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What Is New Thought? Reviews

"This movie is full of great teachers, information and inspiration. I have studied under Rev. Della Reese Lett since 2000. She teaches from a place of her complete love and trust in God. She also teaches from a place of really knowing that she knows what she knows because she has lived through great highs and lows of life... I was extremely impressed with amount of travel the film maker did to cover this subject from all angles. He was on the east coast and the west coast, up in the north and down in the south... even out to Hawaii. There is no other film as diverse and inspirational as this film. Go ahead and order extra copies for gifts because you're going to want to share this after you've seen it."  - W. White

 "I had the opportunity to watch the DVD through the Eugene, Oregon Center for Spiritual Living. The information was much more than I anticipated. I have studied spiritual works for 35 years. What I most enjoyed about the movie is seeing all the connections of how one thing led to another and where the teachings originated from. I can highly recommend this movie for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction, New Thought, and living a more spiritual life."- K. Gage

 "The movie is filled with historic information about the New Thought movement and as it must follow, Unity.
I learned a great deal, and was moved by the assurance that my gratitude for the principles and beliefs as expressed in the movie convinced me that I made the greatest choice in my life by walking into the doors of NTUC some 25 years ago! I would hope that anyone who views it will be spiritually moved by this wonderful presentation!" - R. A. Hesford

"This movie quickly and clearly explains new thought. It is very interesting and entertaining. I have read a lot about new thought over the last couple of years. It would have been very helpful to watch this movie first. It was very helpful to watch it now." - Merpy

 "This is a most excellent and very well-rounded introduction and history of New Thought. Even though I've been involved in new thought for years, I learned something new!" - Booksponge 

"LOVED this movie and it was so RICH in wonderful history! And.I loved Rev. David Alexander's contribution! I learned SO much! Thank You!" - A.H.S.

"Unity of Bellevue showed this fabulous movie. A great way to step into Spring 2013 -- with an uplifting spiritual movie." - R.M.

"I just finished watching "What Is New Thought?" Wow...excellent, excellent, excellent on all levels! Production values, content, creativity, music, information, form, cast, continuity, flow, clarity, organization...
I do mean this in all sincerity...very well done! Thank you for bringing this to the world. It is the most comprehensive explanation of New Thought I have ever "experienced", because that is what it experience. I cannot wait to share it!!!" - K.K.

"Jon Miller has produced a movie that is much needed in the New Thought community. It is beautifully filmed and educates us to the history of our movement and especially its importance today. It will be shown many times over as a requirement for those in New Thought churches and also an important tool to share with those
wanting to understand who we are as people of faith. I highly recommend it." - Rev. Sydney Magill-Lindquist, Unity Minister & Host of Open Minds Open Hearts Radio Show

"My gratitude is infinite. I wept with joy as I viewed the film yesterday... For those of us who have held the High Watch and kept the silence to bring this truth to the consciousness of humanity, we are deeply grateful that you have told our story." - C.P.

"The movie, 'What is New Thought?' provides a wonderful lift for viewers; it brings us the Truth about how our thoughts work to create our world. I find it very much like the next chapter to the movie, "The Secret," as it is filled with inspirational moments, & motivational ideas. It helps us to get to a feeling-good space in our mind, from which it's much easier to move forward in life." - Rev. Shirley L. Geer, author

"What a wonderful trip visiting with New Thought thinkers." -- K.E.

"'What is New Thought?' is a much needed addition to the tool-box of New Thought instructional material. It provides New Thought Ancient Wisdom Spiritual leaders, practitioners, and adherents with a valuable means of explaining the origins basic principles, and the practical utilization of this philosophy of life. This movie is a 'must see' for anyone who wanted to know more about New Thought but has been afraid to ask. It also provides new adherents a beautiful of way of sharing their new illumination with friends and family. For these reasons, I give "What Is New Thought" Five stars and a 'That's what I'm talking about.'"  - J. W.

"This is a wonderful movie. Thank you so much for making it and letting the world know what New Thought really is." - R.A.

"The movie 'What is New Thought' is a wonderful film which provides to viewers a history and the principles behind the New Thought Spiritual movement. The participants in the film discuss the simplicity of the principles of the philosophy and show us how all people, no matter any previous spiritual or religious practices, can create a more positive and prosperous way of life. Kudos to Jon Miller for his enthusiasm, creativity, and artistry in the making of this film." - Rev. Sherrie Quander, Minister at Center for Spiritual Living - Mobile

"This movie is a well-researched, focused, and professionally presented effort that clarifies new thought from
a historical perspective and, on a personal level, gives me a starting point for dialogue with anyone who has dismissed New Thought as a fad or a religious cult. New Thought's origins from and adherence to God as supreme being are clearly and factually laid out in without bias or prejudice. I believe his movie can be a valuable tool for those seeking to explain new thought to others or to understand its origins and purposes for themselves." - R.A.