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Welcome to Sedona, the Most Beautiful Place in the USA

gerries-dads-cathedral-rocks1Sedona, Arizona has prospered for decades attracting millions of visitors every year to “the most beautiful place in the USA”. For many residents and visitors, Sedona is an experiential “UniverCity” for spiritual, personal and community enlightenment.

While Sedona is widely known for the energy vortexes here, it is also home to what we refer to as Sedona’s “Vortechs”. That stands for the Variety of Opportunities, Resources and Techniques for Enlightenment, Consciousness-raising, Healing, Self-development, Stewardship and Sustainability.

We invite you to consider participating in any of several present and planned non-profit organizations in Sedona. They include: Sedona CENTER SPACE; See-Do-Now CAN DO, and the Center for Conscious Sustainable Living.

The Sedona Center for Conscious Sustainable Living. Through an international “think tank” to address local, regional, national and global challenges and opportunities, world-class authors, presenters and experts in related fields would be invited to come to Sedona and participate in periodic conferences and workshops on topics of greatest interest and impact.

The initial potential programs could include a primary focus on: (1) Conscious Sustainable Living and (2) Consciousness in Economics with Lynne Twist on The Soul of Money and Fundraising from the Heart; Maria Nemeth on the Energy of Money; Catherine Austin Fitts, of Solari, Inc.; Siegfried Finser, author of Money Can Heal, Evolving Our Consciousness; Hazel Henderson, author of Ethical Markets: Growing The Green Economy; and Patricia Auberdene, author of Mega Trends 2010, Seven Trends That Will Change the Way We Live, Work and Invest.

Model Empowerment Resource Centers. Model resource centers would provide area residents expanded access to resources for personal growth and development, professional and career advancement, organizational and community development and empowerment. The ERC’s would include a lending library of books, audio and video programs and provide an ongoing calendar of Empowerment Resource Showcases, seminars and workshops, coaching and mentoring and consulting services in successful living skills.

These include: setting and achieving goals; time management; creative thinking and problem solving; motivation; effective communication; relationships; prosperity; entrepreneurship; publishing; marketing and promotion; Internet marketing; social enterprise development; visioning and strategic planning, etc.

The ERC’s would inventory available assets including facilities, trainers, facilitators and resource providers, listing their skills, interests and needs. The objectives would be to: help leverage existing assets and develop expanded resources that could help residents and visitors realize more of their potential; create and attract new jobs and businesses in the area; help foster a greater sense of community throughout the region; and develop a more diverse and stable local and regional economy.

CAN DO! Large-scale development training programs will be produced with world-class authors and trainers such as Les Brown, Scott and Shannon Peck, Dr. Emmett Miller, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Deepak Chopra. T. Harv Eker, Louise Hay, Bob Proctor, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Colin Tipping, etc.

We have produced community-based, non-profit programs of this scope for up to 1,800 participants since 1990, mostly in a county of 100,000 residents. It is envisioned that these larger events, initially featuring Les Brown, would be held periodically at various locations including Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff and possibly even Phoenix. A primary objective is to introduce New Thought to as many of the millions of visitors to Sedona as possible.