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         GD is Infinite GOOD!

There is only One Infinite Power and One Presence in our universe. We call this  Infinite Power by many names including GD. Each of us is a perfect expression of GD. Therefore I too am a Whole, Complete and Perfect expression of GD. I am an immortal soul, a spiritual being having a spiritual experience, temporarily through this human body temple.

I am so happy and grateful that the desires of my heart are inspired by G
D and they already contain their Divine Fulfillment.  Every- thing I could ever need has already been provided by GD Whose “fill-full-meant” Power is within.

CENTER SPACE and Ultimate Destinyland are G
D’s Work and they are already Whole, Perfect and Complete. All of these GD inspired programs, products and organizations are anointed with the Creative Power of the Christ.

By the Grace of G
D, we and our GD inspired programs, products and organizations bless, serve, prosper and help millions of people A.R.K.—Awaken to Spirit; Realize more of their potential; and Know how to co-create their ultimate destiny.

We practice and teach Seven Ascension Attitudes of: Love; Praise; Gratitude; Seek first the Kingdom; Ask, Seek and Knock; Let go and let God; and Be Still to know God.

As a result, we and all of our programs, organizations, partners and our investors are Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord. We are blessed with Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Abundant Provision and Prosperity, Divine Order and Perfect Harmony.

I rejoice at the wonders to which I have been called and I give thanks that these realizations, affirmations and declarations, or something even more ultimate, are NOW SO as seen in my mind, felt in my heart, known in my soul and sown by my mental, written and spoken word.

In Faith and Trust in Infinite G
D, I release my word into the Law and So It Is. Amen.

 Copyright 2011 by CENTER SPACE    All Rights Reserved.  

Copyright 2011-2012 by CENTER SPACE    All Rights Reserved.