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Structured Water Mini and Super Shower Units

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DE Portable DE Mini-Shower DE Mini-Garden


Mini Shower Units

Super Shower Units


"When I take a shower with my Structured Water Shower Unit, it feels like I am enjoying being under a waterfall. It is a peaceful and tranquil experience that I cherish. I take an extra shower unit with me whenever I travel. I am proud to be a distributor for these Structured Water Units!" -- Cindy Shields, Edmonton AB, Canada

Imagine showering under a warm waterfall of enlivened, life benefiting, droplets of water. With a Super Shower product you will be getting the same healthy benefits every time you take a shower. Simply twist off your existing shower head, install one of Natural Action Technologies Super Shower (or Mini Shower) products and then position your shower head back on to our Super Shower product. Its fast and easy!

  • Soft healthy skin and hair

  • More moisture for skin and hair

  • Eliminates itchy skin from chlorinated water

  • No hard water build-up in shower

  • Assists in improving any skin conditions

  • All memory held in water is wiped clean

  • Water that is alive and full of energy

  • Greater sense of well being

  • Take it with you when you travel

The Mini-Shower and Super Shower Structured Water Units are available in the Original and newer Dynamically Enhanced (DE) Models.

The Dynamically Enhanced units work synergistically with the magic the structured water units already provide.  They have a flow-form inside that is the same structure and size as the flow-form in the current units, but is made from a combination of proprietary materials that dynamically enhance the energy of the unit and create a static energy that exists even before the water flowing through the unit is structured. Nothing physical is being deposited or physically added to the water. What is happening is that the structured water is being dynamically and energetically enhanced by the energy in the added materials.  

In addition to all the benefits of the original units, these new units include proprietary materials of crystal and stone that bring their additional energetic properties to the water as well.  Due to FDA rules we can only speak of the properties of the materials in the new units. We have listed those below. Beyond that . . . We make no claims. 

Here is a list of the energetic properties of these materials:     

Properties that restore our bodies, and the environment.

Properties that eliminate and absorb things that are harmful to man and nature.

Properties that have the ability to clean water from almost all inorganic compounds, including pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, free radicals, heavy metals and other harmful organisms.

Properties that neutralize the negative impact of electromagnetic fields.

Properties that increase immunity to illness and disease.

Properties that rejuvenate the skin and increase elasticity.

Properties that enhance and increase the energy of the structured water.

Properties that purify water.


5.0 out of 5 starsWonderful Units, December 26, 2012
I bought the Natural Action Structured Water Home unit over a year ago and it has changed my life. I hated drinking water before I installed the unit and now I can't get enough. I feel better and the shower is my favorite place now. I love how soft and hydrated my skin is now and how infrequently I have to use hand lotion, even in my dry climate. I also purchased the Dynamically Enhanced Portable unit recently to give as a gift. My gift will go to a person in an apartment that can't add a home unit to his plumbing, but I wanted their family to have decent water to drink. They live in California, which has horrible water and I know they are going to enjoy drinking water as much as I do now.  J A Schmidt


New Dynamically Enhanced
SUPER Shower Unit

Buy it Now For Only $499  


SUPER Shower Unit

Buy it Now For Only $349  


New Dynamically Enhanced
MINI Shower Unit

Buy it Now For Only $349  


Original MINI Shower Unit

Buy it Now For Only $199  


The Natural Action Structured Water Unit can be installed in the shower for softer skin and all the advantages attributed to a soft water installation, without the deleterious results of the ion exchanges or brine water. It can also be a multi-use for filling water dispenser jugs or drinking glasses. In most showers this requires a special riser pipe, screwed into the stand pipe to lift it above the head.

The Shower Unit is the smallest of all the units with a basic length of 6 inches and with connector 7 inches and is shorter again because it is at the point of contact with your body with instant hydration. If the shower outlet is too low a 10 inch riser should be available at a local hardware store. If not it is available below.

This unit is most popular you can get full hydration and fill your water bottles too. Another main feature of the shower unit is that it is simple to install AND uninstall! You can take it with you!


  • Hair and skin rinses are cleaner and hair feels better when washed

  • Less soap is necessary when washing

  • No more irritations from pollutants (chlorine, etc.)

  • Prevents dry itchy skin no chlorine smell

  • Promotes longer life (anti-aging)

  • More refreshing showers and bath (Replace soft water units)

  • Reduces odors around/in bathrooms and toilets

  • Clothes are washed and rinsed cleaner in the laundry

  • Removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits

Super Shower Unit

Buy it Now For Only $349  

Shower Unit with 10" Riser

This is the same as the standard Shower Unit**, but includes a 10" riser to maintain the level of the showerhead at the standard level. This is recommended for anyone taller than 5'2". ** Showerhead is not included

Original Super
Shower Unit with Riser


Buy it Now For Only $369  


Dynamically Enhanced
SUPER Shower Unit

Buy it Now For Only $499  


Dynamically Enhanced SUPER Shower
Unit with Riser


Buy it Now For Only $519  

Ready for even more exciting background information? Click these links and enjoy!


 You Are Fully Protected By
Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

  We offer you a 90 day unconditional guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied during that time, just return the unit for a 100% return of your investment. If you do decide to keep the unit, we also offer a lifetime replacement guarantee!

 For further information please contact Charles Betterton at:

Natural Structured Water
C/O Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc.
PO Box 20072, Sedona, AZ 86341

Toll Free in USA 888-483-7538

+1 928-554-4732



Over one billion people lack safe water, and three billion lack sanitation; eighty per cent of infectious diseases are waterborne, killing millions of children each year. World Bank Institute, 1999

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