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Walking in Walt Disney's Footsteps

DISNEYLAND 11-15-2013

It is one thing to take a tour titled 'Walking in Walt's footsteps' at Disneyland as the Tour Guide reports thru an earphone in my right ear, but another hearing Mr. D. commenting in my left ear on what the Tour Guide was saying at places we stopped at. WHAT? yep....true!

This year for my birthday, my business partner and super friend Charles Betterton took me to my favorite place on the planet, Disneyland. Actually we go there many times for me to get my happy fix, and a need to stop the world and get off.

We have a kind of regular stopping places we enjoy other than the tour. Monte Crisco sandwiches at the Blue Bayou with waitress Linda  serving up the goodies. Then on to the Jedi show where I get to be a Jedi master and watch little kids destroy the dark side of Darth Vader with small light saber's. The Aladdin musical has bought us in the theater to date 59 times and Soaring over California is a must.

Some years ago sitting on a bench on main street  after a parade had just passed (and being a sensitive) I felt an energy sit next to me on my right side. No one was seen except within me as somehow I can see  sprit beings of light and angels which I call 'see-thru's.' This time I sensed it was Mr. D. oh my.. this is interesting... and new. So I am adding some messages he gave me from the main street bench as well as the tour which enclose comments as a parade was going by. Get ready for some fun.

I love my life, thanks God !

Walking in Walt's Footsteps Tour Commentary

As about 18 of us began our trip around the park. Hitting all the places of importance, we began hearing about the Disneyland opening in 1955 and Walt commented on what took place such as..

 1. " I have taken this trip before, I am the original."

 2.  " I gave a pretty good speech if I do say so myself."  (As the Guide turned on a video 25 seconds TV moments of him that opening day)

 3. "I just read your program of walking in my steps. I'll carry you."

 4. (Coming to the castle) "It was a great inspiration!"                                      

5. (Cartoon Goofy passes). "I like Goofy, as I felt that way quite a bit. Also my brother Roy was an inspiration giver."

(Tour Guide turns on TV comments on the different lands at Disneyland.)

6. " Oh I am on TV. What a plan that was of different lands and it was a great idea."

(Tour Guide tells us we are now in Fantasy Land behind the castle.)

7. "It's fun walking in your shoes. Haven't been back here for quite a while."

(Tour Guide, speaking of the carousel and  telling us how long it has been here in front of the Peter Pan ride.)
 8. "This was a favorite of mine. Have fun!"

(We climb aboard the flying ship inside to begin our ride.)

9. "Haven't done this for awhile...hold on."

(It was dark inside as we flew  and only tiny lights could be seen. Hard to take notes.)

10. "These lights were a bitch to put in! "

 (Walking into Frontier Land)

11. "This took a lot of thought but the big ship was fun. We added the live ducks later. The Golden Horseshoe theater was a brilliant idea. However, it was a hectic time for it all to be completed."

 (Next came the petrified tree he gave to his wife.)

12. "It was a strange gift but she loved me, so I gave it to her."

(New Orleans area. The Tour Guide spoke on the Blue Bayou restaurant, pirates, overhead apt. and Club 33.)

13. " Club 33 is a handy place, eloquent, friendly and private. Getting hungry?

(Washroom visit for everyone at this point.)

14. "I don't get to go into these very much anymore but Iím glad I had them built."

(Train sound in the background.)

15. "Loved trains...still do!" 

(Our last visit was to his apartment over the fire station on Main Street.)

16. "Looking good. They have taken care and done a good job of keeping it (all 500) feet of a special place. It looks small but comfortable with lots of memories. A good creative space, quiet too."

(At this point I see this light spirit sit himself into one of the 2 rocking chairs to the left as I faced the window and had the feeling of a man who was humble and loved this room. He was here quite a bit, as his lands were being built and this which was as he says,  his get-a-way space.)

17. "I miss loving chili. " (He suddenly said.)

(We were able to take a peek into his shower which had 4 shower spouts from low to high.  Not sure why? Then back into the main room)

18." We did a lot of sentimental stuff here."                                           

(Genii: Anything else?)

19."Just that it was quite an experience speaking thru you. First and foremost Disneyland is just today what I had envisioned and would be seen even years later.

(With this all conversation ended as the tour was completed, but that is not the end of the conversations...)

Genii: Thanks Mr. D. for me too, this was quite a fun trip with you. See you again soon on the Main Street bench.


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