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Universal Cities of Light, Love, and Healing!

Over 50 of Genii's visits to the City of Light and messages she has received in the Embassy of Peace are included in her book SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing.  

Some examples of more recent visits are published on this page.


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JUST AN ORDINARY MIRACLE! Genii City of Light Embassy Visit November 16, 2014

Pre-entrance.. Pastor Joel Osteen says quite often that.... "God Can Do Anything" and to “Dream BIG!"

As I ready to enter the City of Light once more through my inner meditation passageway, I see myself walking up to a now very familiar City gate that leads me into the Embassy of Peace from which I receive all the guidance about the City itself. This indeed has been a major part of my life for many years so it is quite familiar as I smile in remembrance. I pass through this 5 story wonder of technical craftsmanship with the turbo silently collecting and shining light out for all to be drawn to it, as indeed this could be nothing less than God in action that I have spoken of.  

My Guide La-Luke comes to me and once more we walk through the Relaxation Park and onto the wheel- less white trolley that whisks us to the now famous Embassy of Peace and in through the backdoor entrance. We then step onto the stage with Ooo-lon awaiting our arrival. Ooo-lon is such a sweet wise Light Being and I am blessed to learn from him and report through these visits.

Genii: " It is good to see you again. Where is the usual audience?"

Ooo-lon: "Welcome Lady of Light. We get to enjoy each other for a bit... good!"

G:  "Thank you... likewise."

O: "Oh, they are busy in these last moments, with what you would call 'touch-ups' for the City presentation into your world."

G: "Yes, the announcement that this City would appear during Christmas this year was a surprise.  Is this true?"

O: "Why would you be told of such a manifestation if it were not so? Have you not been asking many times when no date could be given...yes of course! If you need validation, this is it! The most popular question has been 'when'?  Well you now have it... Happy Holidays"

G: "Great ! Tell me more. What am I to do in preparation from this point forward?"

O: "We have spoken of many changes to take place quickly. For those who have been light-linked through your 4 Keys to Light sessions, they are to be ready to assist those who have no knowledge that this City was possible (to appear out of thin air) as you would say, and could be in shock or disbelief that something of this magnitude had happened. Those of the light linkage have been prepared to take hold and assist, as they are looked at as Light Leaders.

People will be coming from across the planet, as this City has been foretold of it's coming for centuries and now comes to pass. In this Holy time of your year, comes the blessings connected with it for the healing technology that is used which is for everyone, not just a select few of different religions and different beliefs.

It is time for the world of your planet to receive love healings that your book 'Something's Coming!' has foretold. Genii, dear one, the time is now...the place is the City of Light and all are welcome. No one has to be in a higher level of spiritual advancement to see this manifestation, but only walk into it and get healed.

The new children coming into this planet will have quite a different life than you had. Love will fill the spaces as they bring in the 'new love' leaving no one out be they child or adult. Darkness will find no place to hide on it's way to it's own destruction which includes greed and wars of any kind. The minds are healed, whether known or unknown, as this horrendous ridiculous behavior is banished never to return.

So then, prepare as the Santa Claus of love and gifts comes this year as a sparkling City of Love and Light. It will be a time to rejoice!  You indeed have been the messenger of important information. Love is the motivation that brought you into this City of Light filled with love for the Creator and the dear departed Dr. Bill, who began this adventure on your path of knowing. All was and is quite correct."

G: "This has been quite a ride."

O: "You mean the trolleys? "

 G : "They are fun, but I speak of all these allowed visits before."

O: "Dear One, look at all the interest that has been made possible like the messages you have received from so many who have seen or sensed something was coming, like a Light City of some kind? 

As the feelings flow and people are open to receive,  they have indeed picked up the message through their own knowing or vision. Are you not the visionary of a better life needed? Of course! So with this first City of Light, more cities will come at various intervals, as you have been told.

There will be thirteen around the planet healing through light, as it is the wave of the future beginning with the first City.  Its technology will spread around the world making healing ways easier to come to pass. Even now some have been working on it on your planet, as the old painful ways will banish themselves. The excitement of the holy Light Healings will take their place... understand?"

 G: "Yes, I have been exposed to such light healing ways."

 O: "So then, the City of Light is about to appear in the physical. First time ever... ever on your planet! Enjoy your holiday for it is a gift from God and no one will ever be the same, only better. We, here in the Embassy and you, have seen hundreds of Light Beings from all over the cosmic universe that have put together what you all are about to experience and as you say, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, you are all one in the eyes of God, and indeed, something is coming into view. Rejoice, it is God in action!"

 I am pretty speechless at the moment except to say thank you to Ooo-lon and all who are bringing forth the greatest show this earth has ever seen. Tears of joy pour forth with this blessing that I have been privileged to enter for so many years. 

G: "Thank you."

I give a big hug to La-Luke in saying goodbye as he comes forth leading me out of this quiet building.  Indeed it will be quite a sight to return to it in the physical, with so many memories still active. It is back to the gate as I say good bye to my City Guide, and just as quickly I find myself home waiting to see what is next.. it could only be LOVE!

Genii Townsend ( trans-audio visionary )

Autographed copies of Genii's book, SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing! are available at the website

THE TIME IS NOW!!!  Genii City of Light Embassy Visit November 7, 2014

Yesterday I was informed to return to the City Embassy.  I re-enter in love, respect and honor. 

Vision: I enter a City gate as an Angel smiles down on me from the five-story structure.  I wave back.  Entering the gate, no one is seen.  All is quiet and from the middle path comes my guide, La-Luke, also with a smile of welcome. Taking my hand, he escorts me to the left into the Park of Relaxation.  The park also is empty except for a few birds, flowers and a trolley at the other end.  No words are spoken as we board the trolley which instantly moves us forward heading past many sparkly white buildings to the Embassy door.  We enter from the back door and onto the stage where Ooo-Lon smiling greets us with hand extended.  Appointment made!  

O:  "A day of love and welcome is yours to enjoy.  Come sit!"  

We do sit, as a couple of padded chairs move themselves into place.  I notice there is no audience of galactic entities as usual.

Upon sitting, Ooo-Lon says, "Indeed, you have been notified to return."

G: "Thank you. Any special reason I have been called back?"

O: "In itself, being invited back, we prepare you with some instructions to share as the City prepared its entrance."

G: "That sounds good.  When? is always the #1 question."

O: "We keep you not in concern so as the final touches and checkouts are completed throughout the whole of the City before its appearance.  We just want to put all to rest. Anticipation has been long.   This we understand, but it is quite necessary to build the power within each one who knows of the City's coming.  It is not every day that a City such as this comes into view. The appearance is as near as your breath and we want to put any concerns to rest.  Now then, permit us to talk about the City entrance and the millions of people who will be in the knowing.

