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Structured Water 101* What is it? Why is it so important?

"When one understands our innate life blood and Structured Water are one and the same; the truth of Nature, we then know we are standing in the doorway to fulfill our Destiny. We are in the Grace of Receivership." 
Clayton Nolte, inventor of Natural Action Structured Water Devices

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If you want water as nature made it, this is for you. Dec. 28, 2012 By Renee Trenda

I really enjoyed Clayton Nolte's "Introduction to Structured Water." It contained all the information I was hoping to find, in easy to understand language. I have been experimenting with various water systems for many years, and Clayton's understanding and wisdom about following the methods of nature itself is just what I was looking for. For a few years, I collected rain water as my drinking water in order to have unadulterated water, and because I had decided that I would not consume either chlorine or fluoride any longer. That was actually the best tasting water ever. Then I went from that extreme, to using the very expensive Kangen Water Machine. There is a whole chapter devoted to what is wrong with that thing, and I had intuitively agreed with everything he said. I had quit using the Kangen machine because I did not like the water it produced, and I could tell it damaged the water instead of improving it. I highly recommend Clayton's book for his years of excellent research and clear, insightful delivery of information.



Structured Water is awesome, December 26, 2012 By J A Schmidt

The structured water devices are now available on Amazon. If you have any doubts about how it works or why, this book explains everything. I installed the unit on my house, but enjoyed reading the book to help me understand the process more clearly. Clayton Nolte does a really good job of explaining the system and then includes a great Q&A section to help people understand even better. The book was a big help.


Structured Water is "liquid light" and "liquid love" January 24, 2013 By Genii

Clayton Nolte and his Natural Action structured water devices are a gift to humankind! His vision and mission is to "heal the waters of the planet" This book published by Ultimate Destinyland shares the history of how Mr. Nolte made the discoveries that led to his inventing several different devices for everyone anywhere to be able to enjoy the health benefits and environmental advantages of structured water. The book also provides details of how his devices naturally structure and balance water without any chemicals, moving parts, electricity or filters to replace and how structured water compares with all the other technologies such as reverse osmosis, distillation, electrodyalysis, deionization, ION exchangers, etc, In my inner visits to the City of Light Sedona, my Guides there have shared with me how essential structured water is to our bodies, plants, pets and environment. They have referred to structured water as "liquid light" and "liquid love", Imagine That!

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The free 150+ page PDF edition of the Introduction to Structured Water contains all the information on this web site and it is keyword searchable.

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Table of Contents in the Ebook and Print Book

About Clayton Nolte

Introduction to Structured Water

Bio-Photon Energy

The Process of Structuring Water

Communicating With Water by Clayton Nolte

Chapter 1. How is Water Structured?

Chapter 2. An Interview with Inventor Clayton Nolte

Chapter 3. Natural Action Structured Water Machines

Chapter 4. Health Benefits of Structured Water

Chapter 5. Cost Savings of Structured Water

Chapter 6. Environmental Advantages - How Structured Water Helps the Planet

Chapter 7. Examples of the Benefits of Structured Water

Benefits of Ultimate Structured Water in a Dairy

Benefits of Structured Water in a Greenhouse

Chapter 8. Comparisons With Other Processes

Reverse Osmosis (RO)
ION Exchangers (Water Softeners)
Kangen VS Structured Water

Chapter 9. Technical Data

Chapter 10. Examples of Natural Action Structured Water Devices

Inventor Clayton Nolte with the various structuring water devices
  (Click on the following links for more information on each unit)

Natural Action “Peace and Tranquility” Structured Water Shower Unit
Natural Action Structured Water Portable Unit
Natural Action Structured Water Under the Sink Kitchen Unit
Natural Action Structured Water Garden and Landscape Units
Natural Action Structured Water Whole House Unit
Natural Action Structured Water Commercial, Pool and Spa Units

Chapter 11. Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information
Installation and Placement
Portability and Storage of Structured Water
Consciousness and Water
Health Issues and Water
Protection From EMF’s

Chapter 12. Testimonials

Chapter 13. Universal Stewardheirship, Inc. and Ultimate Destiny University

Chapter 14. Ultimate Water for Humanity

Chapter 15. Featured Educational Resources

More Articles about Structured Water

New Structured Water Devices Hydrate the Body
A New Structured Water Purification Device is Unveiled
Structuring Makes Water Even Wetter
Water Facts-- From Life Experience - Why Water Matters!
Scientific Evaluation Report

Seven Keys for Personal and Planetary Transformation

Free Bonus E-book Fostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability from Universal Stewardheirship

The free 131 page PDF edition of the Introduction to Structured Water contains all the information on this web site and it is keyword searchable.

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Over one billion people lack safe water, and three billion lack sanitation; eighty per cent of infectious diseases are waterborne, killing millions of children each year. — World Bank Institute, 1999

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