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Foreword for the Medical Community by Dr. Rick Cohen

To YOU the magnificent Medical Community, I openly challenge each and every one of you to open your minds and your hearts to the possibilities presented within these pages. The basic premise of this book, is to accept the fact that we are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience, Not human beings having a spiritual experience. Therefore as Spiritual Beings, know our thoughts and emotions are very powerful and create either Harmony within the physical body or dis-ease.

The mind-body connection is not a new concept, but one that is gaining a strong foothold within many Physicians, Nurses, and health practitioners across the board. In today's world of Modern Medical technology, incredible strides have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of many dis-eases, however, their are still many dis-eases for which we currently have no cures for. Thus we are still limited to treating symptoms or effects of dis-eases rather than the underlying etiology or cause. Some examples are, Arthritis, Diabetes, High Blood pressure and auto-immune diseases. And what about emotional Stress? A major cause of lowering the effectiveness of our immune system and opening the door wide open to many physical ailments.

The details and recommendations given in this book will definitely challenge you, the scientific community to their validity, but what IF they are right and correct? What if our thoughts and emotions do control our physical bodies? What if the remedies offered here, in the form of positive decrees and affirmations could re-train the subconscious mind and eliminate the causes of dis-ease. What if the Acceptance of our own Spirituality along with the acknowledgement and Acceptance of a Higher Spiritual Power could be tapped into to help produce a balanced , healthy mind and body.  

What if we can learn to heal and eliminate the causes, the underlying etiology of dis-ease by eliminating our own negative thoughts and emotions, ( the roots of dis-ease)

Whatever your own personal religious or spiritual background is, one cannot easily dismiss the existence of a Greater Power, a Greater Intelligence which initially designed and created these magnificent human bodies. If that same Power designed and created these physical forms, don't you think this same Power could help in healing them? Those of you who dedicate your lives to help heal others, are well aware of the marvels of engineering that exist within the human body. 

So why not try and recommend some of the solutions offered in this book as an additional weapon in your arsenal to help your patients. What have you got to lose? The treatment plans offered here are all Non-invasive with NO SIDE AFFECTS! They are also FREE, something your patient's will absolutely take delight in. There is no-thing to lose here by opening our minds to the GREATER POSSIBILITIES being offered here, and Everything to gain. 

We as human beings need to acknowledge the power of our thoughts and emotions( both good and bad) for they serve as the Foundation of our physical, mental and emotional well be-ing. One can no longer dismiss the mind/body connection as being irrelevant. Modern medicine has come a long way in the past 100 years, but there are still many short comings which need to be addressed.

Why do you think Alternative medicine has turned into a billion dollar industry? The answer is because traditional medicine in many cases has no answers for people who are suffering and in pain . Many times they are given drugs to treat their symptoms but not the Cause, and many of these drugs have the potential for severe side affects. Patients become frustrated and look elsewhere for relief. If you were in their shoes, what would you do?  

What if the treatment solutions offered in this book are the MISSING LINK to help eradicate the root causes of dis-ease? 

I'm just saying!!!! 

Dr. Rick Cohen

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