Many things will take place.  Terror for one, which the dark minds will give themselves.  There will be love from those who know that this is God's loving doing, as the City shines its crystal lights into and on the earth's chosen location such as your current home of Sedona, Arizona.  Curiosity will begin the march to your location and it is advised that all Light-Linked persons be on the alert for such a huge universal event.

The traveling to see what has happened will become "busy", (a word you use).

As the government hears what has taken place, the President will be informed. There will be jets sent out concerning reports of what has taken place in the world, as well as sending the reports to the video screens replacing the talk of the current news of various subject. 

Your world will never be the same again!  Ever!

The light from the City will attract and repel those who are near enough to physically see it in person, as in your community from Sedona to Phoenix.  Flagstaff area will also rejoice if they are aware of what has taken place.  To those who fear due to previous mental programming and various impressions, the love waves being sent out to keep human feelings balanced and put them into a love for each other, will be apparent in action.

Remember, this is no small project, to be kept from the outside, such as the Light Links of your 4 Keys.  It is quite important NOW!  We are sending you out to gather groups who will join together in light-linked service, and keep people informed in different areas as to what has taken place.  IT MUST START NOW!  Even Genii senses all is in change and LOVE is the KEY.

City Light Centers should be put into place with each group.  Those who have been Light-Linked and are tuned into their Guides can immediately take over and direct what they are told to do from within. This action is now in order as to why you now take the new 4 Keys Light Links directly into the Court of the High Tribunal to receive the favor of God, giving them the extra support needed to come forth.

Rejoice with those close at hand that it is TIME!  We will see you back here as more comes into the Court for as we advised, preparations are needed. So where asked and ready, the 4 Keys Light-Links are to be prepared." as I prepare to spread words just given.  

And with this, Ooo-Lon stands up, gives me a hug and La Luke leads me back to the trolley and City gate as I prepare to spread the words just given.  

O: "So Love It Be!  Take care of you."  

Genii Townsend (trans-audio visionary)

Copies of Something's Coming,  the book chronicling the establishment of the City of Light autographed by author, Genii Townsend, available at

WHEN STRANGERS MEET ... A City Of Light Galactic Welcome! October 21, 2014

During a meditative vision while heading into the City through one of the City's 5 story high gates, there seems to be music or some sounds I am not familiar with coming forth. Inside I see strange looking (to me) beings all having a good time. Wow, looks like the cosmic galatic world has made a visit!

Making his way through the crowd comes La-Luke, my usual City Guide saying, "Come, we enter in the City Embassy!" The Beings quickly moved aside and I was rushed through the Relaxation Park. "Looks like not much relaxation here today", I exclaimed.

Just then a City trolley pulled up, we hopped aboard and were left off at the front door of the space type looking building, The Embassy of Peace. As we were walking into the building and through a center isle down to the stage, we passed an audience of hundreds of more Universal Beings who were for some reason clapping. "Hmm, must be a good program going on here", I thought to myself.

On the sage stood Ooo-lon who was the first space friend and teacher I met here. What a sweetheart he is. He escorted me to a comfortable chair type as I wondered what indeed was next?

Ooo-lon is the first to speak. "This is a surprise to you?"

G: "Oh my yes, I feel like I am in a different world, well, a bit different than usual, but I don't seem to know what is usual any more?   Everything is changing so quickly."

O: " The wonderful ones of this universe have come to  meet you."

G: "Who me? Why would that be? This is wonderful. Oh My God the love I feel. What is going on?"

O: " They are touring the City making sure all is being in readiness and wanted to meet you and thank you for all the cosmic work you do in letting people of your world know that they come in peace, and  having the honor of helping to put this City together. You have stayed with it for these long many years to completion. Year by year, day by day, hour by  hour and as you know, this has been no easy project. You can only
 imagine the technology that makes this whole City work."

G: " I can sense the love they must experience putting Gods gift in place and to make it function for us and the healings that are to take place within."

O: " Just because your media pictures and news report that the so called ET's are anything but loving' it is time to feel the real love coming into this planet. How would you feel if you were to go to stay at  their galactic homes and those there were afraid of you?"

G:  "Ahhh...don't know."

O:  "Well, look around.  They may look a bit different, but love is their purpose.  You have many different looking people here on your planet that try to get along with each other.  What you see here, though they may look different, is they get along with each other.  Dear One, it is called in your words L-O-V-E.  God Love is what you are experiencing at the moment.  Your earth people will learn to love and be loved as the energy changes the frequencies that the Great Creator intended all along. 

You were all given the 'choice' of love but it was forgotten for the most part and was set aside, for war was more exciting and had honor attached.  We call it stupidity!  And it will be banished!  You will see.

Your planet has had many loving entities like these seated here for eons of your time, each with a purpose to bring light here.   The Great Creator decided that a major demonstration of love was needed, so coming forth is what has never been done before on your earth planet.  You are all going to feel love like you never have before.  What has been allowed is that darkness and ignorance in many forms have been allowed to crowd the love out. 

The love I speak of is about to take place.  You have a saying, 'out with the old and in with the new'.  Dear One, this is what the City of Light is all about.  Change!!!  Changing the mental patterns from ignorance into love and light so bright, that darkness has no room for negativity to continue. 

Love and light are a great combination, as the process the Great Creator imagined, sets the scene.  What if good news came across your media screens constantly?  Would you sit and listen to it?  Would it sell?  Or do you need some one to let everyone know that a virus is coming and so beware, oh my, run for cover as people's minds pick up the clue that they might get it. As a strongly held fear, they probably would.

What if there was not a virus of any kind, and no sickness to be concerned about?  What then? What would the conversations be then with nothing to complain about? What if the City with its love and healing streaming out in all directions cancels even the first announcement of any virus, for there is nothing to report.  Imagine that!

What you sit in at this moment, dear Genii, can attest to one thing.  Love and light will indeed cancel error of thoughts prevalent for so long.  People might even be happy 24/7, as you and I, this very moment, are experiencing this love I speak of.  It feels really good doesn't it?  Imagine being happy most of the time with the rest of the time getting ready to be."

G:  "Oh my, words fail me."

O:  "Good, then expect this idea to take place on your planet with the help of your galatic friends you see here.  They bring love, as you say, on your touring appointments of the City data. 

"I bring good news", and you do, for love is on the way as these forever friends from far away places with strange toning names make all this possible, as mental healings take place and human bodies enjoy the newness of being experienced.  

