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StewardHeirShip University for Successful Living

There are already thousands of organizations, web sites, publications and classes that teach individual facets of living a successful life such as personal growth, business success, financial freedom and prosperity, etc. To go beyond those individual areas of focus, we are creating the Stewardheirship University for Successful Living to provide advanced comprehensive resources for students who are interested in fulfilling their ultimate destiny and living a life and leaving a legacy of stewardheirship. The initial course curriculum will be the 14 stand-alone programs in the Ultimate Destiny Success System published by Universal Stewardheirship, Inc.

Which Pieces of Solving Your Universal StewardHeirShip 
Success Puzzle Are Most Important To You Personally?
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A Comprehensive "University for StewardHeirShip"

Over 1,200 pages in 14 stand-alone digital programs!

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For More Information: Please contact Charles Betterton by phone at 760-212-9931 or by email to ceo@universalstewardheirship.com.  Thank You!

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