic attached and she needed a lot of that if she was to survive with the children and THE MAGIC HAPPENED! She went on to create a zillion puppets and marionettes and performed professionally from Disneyland and into Las Vegas, made commercials funnier, pulled strings in motion pictures and was a co-performer with Carol Burnette on her show with a look-a-like figure of Carol’s charwoman Genii had created.

Genii's big dream was to have a birthday party theater where children could have a special place of honor to enjoy. What then began as a tiny storefront theater, expanded four times into a two story 5000 square foot building where thousands of kids and parents celebrated for 18 years consecutively with many being famous stars of stage, television and motion pictures.

Genii has been awarded many honors including several by the Puppeteers of America for advancing puppetry. Who's Who  in America tapped her on the shoulder. In between and at present she leads women's self discovery Seminars such as “The Cinderella Connection", Inner Child Healing Doll Classes, The Power Women and The Thirteen Goddesses of Inner Light.  

In addition to The City of Light Sedona, Genii is the author of: The Little Light Being; The Sickness Bug; Out of the Gourd-inary .... Plants with an Attitude; Conversations About Ultimate Destiny with Who-No, A Spirit Coach and she is presently working on completing Discover a Genii's Secrets of Granting Your Own Wishes.


Genii lives in Sedona, Arizona. She and her business partner Charles Betterton have co-founded four non-profit organizations (the Wonderful World of Wishes, Ultimate Destiny University, CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment and The Light Center.)


Genii delights in creating celebrity marionettes and presenting them to the star so they can pull their own strings. She has designed a building which will house five puppet theaters, one main theater, banquet hall and class rooms all under one roof to come forth in the Sedona area as the IMAGINE THAT!. .. THEATER.  Genii believes that successful women are women of VISION and that the IMAGINATION is the magic carpet that begets that success.

Genii makes Empowerment Marionettes of celebrities including one she surprised best-selling mega author Mark Victor Hansen with live in front of 500 participants at one of his Mega Book Marketing University workshops. She also gave one to Ellen Degeneres one for her birthday and Ellen had fun pulling her own strings, Imagine That!


Genii has created 5,000 marionettes and she operated Geniiland near Hollywood for 18 years. Now her focus is on harnessing the power of television, the Internet and interactive multimedia programs featuring some of the best trainers on the planet to reach, empower and inspire millions of children all over the world, Imagine That!

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