So then, take these words back into your changing world and be alert; for as the sun rises, this magnificent edifice, the Great Creator's work of healing light, will be seen in its entirety for the first time in any of your history, with the support of Space Beings of Peace who look to share the love they know plus the technology which is quite available.  

Spread the words said here as you are invited to speak and share the City love and light daily, and with this, we bid you the Light of the Eternal Day in Peace and Love."  

With this prayer all had been said for the moment as we stood and hugged goodbye and La-Luke led me off the stage through a most unusual audience.  And for me, they are truly forever friends and I thank God for each City visit.  Thanks God! 

"Something is coming -- a whole bunch of cosmic love ready to be shared to bless us all." 

I am Genii Townsend (sometimes called Jedi Genii) and I approve this visit and message."

Genii Townsend, (trans-audio visionary)

OH MY GOD! City of Light Embassy Visit May 27, 2014                                               

As I enter into a visual meditation state to go into the City of Light it is so bright that I can hardly see it.  The light is that brilliant. It indeed will be an attention getter across the world. Wow! The outside of it sparkles and is lit beyond my explanation. I feel such delight and joy as I approach one of the huge gorgeous power gates with an Angel statue smiling down at me. 

“Oh My God! Is this what we are to expect upon our delivery? First class does not say it! OMG does!  How can I explain this?” I wonder as tears of thanksgiving run down my face.  It has been a long time in coming, but well worth the wait. OMG! People will be saying these words for it could be no other as nothing else fits what I am experiencing.  

Meeting me is La-Luke, who seeing my condition, takes my hand and we enter the gate under the Angel who seems to smile. “Why not, it is worth smiling about.”  I feel a bit unsteady which is unseen, but felt energy waves of such love that cannot be explained except OMG! 

Inside the City gate is, of course, also pure light, but somehow a bit different like a softer higher volume than we experience in our daily life. Each building I see is pure sparkling light, white with tiny crystal shards embedded in the exterior, which could be why people have been seeing crystal cities for many years somewhere in time. Could it be the reflections from the city buildings? 

La-Luke leads me into the Park of Relaxation and even the trees and flowers sparkle, as light is what they are growing in, like someone has sprinkled glitter on them...OMG!  

The trolley pulls up and we hop aboard heading for the Embassy of Peace. 

La-Luke: "You O.K.?"  I opened my mouth to speak and all that came out was OMG! 

"Indeed", says my guide of many years with a smile that would melt an ice cube.  No other people were seen which I found interesting as the trolley stopped and we got off at the Embassy. 

This time it was at the front door that we stopped and we were led into the foyer and greeted by several loving entities from the Universe. We were then led into the huge Pastor Joel Osteen style arena and on stage where Ooo-lon awaited with several other entities. While giving me a hand up, my thought is “OMG, never in my wildest imagination could I ever image this scenario.”  Next I see coming forth two fancy throne-like chairs for us and I was really ready to sit down. 

O: "Well, what do you think about all this now."  

G: "OMG! It looks like you have put the finishing touches on everything." 

O: "Yes, but not quite...beautiful isn't it?" 

G: "Ah-some, breathtaking, fascinating, beautiful. OMG! Words leave me. All this and it will heal too?  People are going to be....?"

O: "OMG! Ring a bell?" 

G: "What am I now to share with my report?" 

O: "I think you have already begun. The City of Light prepares for its appearance, like putting the finishing touches on a stage play in your world. Coming into your 3D world takes quite a bit of doing." 

G: "Does this mean the City is about to appear?" 

O: "As said… the final touches are being put into place, as well as the overall electrical systems, as all must be quite accurate." 

G: "What am I to report at home?" 

O: "Readiness in your world is most important, for the awesomeness of what is to be seen will be a shock to millions. Just look at how you, who have been here many times as reported in your best-selling book, “Something's Coming”, react. Well, expect it to be so! The location of the spinning vortexes is working overtime and in its appearance the Sedona, AZ area will literally be filled to overflowing with people wanting to see what God has brought forth”. 

“Nothing will stop them from getting to Sedona and seeing what has taken place. It will be OMG time. Now then, those who have been Light-Linked thru the 4 Keys to Light sessions you give, will get the first inner charge of what has (or is) taking place.” 

“Hear this please... you must establish a CITY OF LIGHT INFORMATION CENTER, a building where people can find answers in an office type setting that they are used to normally, as some may think they are going insane. The 'Light Links' are the connection, calming people to be able to handle this as an open human connection.” 

“The leading group is the Albuquerque Light Links who have been set in the linked-in knowing and can get instant information of what to do and where to go, as well as those who have been light-linked for some time. Note: being light-linked is prime! 

“A building is needed to house City of Light information, The 4 Keys to Light, City reports, various classes of which the Light Links are included, the vast resources of the Charles city connection, all which of course can be housed in the same location. Even the Rev. Diana could hold her spiritual sessions as well. Think of it as a 'Healing Community' of Light sensitives doing healing work for others.” 

“Report to the Light Links that the sacred tone should be sounded to secure such a location and should be set in place as quickly as possible. Understand time is short?" 

G: "Yes I  understand." 

O:  "Stay open to guidance as all the rest comes into view and with this message we lead you back to your world to spread the words, OMG!" 

And with that I am helped to my feet. The audience stood as I thanked Ooo-lon and exited back out the Embassy doors, onto the trolley and back out the gate. 

OMG!.... That about says it!"  

Genii Townsend ( trans-audio visionary) 

PS. Our Sedona Light Center Team is touring possible locations for the City of Light Information Center and we are developing a business plan. If you would like to participate in any possible way (such as volunteering, donating or investing in the real estate and or offering your programs here), please contact us for more information. Thank You! 

1-11-2014... Wishes and Miracles

G: Please share with me what took place yesterday with the surprise video  filming, and is more of this to take place? And ... "Wishes" has come to the forefront from Charles' insights, plus anything else to be known. Thank you. I sense something exciting?????? 

A: "The Genii has long since hooked on to the God-knowing that fun & joy are healing. The fun and joy of God comes forth as Walt of Disney knew that unhappy people had lost their touch of God and thus the land of fun was set forth to help solve that situation. 

You carry the Walt knowing of this, yet you have all your helping-the-people fun material closed up in a closet. Hello.....You do play shops for women. Why set that aside when it has much healing value? Be in attendance to this and connect in a series and bring the women into a higher level just by having fun and joy through the imagination, on the pathway to Christ Consciousness. 

