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City of Light Message January 6, 2015


Genii: "What am I to know regarding a message that came through yesterday, that an electric charge from the universe will be sent to jump-start the City of Light? Confirm please. Also please tell me about any ET activity here in Sedona now, and anything else to be known or do? Thank you."

Atherian: "The lightning bolt, so called, is correct in that the maneuvering of light currents is needed to turn the City on.  It is the way the City of Love will light up.

“In its current earth planet position this charge is necessary for it to be seen and used. As you know the technology to bring forth this mammoth undertaking is just that, a very highly technical technology, even from our point of view. Some miracles take a bit of doing to make it happen in the eyes of the public.  For instance, this is a God miracle, with a little help from us who call the universe our home state, thus making the City perfect in its grand entrance."

G:  "Will this electric charge be seen or endanger anyone?"

A: "Seen? Probably not, as it is done at an upper level, but it could make for a slight weather change in your area. No one will be aware except those who know of this message. OK?

“And, Dear One, about the Universal Light Being’s (you call ETs) activity in your area, oh my of course, as they are responsible for the City of Healing Light and its appearance. We laugh as they are not to be feared by any means. The Genii has met many in the City Embassy and what was felt.”

G: "Love, like I have never experienced in my life. If this is what God is bringing forth, I am all for it. We really need this kind and loving outside-interest to help us get this crazy planet moving forward instead of what we see today in the world."

A: "And with that in mind, the first City of Light appears as if by magic."

G: "This is really quite exciting even after waiting for so many years. You’ll come!"

A: "The Lord God is so heavenly evolved and would have it no other way. This has been called the Second Coming and there will be no need for a 3rd or 4th, for this Second Coming, so called, will do the job quite nicely, and show everyone what God can do magically.  His love is endless, as with all the Universal Entities who do their part bringing forth the City of Light.

“Indeed, all is well and as a musical piece now playing says, ‘you light up my life’ and God intends to do just that! Have a good day. Your patience is appreciated and we too, look to see the City's grand entrance. All is well and so it is!          

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