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GLOW! Gathering Light of Wisdom

Within the confines of a session of GLOW (The Gathering Light of Wisdom) gathering headed up by Genii
one finds love and  support of each other as we dream weave together, becoming the person who is verbally dreaming, as their dream becomes ours. 

Each monthly session of three hours, revels a Goddess (in statue form) created by Genii showing the attributes we women have that we may not think about. 

Interest of the biggest dream, "The City of Light" is discussed and penetrated  to reveal secrets never before seen much less known. 

Glow is lead by Genii , many years a Trans-Audio Medium (channel) and  an entertainer on her artistic side of theater with the creating and performing of marionettes and puppets.

The Light Center now proudly presents the GLOW gatherings for your pleasure and information leading you to Glow as Light in Light.  

Please check the Events page for the next date and time of the GLOW session.

Love Donations happily accepted.


PS. I also pull strings and Grant Wishes, Imagine That!

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