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Wanted: Human beings concerned about the planet and interested in learning how to be human together in small enough groupings to mean anything to each other, and large enough to survive. Women and men respecting personhood, sharing insights urban, rural touching of the universe. Prepared to build political, social, economic, ethical models toward spiritual growth. Please make contact.  
From the back cover of Communities, Journal of Cooperative Living, 1985

Who Else Would Like to Help Create Programs and Facilities That Help People Discover How the Ancient Wisdom Known as New Thought Can Help Them Awaken to Their True Spiritual Identity, Realize More of Their Inherent Potential and Know How to Manifest Their Ultimate Destiny?

We are seeking to connect with potential co-creators of one or more intentional communities based on New Thought Principles. What we are envisioning could serve as a larger scale model for conscious sustainable living with a focus on service, stewardship and spiritual orientation (rather than religious). You may enjoy a couple of related articles, The Art and Science of Community and A Lifetime in Pursuit of Community. They both contain some great quotes on community.

If you have read the works included in our Featured Resources by Ernest Holmes (founder of Religious Science), Charles and Myrtle Fillmore (co-founders of Unity), Joel Goldsmith, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Joseph Murphy, and Catherine Ponder, can you imagine the potential global impact of a model intentional community based on New Thought? (Click Here to download a free 45-page PDF of Creative Mind by Dr. Holmes.)

The synergy between New Thought, especially Science of Mind and The Celestine Prophecy and other works by James and Sallie Redfied and the global popularity of The Secret would seem to suggest the world is seeking what New Thought has to offer. 

When Doc Childre, founder of HeartMath was once asked what he thought about New Thought, his response was: " It isn't New Thought, it's Now Do!"

The purpose of this web site is to share possible programs, projects and resources that could help further introduce the legacy of New Thought to a much larger global audience while attracting the resources necessary to acquire property and build demonstration centers and intentional communities based on the Principles and Practices of New Thought. 

You will find several possible projects and Fundraising Strategies already listed including co-producing large-scale events as presented in the Discover and Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny Symposium, a project to gather stories from people who have had a significant experience with New Thought that would be published; a project to adapt the Ultimate Destiny Success System to feature New Thought resources, and of course, the vision of co-creating intentional communities. We invite you to use the Interest Survey to share your ideas, vision and suggestions. 

One Possible Demonstration Site:

We have located a 900 acre property near Anza, CA that is for sale and that would make an ideal intentional community site. It has about 100 acres already developed with administrative buildings, full size gym, recreational facilities, dining hall for 350+-, and lodging for about 100.

The infrastructure is in place that could enable the site to become a sustainable intentional community off of the grid for perhaps as many as 1,000 residents. That particular site is located about half way between Palm Springs and Temecula CA.  Click Here for more details including photos, possible use of the facility, possible revenue streams and letters of intent being solicited.

Interim Implementation and Fundraising Strategies:

To begin to coalesce like-minded and like hearted individuals, we are establishing a membership program, advisory committees, beginning to solicit donations and seed grants and we have set up a blog site for co-creative participation at

To begin to develop an economic base for the development of New Thought Centers and intentional communities, we are exploring several Fundraising Strategies. Some of them will produce full and part-time jobs for potential residents of the new communities. 

Producing Large-Scale Events with New Thought Authors and Leaders:

Several of our team members have had many years of experience producing large-scale community development events with world-class trainers such as Norman Vincent Peale, Brian Tracy, Les Brown,
Jim Rohn, Bonnie St. John, Mark Victor Hansen, etc. for up to 1,800 people in a day.

One of our project committees will begin to develop and implement periodic events in facilities such as
the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, CA and the Creative Life Center in Sedona, AZ. (See for the history and the New Thought Symposium for the proposed future.)


There are several ways you can participate and help generate financial support for the New Thought Community Project. In addition to becoming a Charter Member, making whatever donations of time, energy and money are appropriate for you, you can help generate funding just by letting anyone you know who might be interested know about this web site and the blog site.

If you resonate with this brief introduction to our vision, please complete the Interest Survey and join us as a Charter Member and or make a donation. If you know someone else who might be interested in this project, please send them this page.

Thank you.

    Charles Betterton

PS. We are presently seeking an interim base of operations somewhere in San Diego County. Ideally, it would also allow us to conduct periodic gatherings of this project team and others interested in intentional community.  Click Here for details.

PPS. Please join the Fellowship for Intentional Community and support the
movement as it blesses you!  Memberships are as low as $30 year and the
Directory of Communities
is now only $24.