Charles has suggested a Wishing interest be used, as you represent the magic as a maker in fun and indeed this is a welcomed idea in which, you can connect the other units of healing sessions with wisdom leaders like Who-no or whoever ... healing the wounded inner child. Releasing the unneeded past like Cinderella, and bringing forth the Power women all make for interest and healing with the Genii Connection adding to the Wishes Book and formation ..... 

As the Joel Osteen has said, "God can do anything and make miracles take place"... be open to use his lines of lifting to feel good in the same way. You have most of the material for each session so why not begin  to begin? You even have built in helpers who have never taken these updated connections who could be a help such as Diana, Renee and Nina and even the Albuquerque Light links Group. 

 Be a female Joel and watch God connect the pieces in fun, joy, laughing healing ways? 

So love it be!
Genii Townsend

THIS MOMENT IN TIME! Morning Guidance Monday 1- 13-2014                                   

G: "As I awaken this morning, I SENSE the CITY and the tears flow emotionally from my heart in thanksgiving and love. What is to be known? Any message to be given to the Light Links or? I feel like telling the world something.... in this moment in time."

Atherian: "Memories of the City appearance flood the Genii with love as the City itself dresses itself in electrical pulsations that reach outside its momentary enclosure. You have just seen the first robin of spring. Could this be a messenger of new things to come forth? A hint of what is to come about? The waiting is not permanent by any means, so the sensations and feelings enter as a prelude to this grand plan of God as it experiences through human feelings. 

You are about to do a live presentation on How to Grant Ones Own Wishes, filled with wisdom and fun as an uplifting project. Clearly you have found that you really have granted your own wishes many times and can now share your wisdom like the City of Light coming forth into view. 

Has not the City of Light been a constant Dream-Wish given through some magical mental visual passage way? Of course! Have not many people been Light Linked through the 4 Holy Keys, and support what has been given them through their mental passageway? 

Now as the close proximity touches the outside areas of the Sedona, the Genii feels the love from its electrical touch through your heart and emotions. Indeed it has been a long wait since the revelation given way back in the earth year of 1982 and the Dr. Bill's Inner Guides, and you have never lost sight of what will be the grandest wish ever to manifest. 

The love of seeing people healed through the City Light Space Technology is quite in order, and thus your grandest wish is now in Blueprint Formation on ground level, and thus to the outside. The City sends its love as a pre- invitation of what is about to birth and triggers the emotion. 

Rest is advised  and permit sending the knowing to others, that all is well and on course knowing that they all will feel God's love touch ... Wish Granted!" 

So love emotions it be!
Genii Townsend (trans-audio visionary)

1.9.2014 Time for Action

As I step into my quiet space, I see myself at a City Gate and tone the code. As the gates open La-Luke appears ... no one else was seen. Surprised, the trolley pulled up and we were whisked to the Embassy. It was all quiet. Into the Embassy building we went, and onto the stage with Ooo-Lon. Wow! That was quick. 

Standing alone with his back to this huge audience, he smiled, walked towards us and I got a hug, and was seated. Time for a conversation of what I do not know. 

O: "Welcome back Lady of City Light. A chat is in order." 

G: "Thank you. I was advised to return. What may I be told of." 

O: "The outside City areas are being electrified for appearance. You can understand that the way of entrance is important. We have come a long way in your time fields, and all must be perfected for its appearance. 

G: "Yes, I understand. 

O: "Looking at what could take place as people recognize that the City of Light that has been profiled is indeed here. Their visions prove it to be so. Setting the scene (so to speak), it is important that Light Workers such as the accredited Light Links be advised that they play a part even if they live now across your country. So, as you have been advised, a local building should be established for people will indeed need some answers of how this has taken place, thus putting fear at bay. 

This will be not only a holy union, but one of practicality of service for healing - order must be available, and the Light Links need a meeting place, and it would be wise for them even at this night to begin to tone on in, so you know that all is forming, and even they have a place when here to support at - an information Center of the Light Center, now established. Do you understand?" 

G: "Yes. A preset location has been suggested for meetings, teaching the Keys etc. The Charles and I have been notified of such a place." 

O: "Then proceed with guidance assured. Time as you know it disappears as all may appear to just be one day for the world has changed with the City appearance, as we attempt to not have mass confusion where possible."  

G: "Does the Soda Springs Ranch have anything to do with the City appearance?" 

O: "Of course. People will need places to live if even for a short time. You call it a community where even the City's structured water the Charles knows about can play a part.  

Dear One, we are trying to impress you with the huge amount of people who will, without much warning, come to the Sedona and any part of Arizona to get even a glimpse of this God-designed and delivered City.  Expect the media to spread the word. It has arrived and you, Charles, and the Light Links will become quite busy, keeping order and balance within the area.  

You have just met the Pastor Joel Osteen and have seen his audience of thousands. You have a lady minister now on deck, of the Rev. Diana. She will need her guide's support to help those who need answers including ministers and priests of all holy work. Question?" 

G: "We are investigating a new company to be started so people can invest in support and they can enjoy some benefit for the support. This idea to be followed?" 

O: "It will take much outside the City itself formation to keep all in balance and support. The Charles has the intent to help and lead as guided, knowing all is to be kept 'Pure and clean.' We here are trying to get your Lights to understand the enormity of what is about to take place, so you will somewhat prepared even though, even for you all it will be a holy shock - a pleasant one but still a knowing that all that has been said in your book was quite correct. Understand?" 

G: "Yes."

O: "Good. Then we shall give you any answers needed when needed. Lay your plans for a location of advanced information. Bring in the people through your Keys and assorted play-shops. All are connected. The Charles also is being guided as to set the course. You two are a "Unit" and have been guided so far. The Charles can do wonders as well as the Genii. The time is now.  

You will be called back here again, so be open and expect the Joel to respond. Keep open as you say - all is well - Be advised that the world will be heading into the Sedona area.  Return home with our blessings, and with that the whole audience of ET's stood and applauded as La-Luke ushered ourselves out and didn't even make it to the gates as the scene ended."  

Wow! Time for action! 

Genii Townsend

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Meeting Joel Osteen Jan. 3, 2014 

Joel Osteen quote: "I declare unexpected blessings are coming my way. God will open super-natural doors for me." 

I have been watching, listening to, and reading his powerful words for some years, and (watching him) 3 times on Sunday is not unusual. What was unusual was the way I was to meet him, and my dream was to do just that ... as a professional puppeteer and creative performer. 

One week ago tonight, I got to stand next to him, my wish coming true. You may have heard of him, pastor Joel Osteen. As God is a super-natural wish giver, this came about through unusual ways. Permit me to share ... I have been a fan of Joel's for several years, and because I feel a kinship with his sharing, I even watch him 3 times on Sunday mornings.  

