Programs - Dynamics of Personal Motivation by Paul J. Meyer
Paul J. Meyer's  Personal Motivation is the best selling personal development program in the world! Discover your untapped potential! Learn the key to motivation and the inner secret that lies within you that will lead to your success in life.

Originally published in 1968, this new, updated version captures 80 percent of the original material in today's language. Plus, it offers many exciting and motivating new lessons.

Topics Covered Program Includes
A World of Abundance
What Is Success
Building a Positive Self-Image
We Are a Conditioned People
Understanding Motivation
Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
Five Success Essentials
Motivation of Goal Setting
Power of Affirmation
Art of Visualization
Setting Personal Priorities
Sustaining Motivation
Courage to Succeed
Becoming a Total Person®
A Manual with 16 Independent Study Sessions
Audio Cassettes to Reinforce the Sessions in the Manual
A Plan of Action to Put New Ideas into Application
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About the Author
Paul J. Meyer is a celebrated leader of the multibillion-dollar self-improvement industry-an industry he pioneered nearly forty years ago when he devoted his career to helping others develop and use their potential for achievement.

Meyer and his family currently own more than forty companies throughout the world. The Meyer Family Enterprises span such fields as personal achievement and professional development, education, publishing, printing, vinyl products, leadership training, manufacturing, finance, commercial real estate, automotive racing, aviation, exotic game ranching and international trade

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