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Intentional Communities and A Sedona Model

Would you like to experience living in an intentional community
with a focus on Spirit, Service, Stewardship and Sustainability?

Intentional Community is an inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, alternative communities, and other projects where people strive together with a common vision. Fellowship for Intentional Community


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Charles Betterton, one of the cofounders of the Universal Stewardheirship, Inc. has lived in spiritually oriented intentional communities for over 25 years including Stelle, Illinois. He served as publisher and managing Editor of Communities Journal of Cooperation for five years and he cofounded the Fellowship for Intentional Community. Charles is a Certified Economic Development Specialist, he has generated several million dollars in grants and donations for non-profit organizations and communities. He also has a Master's in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University.

The model intentional community project has been introduced at a couple of other web sites previously. They include: http://www.ultimatedestinyuniversity.org/NTIC/ ; http://centerforspiritualliving.wordpress.com/; AND http://newthoughtcommunity.wordpress.com/.  

Now through Universal Stewardheirship and the participating organizations and projects including Sedona Collaborative Enterprises, the vision of community may be realized as a result of the other synergistic components of the collaborative. For example, the ongoing calendar of seminars, workshops, playshops and Retreat Center programs will generate greater public awareness of the Collaborative including the intentional community component. And Universal Stewardheirship, Inc. could be the vehicle for attracting some or all of the capital required to acquire, develop and operate an intentional community property.

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