He believes in miracles, wishes coming true, and dreams that are not only possible, but probable, like the City of Light that I have been talking about for what seems like centuries. Maybe that is where the City of Light began. All I know is it is my mission to announce its coming, like Joel speaks of the 2nd coming. I believe it, as I have been inside and talked to those who know. Anyway, back to my wish to some day meet Joel Osteen ... 

I think I have all of his books and most of his CDs and DVDs (Not that I am interested in what he has to say), but to get my book to him so that he could get this information on the City, was the target. How to do this, I wondered! 

Then some weeks back, I was inner guided to pursue my dream and as I have in thanks to many celebrities etc., as a professional puppeteer, I was guided to re-create him as a marionette, so he could pull his own strings (so to speak). 

It was fun getting President Jimmy Carter his, as well as Carol Burnette, Ellen Degeneres and others etc. I have marionettes of several more celebrities hanging (literally) around my Sedona home.  So to pursue my guidance to get my wish granted, out came all the (puppet) supplies to get my act together and take it on the road somewhere to him.   

Now Joel has a huge church in Houston, TX, and I figured that that was the place ... so I dreamed of taking my City Coming information book, and himself in miniature to Houston. Well, God had other plans. Last year, I was called to Tucson to do my 4 Keys to Light session several times by Rev. Diana Runge, and we became good friends.  

What was going on behind the scenes was that Diana was being moved by spirit to come and live in Sedona. So she did. What has this got to do with Joel, you might ask? Well, it seems she has a son in Houston, and she was going there for the holidays. Spirit said, "Have her take your book to the church." Woopie! Wish beginning! God in action!

So, Diana goes to Houston, when across my email screen came the message, "Do you want to meet Joel Osteen?" Duh! What's all this. The message said he was to be in, of all places, Phoenix, signing his new book, "Break Out." WOW! So, I broke out my suitcase ... wish in action. In the meantime, Diana no sooner comes back, when she was asked to accompany me to Phoenix, since she did not meet Joel in Houston. He was out of town. Wow! He was almost next door! 

So with no time to unpack much, we three ... Diana, me, and the Joel puppet, along with a few City books, followed guidance and with Charles' blessing, off we went. The book signing was at the Barnes & Noble store that night in Phoenix. on Wed. Jan.2. There must have been a few hundred others there who must have had the same wish.  

Charles had called the store earlier, (and alerted the manager that we had this gift of the marionette to present to Joel). The manager graciously allowed us to come in and not stand in the long line outside, that seemed to go 1/2 way back to Sedona. Mission almost accomplished! We got his look-alike on a stand (puppets need a bit of help), near where Joel was to sign his books and I began to get the excited anticipation of seeing him up close and personal.  

Now I have met through my puppet performances many celebrities from Cary Grant to Bill Cosby, and the list goes on and on, but this wish was about to come true. The store personnel were very gracious and helpful. They even got me a seat while Diana stood in line.  

Then it happened. Joel and his entourage came in the front door and began shaking hands along the human line-up. Honestly, his face (which I knew very well) just glowed. He passed by us heading for his autograph stage of honor. It's all show biz! Except it was my dream, and as Joel says, dreams do come true. I got to slip in line with my book in view, and headed into his station of importance. (The first time). 

When I got to his table, I handed him my book along with his that I had bought, and quietly whispered to him that he needed to read mine because it was about the 2nd coming. He just smiled and nodded ... shook my hand. No mention of the puppet that had been moved to the side, so as not to get knocked over. God had made contact, but that was not all.  

As people moved through and cleared, I was ushered back to him and the puppet was moved forward a bit, enough that I could take him off the stand as Joel came over. I pulled the strings for him, as marionettes are supposed to do. Joel laughed and came next to me. I said this was my gift to him for all the guidance he had given me. He was surprised and I can tell you, standing next to him up close and personal, he is a Light-Chosen One.  

Cameras snapped! My mission was accomplished! 

As Joel says, "God has a great plan for us and is directing our steps."

So, he now has 2 City books and one great miniature of himself that he can keep as a family heirloom, or put up for raising money. This handmade puppet is Best of Show, and is worth over $2,000.

Thanks God, 

Genii Townsend

The City Light Center Information Station 1.1.2014

G: "What information can we receive as we go into this new year of 2014?" 

A: "This year of 2014 makes all the previous years before look like stepping stones, for you have indeed walked your talk so to speak, and people are listening as the world simmers in its own negativity. Now  a much bigger step is on the mental equation to be aware of as the Light Center now established, engages in even more service. 

It is important that both (as the called leader-owners of the Light Center's international information begins its entrance, it would be well for you both to again meet and lay out the steps ahead in complete confidence that you both are being led into the City even as you bring forth the future location and the people who can assist in its progress. 

Steps taken will produce grand results and it is further advised that the ideas of forming a special heading News Letter, entering data from your guides especially YA, can be reproduced in written form that can inspire and give credence of what is about to birth.  Now is the time to enter and begin the City Light Center information station as time is short for appearance. 

Permit love of service to others and your self's to be the banner you carry as you enlist supporters and volunteers of God's purpose to be observed. Begin this new year on a high love note and know all is well with you .Both the Ruthie and the DR. B. watch and guide as possible. You both in human form have led the world that is about to come to your front door step. Make sure it is open with the welcome mat ready to serve with answers. We attend you, begin to begin this new very important year 2014. So guidance it be!" 

In love. 
Genii Townsend

December 2013

Launching The City of Light Info Center 12-29-2013


G: Guidance please. The energy was very strong yesterday regarding The City of Light International Information Center to be established. What would this be designed to do and what is our part in it? Anything else please, to be aware of?  Thank you. 

A: "This IS the current Light Center expanded. 

This operation can fulfill people's unknowing and interest in what is taking place. What is known by those on the scene so to speak (such as the current and future Light Links) is answers to questions on the City, the Sedona Az. area and what is to be addressed. Its full operation with entrance into the City lay in the minds of you both. Interest in local property also plays a part, in the extension of the Light Center for IT IS the official information Center for the City. 

We will keep you both appraised of what is to take place as your Guides each bring forth what is to be activated on a daily basis as needed. In the Charles vocabulary, it could be addressed as 'ultimate destiny’ now in process.  So then, the Light Center should now be attached to, International Information Center, for indeed it will be seen as such and is already in process. This is where people will look for answers. 

