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Rev. Dr. William Townsend

Some people called him Rev. Dr. William J. Townsend. Some people called him Dr. Bill. Some people called him a great meditation teacher, an inner channel, and thru his own inner guidance brought forth the now known City of Light ...SOMETHING'S COMING book information.

I called him super husband, gentle friend and spiritual teacher. 

He served the Apple Valley, California Religious Science church for 26 years before we met. We married and were inner guided to open the Light Center in Las Vegas for 4 years  while serving off and on in the Las Vegas Religious Science Church and also marrying people at certain chapels. Then he was called to the Religious Science church in Tucson, Arizona where he served for 8 years until he made his transition in 1998.

Thru many consultations as a minister he quickly learned that the human mind can bring forth good health, and not so good health. So he decided to put all that he saw repeated and wrote this book which includes the physical ailments and the mental reason plus an affirmation to assist in it's healing.  It became mind over matter or how are we thinking which proved itself over and over. 

It is with love and appreciation to my Bill for all he did to help people understand this concept and thus heal themselves...

Enjoy and be love it be!

Genii Townsend

Cofounder of The Light Center

Author of SOMETHING'S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing!


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