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write the vision of your being crowned
with the ultimate success of the lord

After prayerfully considering how practicing the Seven Ascension Attitudes will affect you and your life, take a few minutes to vision how each of the Points of  being Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord could manifest in your life. Then write a few words beside each one of the Points listed below.  After you have completed the exercise, write out an affirmation that encompasses your higher vision of living and serving in the state of Being Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord. An example is provided on the following page.



Love and Grace of God:




Peace of Mind that Passes Understanding:




Full Joy of the Lord:




Wisdom with Understanding:




Abundant Provision:




Divine Order:




Perfect Harmony:









Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord Exercise
An Example for Ultimate Destinyland

Write the Vision and Make It So!

Love and Grace of God: Warm. Soft. Secure. Blessed. Blissed. Radiance. Oneness.

Peace of Mind that Passes Understanding. Calm, Assured. Grateful. Knowing this is Godís Work.

Full Joy of the Lord: Light hearted. Happy. Fulfilled. Dwelling in Love and Peace.

Wisdom with Understanding: Clear vision, right focus, right action, right results. True identity. Joint heir with the Christ.

Abundant Provision: God is our Source. This is His Work. We are fully funded, fully staffed, beautiful bases of operation and fields of service.

 Divine Order: We enjoy Heaven on Earth. Everything manifests in Divine Order. All bills, debts, taxes paid in full

Perfect Harmony: Enjoying loving supportive relationships with family, partners, coworkers and associates.

Affirmation: I decide, decree, declare and give thanks that by the Grace of God and the Creative Power of the Christ and Holy Spirit within, CENTER SPACE, Ultimate Destiny and I are Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord. It is so as seen in my mind, felt in my heart, known in  my soul, sown by my spoken and written word and brought forth as I practice the Seven Ascension Attitudes of Love, Praise, Gratitude, Seeking first the Kingdom, Asking, Seeking and Knocking, Letting Go and Letting God and Being Still that I may Know God. Amen.


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