You have now on deck so to speak, several who can head up different departments and should include a meeting to possibly begin to begin. Time is short. Charles is invited to be the Head Advisor as guided, and the Genii as informant from the Embassy. As said this is big. . . quite big and will grow far beyond current expectations. It is not by chance you two friends have met some years ago through the Ruthie of Kellogg . She was told to have you both meet as she even now watches what is taking place.  

Setting up certain companies was also in the overall plan as they bring you both into your ultimate destiny contained for God. Inner Guides are ready to assist support they be. Be open to financial support. It will be received and with this we send you both the love of God. 

So light it be!  
Genii Townsend

 OF CRYSTALS AND CITIES OF SUCH! Genii Guidance session: 12-29-2013

 G: "Share with me please about Crystal Cities and Crystal Children, as people are asking me about this." 

ATHERIAN: "People have spoken of Crystal Cities long since, as seen in the mental levels due to the light and power they contain, and crystals are important in your world for many reasons. To have appear a City of only crystals would not be conducive to be practical in daily use, as you live in a 3D world and need to have something you can enter, move through, feel, and have healings as in the Light Modules. Indeed crystals are important and this City of Light will have these in use and even some not from your planet.  

What may be spoken of, seen, or experienced, is the light and power they give off. This City of Light coming into view, is indeed all this and more, but as has been reported, humans in 3D everyday life must have something to relate to, to be healed . This first City of Light may seem what you might say "far out' and for this purpose it surly is ... but needed badly. 

It is not just a sparkly dream floating in the heavens. When delivered, it is solid Light containing sparkling crystals as the Genii has been shown, and each building is this, white sparkle trimmed in real gold.  This City of light must have a solid foundation and thus reflect the Light of God in many directions as a part of the work the High Towers do, from collecting the Uniphase Power Capsules (UPPCs) and transforming them into useable healing light frequencies, even past the City boundaries to other locations. 

As for humans working within the City boundaries, this is a topic for an Embassy visit as it has several components attached connected to the Crystal Children now entering and the 4 Keys 'Light Links' future appointments, as they play an important part with the new paradigm entering your planet, as peacemakers using love as their Crown of Honor. 

There is more of course and a Embassy visit return is suggested.. so truth it be!

In the Sedona area there should now be begun a

                                            CITY OF LIGHT INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION CENTER!

( as this is 'THE' prototype for all the other Cities of Light coming forth around the planet.) 

So truth it be!
Genii Townsend  

The Christmas Gift 12.25.13

 The Invitation said ... "Enter into the City. Ooo-lon awaits you." 

As I quietly enter into my higher vibrational frequencies, I am looking at this invitation as a gift on a special day. In vision ... This City gate looks quite festive with green holly wreaths across the top, and at the foot there is an angel with open arms of welcome. That is a good start! Looks like Christmas. I am met at this particular gate by 2 Guides, La-Luke of Earth City, and YA of Universal Sky.  Looks like a good beginning. 

We enter, by-passing many people in festive moods and why not? On Earth as it is in heaven, and it is Christmas and this is the promised City of Light, the first of many coming forth. Woopie! 

We move through the Relaxation Park where we see the funny trolley awaiting us ... all aboard!  No snow in the City ... just a comfortable temperature. The trolly stops at the back door of the Embassy as we enter and go through the backstage drapes to see Ooo-Lon standing at stage edge with hundreds of  E.T. friends standing and applauding. I feel the honor and love of this amazing welcome.

Wow! It is quite a sight. Now what I wondered! Three stage seats were provided as Ooo-lon motioned for us to be seated. I am ready to sit down with the massive energy coming from the audience, and I am not even a Pope or something. 

O: "I have called you here Lady Light for a reason. We have one more guest." 

From out of stage right comes this blazing light with astonishing frequencies. It just has to be ... yes, the Christ. I could partially make out a see-thru figure, but with the love I sense, (that I have felt before unlike any other) it has to be the Christ. Good thing I am still sitting. Oh my God! 

Ooo-lon raises his hand and the huge audience quiets down in honor of this occasion.

O: We are honored to have this entity of Christ light here on this human celebration day of his birth with a few words to be given in your sensual frequencies." 

With that, this light figure glowed even more (if that is possible) as I feel such love like I recognized I have experienced several times before unexpectedly. I am totally sure, it indeed is the Christ light, and then he spoke! 

C: "This day is celebrated in your world of my human birth, and blessed am I to give you all reason to celebrate, and even give loving gifts of love and fun in a part of your human behavior which is embedded in this City of Light. I come forth as this City, as this planet must be cleansed of un-love, which leads to illness as you call it. 

You await the direct appearance of my gift to your world that can do nothing other than to heal this planet in love and light. I can assure you that this is needed, and will be found to be the solution of any and all problems that have been stirred by incorrect thinking . The time is now, for too long has this un-love held people prisoners of their own thinking and passing that un-love to others who get the virus, to continue the same pattern. No more! 

This miracle City will pull out any sickness one may have to endure, and will indeed take place. The ending of all wrongful thoughts one may have, will be cleared and joy will fill the Earth's atmosphere. Your outer 3D world is in process of clearing mental acuity to bring forth my love feeling. Those who choose to stay in darkness will not be permitted to stay and effect others, as the light power even now is activated and with that power all is being effected. 

Prepare for the vision you now sit in, is now being embellished and seen as this power is being used to clear minds of anything other than love and support. So then enjoy this day of love and peace, for I walk among you and bring my light into the outer appearance with what will make this planet shine in the heavens. Expect my love to be experienced anytime. God attends you."

And with this the light just vanished, and only Ooo-lon is seen, and he too leaves stage left. 

With this, I find myself coming out of a deep meditative state remembering that this is Christmas Day. My puppy Light Spirit has some goodies that Santa Paws left for him, plus my forever-friend Charles, and maybe me too, will enjoy a Merry City Christmas to be sure.

Thanks God.
Genii Townsend



Genii:  "And what is to be known as I send light into several projects now on the drawing board for Charles and me?" 

Answer:  "As wishes are made so comes the results. The land ranch, the high energy money, and the book of the City to those of interest and also of course the City of Light. 

All wishes that come from love and serving as is projected here, so you can expect the results to be in perfect divine order of God's desires through your hands, minds and hearts enclosed in those wishes. Wishes have the power of completion especially when the wisher is ready to serve God in love, and so it is with the Genii's light line this day. It could not be otherwise when love is the intent and it surly is in the Genii's light wish-works as the tone goes out embedded with love energy to please. 

Be open and ready to receive on a moment's notice, for God works, as you say in mysterious ways. and it is in the Christ-ness to please and with God anything is possible, especially when he is on your door step. Remember the light in the hall? 

