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THE HEALING DOLLS (An Inner Child Connection)

Click Here for Photos of the Monday June 16 Playshop 

Arrival time 8:30 am .....Playing starts 9 am -3 pm
(please bring a sack lunch.)
 Where? at Genii's Village Home.
 (Directions given when registering. Space is limited)


"It was fun to actually do a creation that was mine. I never had a chance to learn how to create or do crafts so this was delightful,  God bless"


     Have fun connecting and creating with your inner child!           Share your creativity with other more empowered women!

"Thoroughly enjoyed myself. it was nice to be me (my inner child) for a day. The company was nice as was the entertainment!
A fun day out and I love my doll."

Attention: The following class may cause extreme out bursts of laughter.  Enjoy at your own risk!
Genii's inner child doll making class is for any lady who wants to remember she is still a  beautiful little girl.

You can have a hands on experience as your inner girl gets to make her own doll, and you discover the pure fun of her experience.

This 6 hour day session contains all the supplies needed, the coaching, patterns and lots of  fun surprises.


Great fun! Thank you." Bonita McDonald


The fun begins as master doll and puppet maker Genii sets the  musical tone that will unleash the female innocence within and you  get to happily play with her as she directs the process of what she wants her doll to look like and wear plus,  you don't even have to know how to sew.....Imagine That !

  If you have never made contact before this with your inner girl, it is the perfect  time to lovingly permit her past hurts to be just that, a thing of the past that can no longer invade your today world. 

 If you have had a happy childhood, all the better for you know  then what play and happiness can do when activated and is important for us busy women today. 

"Great fun! Was educational." Donna Carter

Genii has a major background of performing on stages from her own children's puppet theater (Geniiland) in Los Angeles for 18 years, Disneyland to Vegas, and television as well as leading Women's Enlightenment groups such as, next month is 'The Cinderella Connection' (releasing the victim), plus 'The Power Women' in August and the monthly GLOW (The Gathering Light of Wisdom).

  A love donation of $65.00 is appropriate for the supplies and time invested.

 Should terms be desired? Talk with Genii 

  Now isn't it time to stop the world and play ? Your inner kid thinks so... Imagine That!


" I had more fun than I expected to have!"


 Space is limited.  
Love donation is $65. (with advance payment or registration) and $75 at the door.
 Payment plan available if needed.

Tuition may be paid online with a credit card, or in cash or by check payable to The Light Center. 

To reserve your seat, call Genii at 928-284-5566 or send an email to

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed or The Light Center will refund 100% of your tuition!

Genii has spent years in Play-Study using dolls and puppets and is well grounded in art as she combines her decades of experience in theater, stage and TV  techniques  in this  session.




"Hi. My name is Imaginella and Genii is my creator and best friend. If you come to the Healing Dolls Playshop, I'll share my story. I was conceived in the Blue Bayou Restaurant at Disneyland.

Now Genii and I are creating "Empowerment Marionettes" of authors and trainers such as Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Brown to help children realize more of their potential, Imagine That!



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