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crowned with the ultimate success of the lord playshop agenda

Opening and Introductions


What do the words “crowned with the ultimate success of the Lord” mean to you?


What would that encompass and feel like to you?


What does the word “ascension” mean to you?


What does the phrase “ascension attitudes” mean to you?


A.S.K. Exercise:


Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge.


What are some attitudes that you believe foster spiritual growth and enlightenment?


Distribute index cards with the Seven Ascension Attitudes. Participants define each one and put them in whatever order they feel is appropriate.


Share the Seven Ascension Attitudes Chart and discuss.


Wheel of Life Exercise


Discussion of how to use Practicing the Presence, Daily Retrospection Chart, Daily Mood and Consciousness Chart, Spiritual Mind Treatment.


Review the Points of Being Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord.


Demonstrate the Correlation of the Seven Ascension Attitudes and the Points of the Crown

Contract with God


Share Power Vision Exercises


Introduce Available Resources


Evaluation and Feedback





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