Have a God day as your wishes in God hands is like Santa Clause ready to deliver.. all is well  ... actually very well ... so Christmas it is. It would be of good ideas to look at what will take place 'after' all of these wishes are produced? Imagine that! It has much power in completion thoughts. 

So light it be!
Genii Townsend

YA Here! 12-22-2013 

G:  "What am I to know YA?" 

YA: "The Genii ascends in light and the love of the Christ now embedded in the DNA. You walk a high path into the City and it is advised that you take advantage of this invitation again given to experience ... soon. 

Your world changes quickly now, as more pieces of your puzzle of what is left of your life come into view. The new technology to be allowed to your planet through the City premises, will itself make for great changes never before felt or even known of. Look for the changing of people's thinking as love enters and un-love leaves, and it will. That you can count on. 

Your concerns for the animals that have no protection from dark minds who care not, will be the first to be changed. The Charles has said," It is those dark minds that is what needs to be changed to save the animals from the horror they have been subject to and experienced." This is correct and as the City comes forth now, will have those of dark minds to change. They will have no recourse. It will be done. 

This Christmas will and already has the light wave shifting in where it has not been felt before, but will now as there is no recourse, but to change or leave the planet. At this very moment, this planet, is into a full make-over. For too long those who have the 'only me' attitude will find themselves alone in their thinking, as those around them feel the love that has entered. 

Your personal child-like innocence that comes to the surface, plays a part, as love comes forth and some may think that due to this softness that you have no power. (Foolish thinking I say). Actually you use it as a way to hide your power with love to be used, when needed. 

YA as your teacher leader is on duty 24/7 as you say, and is leading you and bringing forth the City which is prime. So Dear One, be open and ready to move as guided and indeed make another inside City trip to the Embassy as Ooo-Lon  awaits the spoken words with you. The holiness of this season has brought to you the Christ energy and tapped you in its love. 

Be happy Daughter of Light, for much is about to draw you into the limelight and with this, people will indeed listen as you speak the Christ truth for all to rejoice that God has thought enough of your current home planet to see it shine in the heavens from an Earth location and is the first of many Cities. 

Come from love and love will come to you in forms you could not imagine at this conversation moment. Santa wears a City suit of light that shine into the new year, to gift the people, as time makes a friend in the New Year that is filled with the promise of new lives...indeed friends from space even now knock on your mental physicality door of ... it is here! 

As you listen to the sounds of the holiday season know that each tone is filled with light and of love so spread the tone of God and enjoy it's echo. 

I am YA ...  space speaker of the Genii."
Genii Townsend

Several Questions 12-21-2013

 Genii: Guidance please in several areas... thank you... 

*Soda Springs Ranch property...

*Joel Osteen. Houston. Diana  Meet-up.

*Victoria puppet. 

* City update

A:  "The ranch property has been cleansed and is now open to those who band together to secure in light what is to be accomplished there. The Charles has his spirit ideas well formed and this is indeed, the basic floor plan as it comes together in the highest order of Divine manner.  

Much can be accomplished there, as the City enters your Sedona domain. All is not known yet as people will see the use of this property from various view points. It would be wise consul as the Charles and the Genii have agreed, that she keep the holy light on it and cancel anything not befitting the Christ plan. 

The Joel encounter will take place as the Diana enters his domain with her light of achievement. You can depend on that! The rest will follow as footsteps in light. 

The Victoria puppet can be put aside until such time as will be more appropriate and you are delighted to create her from the heart start if needed. 

The City remains in readiness to appear. Stay with it in your Christ light and it will. Be of good cheer. The Christ is here leading you to the open gates and a re-visit is possible. Look to YA for new guidance. 

So Grand this all be. Praise God!" 

Genii Townsend

Blessed Inheritance 12/14/2013 

G: Guidance please re money, City appearance and anything other important. Thank you. 

Atherian:  "The Genii looks to be blessed in several ways and indeed this is not only possible but probable. Remember, it is all an illusion you made up, even the rocks against a blue sky, so why not all the money you could ever enjoy? Remember the money wave of yesterday? Ahhhhh! 

Continue your money light treatments to be in the flow of that was described yesterday and expect God’s blessings to fulfill you. This was not just idle thinking but quite on target as given ... even today the money wave entered your consciousness as it wiped away old programming and you can depend on its production coming for fact not fiction.  

As a goddess leader of the City, this Dear One is great news, as God delights in giving you your God inheritance for all the consistent knowing and sharing of the City of Light with millions to be blessed, as the world shakes off its darkness which then leaves only the light.  Money is yours and the Charles as well, friend and indeed this friend will be seen quickly. Bless it , honor it as it is God in form as you are also in physical form. Expect fun money to play with or give way and just snuggle into it.  

The waiting is over ... joy is here!  Enter into today feeling the God part of you, as the love in your heart reaches out to many from your bank accounts. 

This is so! So lucky it be! 

Report to the Charles-partner that his work as God reporting through his guidance that he can fully expect to be comforted handsomely as the money comes in to view and into his hands. The empty is filled! As God and the Brotherhood applauds his efforts. That this team action of you two makes for completion in all areas desired. Enjoy today more on the way. 

SO $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ IT BE!

Genii Townsend


G:  "Guidance please about money including lottery and investments thank you. 

A:  "Money is energy as you are quite aware. A certain amount = a certain amount. For a vast amount, see a massive wave like a tsunami of money engulfing you, not as water (which is also energy) but so huge you cannot see through It no matter where you look . 

You picture the City vividly, so why not money? This energy wave of money is manna from heaven. You are totally absorbed in this money energy. You are a visionary, so envision being absorbed in money. You are walking talking money, rich beyond these mere words. 

You can embody money as an energy force so strong, you cannot escape this wave. In Aladdin, he rubs the lamp. In this wave you are the lamp. Just because you have never had so much money is not a reason to continue this past thought and not a reason not to accept what this money wave is and enjoy it. 

It is the fruits of God's pleasure to give you the kingdom of money energy beyond your dreams and all that goes with that with an open mind and heart. God's gifts are really free for the asking, for it is only formed, shaped energy in any amount. (This is all an illusion, (you made it all up), so why not a cash flow? Why not have fun with it as well. 

Remember the duck race you bet on some years past? Not only did one win the race but 2 more as well and no one had ever done that before. Money is just a duck with millions of money feathers. Be open to the big wave of winning, as God waves back at both you and the Charles. Happy thoughts to play with. Get ready. Energy money may be waving back at you for the taking. 

So vision it be! even on Friday 13... Aha !!!!
Genii Townsend

SODA SPRINGS RANCH Morning guidance - 12-10-2013   


A: "The Genii works in light frequencies to clear off and out any undesirable elements that for centuries has been within the land itself, bringing peace, love, and harmony to each blade of grass and all that the property contained thus making way for the future occupants. The Charles can indeed look forward to being the host of this property as he is guided to invest in. The value of the financial investments and interests can play and pay for such a new venture plus, areas of daily living. 

It is therefore an invitation to God to support these efforts as the City also engulfs with its power the ways of determining the strategy desired. As the light being now felt around the Sedona area, comes from the City itself as has been described, also gives this property a gift of its power. 

Stay in the light, be open to what steps to take and know that God has everything spoken of, well in hand. Permit harmony and love be both your way as you are led forth into God's magnificent adventure taking many people with you both.

So light it be! and so it is!
Genii Townsend


                              City Arrival ... SOONER THAN SOON!  

Whenever I am asked, when will the City of Light arrive, the inner answer always comes back as, "Soon." 

Genii: "As I heard a Christmas carol last night on the television, it triggered a close feeling surrounding me of the Christ, and tears of exceptional love was experienced for a few moments ... nothing seen, but certainly felt. What is going on please?" 

A:  "Is it not true that previous meetings have been experienced before including in the Embassy of the City?" 

Is not it true that the City nears to be discovered in your location? 

Is it not true that the Christ of this City has already spoken of his part in bringing the City forth? 

Is it not true that there is a connection? 

Why would you not have an extraordinary feeling of love and nearness of both the City and the Christ? As the days pass, it is possible that more of the same could be sensed as the City begins its materialization into your 3D world. 

The appearance time span shortens and with it comes what you have dreamed of and been in many times, and is about to open its doors. Your revelation with being with the Christ in the Embassy is proof of that, as he brings forth the City as prophesied many centuries before. 

Be at peace dear lady light for the world will know of your love and sacrifices throughout the years of several lifetimes. You will indeed even live in the City proper on the map markings named 'Evergreen', by the Dr. Bill and your entrance comes sooner than soon. Just be aware as the energies move through your light body frequencies. 

Be aware of other strange events through feelings, and more will begin to make sense. Just be fore-learned.  

Love makes all things well and good. Be at peace and see the SOON appear sooner than later...indeed!  

So informed this message be in love! 

Genii Townsend  

November 2013


It is one thing to take a tour titled 'Walking in Walt's footsteps' at Disneyland as the Tour Guide reports thru an earphone in my right ear, but another hearing Mr. D. commenting in my left ear on what the Tour Guide was saying at places we stopped at. WHAT? Yep....true! This year for my birthday, my business partner and super friend Charles Betterton took me to my favorite place on the planet, Disneyland. Actually we go there many times for me to get my happy fix, and a need to stop the world and get off. 

We have a kind of regular stopping places we enjoy other than the tour. Monte Crisco sandwiches at the Blue Bayou with waitress Linda serving up the goodies. Then on to the Jedi show where I get to be a Jedi master and watch little kids destroy the dark side of Darth Vader with small light sabers. The Aladdin musical has bought us in the theater to date 59 times and Soaring over California is a must. 

Some years ago sitting on a bench on Main Street after a parade had just passed (and being a sensitive) I felt an energy sit next to me on my right side. No one was seen except within me as somehow I can see sprit beings of light and angels which I call 'see-thru's.' This time I sensed it was Mr. D. oh my this is interesting... and new. So I am adding some messages he gave me from the Main Street bench as well as during the tour which include his comments as a parade was going by. Get ready for some fun.

I love my life, thanks God!


As about 18 of us began our trip around the park. Hitting all the places of importance, we began hearing about the Disneyland opening in 1955 and Walt commented on what took place such as: 

1. " I have taken this trip before, I am the original."  

2.  " I gave a pretty good speech if I do say so myself."  (As the Guide turned on a video 25 seconds TV moments of him that opening day) 

3. "I just read your program of walking in my steps. I'll carry you." 

4. (Coming to the castle) "It was a great inspiration!"                                           

5 (Cartoon Goofy passes). "I like Goofy, as I felt that way quite a bit. Also my brother Roy was an inspiration giver."

 (Tour Guide turns on TV comments on the different lands at Disneyland.)

6. " Oh I am on TV. What a plan that was of different lands and it was a great idea." 

(Tour Guide tells us we are now in Fantasy Land behind the castle.)

7. "It's fun walking in your shoes. Haven't been back here for quite a while." 

(Tour Guide, speaking of the carousel and  telling us how long it has been here in front of the Peter Pan ride.)
 8. "This was a favorite of mine. Have fun!" 

(We climb aboard the flying ship inside to begin our ride.)

9. "Haven't done this for awhile...hold on." 

(It was dark inside as we flew  and only tiny lights could be seen. Hard to take notes.)

10. "These lights were a bitch to put in! " 

 (Walking into Frontier land)

11. "This took a lot of thought but the big ship was fun. We added the live ducks later. The Golden Horseshoe theater was a brilliant idea. However, it was a hectic time for it all to be completed." 

 (Next came the petrified tree he gave to his wife.)

12. "It was a strange gift but she loved me, so I gave it to her." 

(New Orleans area. The Tour Guide spoke on the Blue Bayou restaurant, pirates, overhead apt. and Club 33.)

13. " Club 33 is a handy place, eloquent, friendly and private. Getting hungry?
 (Washroom visit for everyone at this point.)

14. "I don't get to go into these very much anymore but I’m glad I had them built."

(Train sound in the background.)

15. "Loved trains...still do!" 

(Our last visit was to his apartment over the fire station on Main Street.)

16. "Looking good. They have taken care and done a good job of keeping it (all 500) feet of a special place. It looks small but comfortable with lots of memories. A good creative space, quiet too." 

 (At this point I see this light spirit sit himself into one of the 2 rocking chairs to the left as I faced the window and had the feeling of a man who was humble and loved this room. He was here quite a bit, as his lands were being built and this which was as he says,  his get-a-way space.) 

17. "I miss loving chili. " (He suddenly said.) 

(We were able to take a peek into his shower which had 4 shower spouts from low to high.  Not sure why? Then back into the main room) 

18." We did a lot of sentimental stuff here."                                               

(Genii: Anything else?) 

19."Just that it was quite an experience speaking thru you. First and foremost Disneyland is just today what I had envisioned and would be seen even years later." 

(With this all conversation ended as the tour was completed, but that is not the end of the conversations...) 

Genii: Thanks Mr. D. for me too, this was quite a fun trip with you. See you again soon on the Main Street bench.

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